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Explore the enriching experience of a Riwaq Al Quran course. Immerse yourself in Quranic teachings, Arabic language, and deepened understanding of Islamic studies.

I’m Huda Hussain,and I’m a freshman at university,I’m Studying Business IT at CIC , i have been working as a Quran & Tajweed teacher since i was 15, first i started as a volunteer for KIS then i moved to Islam port academy, after 1year ane 6months i coped up with Rania Habib’s courses in her books (3levels), then i start working for alquranclasses company, i worked for this company since 2020 , i treated with all Ages , but i prefer kids because they are more active and i see they are very easy to learn , then i had attented Islamic studies courses , and i had certificates in Sheikhah Dinas Esaam’s Islamic books , and i have experience as an Islamic studies teacher for 6months

This is Ibraheem Saad Ali, 25 years old, Egyption from Mansoura City, Dakahlia governate.
Graduated from faculty of Languages and translation Alazhar university department of English litreture, with two languages added to the mother One, (Arabic as a mother language), (English as a Second language) and (Spanish as a third language)
worked in different fields like Teaching, customer service, training and translation.
Three years experienced as an english instructor, three years experienced as a quran, Tajweed, islamic studies tutor for non-arab speakers.
Working as English teacher.
Attended an Online Course in Training Teachers of Arabic for Foreigners
Work as Quran Teacher (offline, in Arabic)
Work as Quran Mentor
Works as Arabic Teacher for Non-Native Arabic

My name is Ibrahim Abo El-Oyoon and, I’m 28 years old,
I graduated from the Faculty of Shari’ah & Law (English department), at Al-Azhar University.
I’m a Proficient instructor with more than nine years of experience in educational teaching Arabic, Qur’an, and Islamic Studies, certified with Quran science ( IJAZAH ) according to TEN methods of recitation ( Qira’aat ).
I’m able to adapt teaching methods to best meet the needs of students’ diversity.
I’m employing creative teaching strategies to engage students fully in the learning process.
I effectively articulate information and respond honestly to the questions of the students.
I started working in this career in March 2018 (even before graduation)

This is islam , i am twenty six years old , i am from Egypt
I have a bachelor’s degree in accounting from faculty of commerce Zagazig university in 2019
I have Both courses of Mrs. Amira sami at Rwaq academy
Rules of Tajweed course of Dr. Ayman Sawyd at youtube (full course)
English language skills are good (reading, writing , listening and speaking)
Thoroughly knowledge of both theoretical and practical Tajweed rules.
I have beautiful voice in reading the quaran
I have a long experience for 3 years in teaching the Quran to non Arabic speakers
alhumdullah , I have the ability to attract students to the love of learning the Qur’an

Shaykh khaled is an imam of Alkholy mosque and Preacher in different mosques, also a quran teacher in Alzohrea mosque, he graduated 2020 from the faculty of computer science with good grades, he also has an ijaza in hafs.

he did study many subjects and books related to sharea and still.

he is now working on memorizing bukhari & muslim, he did memorize and study one third of them both.

Shaykh khaled studied many advanced books as alrahbea in inheritance, albakhawe in tafseer, alwasetea in aqeeda, nkhbat alfekr in mustalah alhadeth and many other books.

he is an excellent mentor that teaches you the right etiquette of a student of the Qur’an.

he believes that “Progress in continuity”

I am not that good at talking about myself tbh, but I can upload the resume for more details.
I am not that good at talking about myself tbh, but I can upload the resume for more details.
I am not that good at talking about myself tbh, but I can upload the resume for more details.
I am not that good at talking about myself tbh, but I can upload the resume for more details.
I am not that good at talking about myself tbh, but I can upload the resume for more details.

A servant of the Holy Quran and a tutor of Quran, Arabic, and Islamic Studies. Finished memorizing the Holy Quran at the age of 6. I am a graduate of Al-Azhar University – Faculty of Languages & Transaltion, Islamic Studies in English section. Completed diploma in education.I have Ijazh in Hafs and Shu�ba narration of Asem from the way of Shatbiah Ijaza of Sahihan (Buukhari & Muslim). I am former English instructor at Real Soft House as well as I am a former Teacher assisitant at British Council. I am entrusted with the profession of teaching Qu’an & Islamic Studies. I consider it the elite amonst all proessions as I am conveying the message of the prophet and calling people to Allah. I have been working in this filed for more then 2 years and I am very enthusiastic and passionate about teaching Quran and Islamic studies as Prophet Mohammed Peace and blessings be upon him (?) said, “The best amongst you is the one who learns the Qur’an and teaches it.”

