Our Female Tutors

Our mentors at Riwaq Al Quran Institute are highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated individuals who provide personalized guidance and support to help you excel in your Quranic, Arabic, and Islamic studies.

Ustadhah A’isha Farag is a certified Arabic language teacher for kids and adults, who also memorizes the full Quran and has 9 years of experience in teaching it with understanding.

She has a bachelor’s degree in (Arabic language, literature and its arts) department, Alexandria University, class of 2013.
Ustadhah Aisha can teach many Advanced Arabic books of non-Arabic speakers, such as Al Madinah book and Al Arabiyah Bayna Yadayk.

she believes that Arabic language is inevitably connected with the Holy Quran and Islamic studies, so her goal is to make them easy, well understood and enjoyable for the seekers of knowledge.

– My name is A’sha Mustafa Gab Allah
Iam 27 years old
– Graduated from Islamic and Arabic studies shariaa department 2017 With a high distinction recognition.
– I was the third one in the college department
The first in competitive jurisprudence.
– End the Pre-Masters in al azhar university on 2019.
– I end Job skills course from the British Council.
– Al agromya in naho forms from dar Almadina in smoha.
– Now days I end my master in competitive jurisprudence.
And General Diploma in Education.
– I end Ejaza with Hafs and assem rewaya.
– I am Qur’aan and Islamic culture Teatcher in sidi gaber language school for girls in smoha -Alexandria.
– I was working in:
Dar Al Sahaba for learning Qur’aan to children and women
Dar joumann learning Arabic for foreign.
Dar Alhouda online learning for foreign.

Ustadhah Aalaa Mostafa Albehiry is a Teacher and Facilitator Languages, Qur’an and Islamic studies teaching , She worked in a lot of places interested in Education and Discipline.

She interests in Languages and linguistics learning and teaching, has a Bachelor�s degree in Translation and Languages, Al- Azhar University 2020
She is currently doing pre-master studies in Appling Linguistics. She works as a translator and researcher with Indonesian and Hebrew Languages in additional to Learning Islamic Science and arts.
She can teach Languages (Arabic, Hebrew) and speak them plus Indonesian.

She is a certified Quran reciter in different recitations as a facilitator, teaches Qura’n in Hafs, Warsh and Qaloon recitation (qira’ah).

Also, she teaches Quran and islamicstudies (Basic and Intermediate)
She is certified in Arabic Calligraphy and Islamic Decoration, she can
teach it, too.

I’m Alaa Tarek, 23 years old. I live in Cairo, Maadi. I graduated since 2021 with grade A. Being a graduate from Azhar language schools, and the Faculty of Foreign languages and translation, made me aware of both, language field and islamic studies field. I have been teaching Quran and Islamic studies since May 2021 and my first and the best experience in here, in the company of Riwaq Al Azhar Alhamdulelah. But before that, I have been practicing my English in private English classes. As a teacher, I’m looking forward to enhancing my teaching skills to be updated with all the modern techniques that approach students to love the subject I’m teaching, and to be eager to learn more.

I’m Amira mohamed, 27 years old, graduated from faculty of language and translation Alazhar university 2019/2020 .
I finish memorizing all quran when i was 8 years old then i take an ijazah since 2011 and then i start working offline when i was 18 years in big institute in my city . Then i started working online for not Arabic speakers from the first year in my university and i feel proud because i like what I’m working and i hope Allah reward me and accept from me in shaa Allah. I taught all ages from 4 years till 50 years old students and Alhamdolillah i can deal with every age well .I taught students from the beginning till finish memorizing all quran and tajweed mash Allah.

This is me Asmaa Abdelwahed, I am 23 years old. I memorized Quran when I was 12 years old. I got an Ijaza when I was 17 years old. I was responsible to teach Quran for kids when I was 10 years nearly as my Recitation was good Alhmdullah so I was helping my teachers to mange the Halqat whether in the school or in Dar. I memorized Tuhfatulatfal in addition to the forty Hadith of Nawawii. My interest to read Quran well affects a lot my Arabic language as I was very well in Sciences of the Language in general especially the grammar rules of Arabic. Also I was interested in Duwa so my efforts to improve my Knowledge in Learning Islamic studies were noticeable as I did not depend only on my study in Al-Azhar but I joined to different academies to improve myself in that way.

Assalam o alaikum
My name is Asmaa Abdelkareem Rashdan
I’m 26years old. I’m veterinarian and Biochemist .
Alhamdu lellah l have memorized the whole Qur�an when l was twelve years old.(certified by Alazhar Alsharif).

l’ve got another ijazah qualified me to teach Qur’an and tajweed rules (certified by Re’ayat Al-hoffaz association) in the year of 2017.
l’ve also got high sanad connected to prophet mohammed in 2019 with rewaya Al_Imaam Hafs( by the way of Al-Imaam Ash-Shatabiyy) and Al_Imaam Sho’ba that they learned from Al_Imaam Aasim.
I’ve also got Ijazah qualified me to give and pass my sanad to students by a professional way (certified by Re’ayat Al-hoffaz association).

l’ve got sanad in Al-jazreyya poem and children poem.

l’ve got 2 courses in Noor Albayan.

certified in Tafsir Al_Qur’an by Moddaker academy in 3 levels

I also studied Islamic sciences online and face to face and l did my graduation from (Sna’ah Al-Mohawer academy (https://almohawer.org/mod/page/view.php?id=74)) and still studying in(Al-Binaa Al-Manhagi academy.
l’ve a certification from Saudi Arabia association in Aqeedah. ( Atheism speciality ).(online)
l’ve also a certification in Evidence of God�s existence from Saudi Arabia association.(online)
I studied speciality in (Atheism) from Saudi Arabia association.
I’ve got 2cources in Al_ajurroumyya
l’ve got courses in Islamic sciences (fiqh, sunni aqeedah, hadith, tafseer,serah,.. etc…) learned from doctor Abd-ElAkhir hammad ( professor in Al-Azhar jami’a). and Al-forqan institute. And I’m still studying Islamic sciences in Al-Sunnah school at the third year class), and still studying in albinaa almanhaji course,, And albinaa alfikri course.

I’m Aya Alouf. I was born in 1998. I’m from Damiatta in Egypt. I graduated from the faculty of languages and simultaneous interpretation at al_Azhar university in 2020. I had a lot of online and offline courses about professional ways of teaching in general. I had also courses about teaching online especially for non_arabic speakers such as Norania, Noor al_bayan, Tajweed in English and Arabic…etc. I also had ICDL course and how to deal with zoom. I’m taking nowadays the TEFL course that depends on the professional and different ways of online and offline teaching. Thanks to Allah, I have worked as a tudor for non_arabic speakers since 2020. Really it’s an honer and grant from Allah for anyone to work in this field.

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