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Ijazah in the Seven Qira’at

Shaykh Shaher is an Imam and Preacher at the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs in Egypt. He is a certified Quran reciter in different recitations. He holds Ijazah in the Seven different recitations (Qira’at).

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Dawah, Al-Azhar University 2017 with special academic success and was awarded in 2017 as the top student in Dawah Faculty and the whole University of Al Azhar by Shaykh Al-Azhar (Al-Azhar rector), Ahmad At-Tayb. He is currently doing pre-master studies in Comparative Religions from Al-Azhar University.

Shaykh Shahr can teach many advanced books in Arabic and Islamic studies such as al-Iqna’ fi Halli Alfadh Abi Shuja’ in the Shafi’i madhab and ibn Aqil’s explanation of Alfiat Ibn Malk.