Ustatha/ Mariam Ahmed Sabry is a Quran and Arabic teacher at Riwaq Al-Azhar Institution. She is a certified Quran reciter. Able to teach Arabic and Islamic studies for both kids and adults. Ready to help you in memorising and reciting Quran correctly.
She has a Bachelor�s degree in English Language, Translation and Simultaneous Interpretation, Al-Azhar University, 2020, with special academic success.
I�m working also as an Arabic <> English translator for different entities either in Kingdom of Sadi Arabia or United Arab Emirates. Experienced also in teaching Qaidah Norania and Islamic Studies for non-Arabic speakers, kids and adults, in addition to memorisation and recitation of the holy book of Quran.

My name is Moaz, I graduated from the Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University, Department of Geology in 2016. I like science so much And I hope to continue my life in learning and help others to learn I love the field of Islamic studies and I hope to help every Muslim to learn something important in his life One of my goals is to help Muslims who live in countries far from the teachings of Islam to learn about their religion.
I have long experience in teaching Quran, Arabic and Islamic studies for mor than 3 years, i have worked with many online islamic schools like iqra, Alm academy, hidayah, Tipyaan Academy and much more.

I am one of the youngest Qur’an and Tajweed Teacher for non-Arab kids and adults. I have worked as an online and offline Qur’an teacher for more than 5 years and more than 2500 hours. Have a Bachelor’s degree in Turkish language from Faculty of Al-Alsun Ain_Shams university. Also I have earned the diploma of Tafseer from Moddaker.

I can speak many languages like English, Turkish, Indonesian and Urdu. I can teach many courses in Qur’an, Tajweed, Noor Al-Bayaan and Tuhufatul Atfaal. I can use funny, good and different ways in teaching Qur’an for Kids.

I am planning on continuing my education in Germany and teaching the kids Qur’an and Islam.

Our Female Teachers

Explore the enriching experience of a Riwaq Al Quran course. Immerse yourself in Quranic teachings, Arabic language, and deepened understanding of Islamic studies.

I have been teaching Arabic, Quran for native speakers for 4 years , I dealt with all ages from 4 to 60 in many places ( online)

I love to teach Arabic language , As I am teaching any language based on ( Reading, writing, listening and speaking .

I have completed some courses such as :
1) Tajweed course Rania habib 3 levels
2) courses at teaching Arabic language
3)courses at grammar ( Arabic language )

certificates for commitment at my work
I always patient with my students , advise them and share activities with them

I have ijaza Qiraat Hafs an Asem and Tuhfatulatfal
I like to design certificates to my students for encouraging them .
always depends on fun activities and games .

My name is Shaher Shoukry An Imam and Preacher at Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs in Egypt. I memorized the holy Quran from my Childhood.
I hold Ijazah in the Ten Qiraat. I have 6 years exprenice at teaching Quran.
I have a Bachelor�s degree of Islamic preaching faculty Al Azhar University 2017 with special academic success and was awarded in 2017 as the top student in Dawah Faculty and the whole University of Al Azhar by Shaykh Al-Azhar. I have a pre master studies in comparative religions at Al-Azhar University. I got Certificate in English language Al-Azhar English Training centre. B2 ELf 2017. I got Icdl Certificate. I have more than 6 years teaching Quran and Tajweed.

My name is Shaymaa Ahmad, i’am 26 years old, i’am graduated from Al’azhar University faculty of translation, french department. I have experience in teaching Qur’an and Arabic by English forb5 years and French for 2 years . I have Ijaza in recitation of Hafs. I can teach every thing about Qur’an, Tajweed and Arabic after good search, self-study and learn more about eery resource i find.
I can design my lessons to suit each student and his level. I like my job so much because i feel that i’am a guide of my students to achieve their goals.
I attended one course about teaching Arabic for foreign studies. I believe that no student is a failure that’s why it is a challenge for me to help all my students to be better and improve their levels. I can use zoom, power point, word. I have ICDL certificate.

My name is Shaima Zaki. I graduated from the College of Arts for Girls, Ain Shams University, Department of Psychology. I have an ijaza in the recitation of Hafs an- Asim and Shu�bah and sho’ba, and Katab Tajweed by Sheikh Sayed Mukhtar.More than 16 years of experience in teaching the Qur�an to Arabs in institutes and mosques, and less than two years in teaching non-Arabs online.I can use educational tools during classes and games through Power Point, Wordwall, Kahoot, Tiny Tab, and others. I speak English seriously. I am interested in improving comprehension
I come constantly and daily practice through friendships with native speakers of the language. I am a motivating and cheerful personality, and I have the ability to persuade. I worked in e-marketing for a period, from which I gained the skill of persuasion, dealing with new customers and convincing them of the product or service, so I can also work in supervision well.

My name is sohaib Mohamed Mohamed Ibraheim I graduated from Faculty of Science 2015 Al_Azhar University and Faculty of Holly Quran and his Science Al-Azhar University 2020, and also graduated from Qiraat institue.
I have igaza in 10 Qiraat and Hafs from Shatibiah and Taeibah
And have igaza in Tajweed poems like Tuhfa, Algazariah, Shatibiah and Dorrah
I have some certificates in Tajweed books and igaza in Hadith and history
Iam studying different Islamic Science like Fiqh, Tawheed, Logic, Nahw and other Science
Iam doing now Igaza in 10 ways of Nafi’ and the 10 Major Qiraat from Tayibah
Iam teaching Quran and Qiraat 5 years ago up to now online and offline.

I am a quran and Islamic studies teacher of a 6 years of experience offline and online.
I can deal with different ages of kids, teens, and old women using the suitable method of teaching for each.
I used to volunteer to give many courses to new teachers helping them get new jobs and how to deal with students and how to apply the information itself
I’m volunteering in an organisation to teach new Muslims about Islam and also to do dawah to non-muslims and Elhamdulillah many people converted to Islam with me, some of them applied the dawah lessons in his/her country
I has bachelor’s degree in Languages and simultaneous interpretation, Alzhar University
I’m doing masters degree in linguistics in Mansourah University

I have graduated from languages and simultaneous interpretation faculty (English section) at Al Azhar University one year ago (2021). In The summer holidays during the years of university I spent taking courses in the interfaith dialogue and ERP and general English. I participated in many activities for teaching especially teaching Islamic studies for the new Muslims from the foreign countries. I started work at this field before graduation to help Muslim people as many as I can to learn Arabic for Qur’an and the standard Arabic as well. I also worked as simultaneous interpreter in many conferences after my graduation.

It’s Hayam Hasan Mohammad Ahmed
Twenty Eight
I was born in 1994
Iam married
I have three children
I have studied at om el moamenin secondary school for girls
Then I went to alarqam institute were I studied tajweed, feqqh, hadeeth and tafsser
I studied English course (British accent) I know how to deal with the student’s
Iam teaching many students how to read Qur’an and tajweed
Now I am learning them tohafaa and al gazzria
I finished ligaza hafs at the age of twenty second
I am teaching two foreigners ( native) how to read Qur’an
I have thought Qur’an 2010
Iam patient and know many teaching skills to deal with the student’s

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Experience the power of our customized online learning system, designed to cater to your unique needs and maximize your educational journey.

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Experience the power of our customized online learning system, designed to cater to your unique needs and maximize your educational journey.

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Riwaq Al Quran Institute is an online platform that provides high-quality Quran, Arabic, and Islamic classes for students of all ages and levels. We offer one-on-one live sessions with certified teachers, make-up classes, progress reports, and flexible scheduling.

Our male and female teachers are highly qualified and certified by Al-Azhar University. They have experience in teaching non-Arabic students and fluently speak English. We also have expert scholars who can teach higher levels of Quranic, Arabic, and Islamic studies.

We offer a free two-trial class, during which our teachers will assess your level and recommend the best course of study. We also offer flexible scheduling and content options, so you can choose the level and pace of learning that suits you best.

We ensure secure and safe payment methods through PayPal, credit card, debit card, or e-check. We guarantee that we do not store your identity or payment information in our database, so you are always safe. We also offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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