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Your best way towards understanding Arabic grammar is to enroll in our unique course that is specially designed to teach Arabic grammar to beginners and advanced levels.

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Online Arabic Grammar Course

Learning Arabic but having a difficult time forming basic structures and understanding the rules behind composing sentences? Then, you should consider taking an Arabic grammar course.

Grammar is generally defined as the whole system or structure of a certain language. Evidently, The more we understand how a language works, the more we get a complete command of it and convey meanings eloquently. Therefore, learning grammar is the foundation of our ability to communicate effectively in Arabic.

In Riwaq Al Quran, we offer a great Online Arabic Grammar Course fulfilling your needs as well as meeting your expectations. Here is all that you need to know about our Arabic grammar classes:

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What is the Advantage of Learning Arabic Grammar?

The Quran is packed with messages and meanings that are challenging to comprehend for a non-experienced Arabic speaker such as rewards and punishments, divine commands, prophets’ stories, and information about the unseen. Imagine having full command of the language that Allah has originally descended the Quran with, and hence, a deep understanding of the divine messages prescribed in it. Achieving this dream can be made possible by comprehending the Arabic grammar rules!

Grammar in Arabic refers to the rules of composing clauses, phrases, and words. To understand works written in Arabic well, you ought to understand its grammar in-depth. Though the greatest benefit of learning Arabic grammar is to understand the language of the Quran and Sunnah, you will also gain a better comprehension of all Arabic works whether literature, poetry, or general conversations.

Is the Arabic Grammar Course Only for Beginners?

People who are already native Arabic speakers can struggle with the countless fine details of the Arabic language. That is mainly why grammar is formally taught in schools in the Arab world. Those who understand Arabic grammar can get its depth of phrases, sayings, and metaphors.

As Arabic is a sophisticated language, understanding its rules can be a challenge for both native and non-native speakers, however, great efforts can lead to lifelong rewards. By learning Quranic Arabic grammar, you will not only improve your fluency in the language but also deepen your knowledge and understanding of Islam Insha’Allah.

Studying Arabic grammar will help you better understand the revelations of Allah through our prophet (PBUH) that are prescribed in the Holy book of the Quran and the Sunnah of Allah’s Messanger. Consequently, Arabic grammar is not only useful for beginners, but also for native and advanced Arabic speakers.

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How to Learn Arabic Grammar

Here are some easy ways you can follow to learn Arabic grammar in a short timeframe:

1- Start with the basics

Regardless of the language that you are learning, make sure to always start with the basics. If you do not know how to arrange your learning process, it is better to assign this task to an experienced instructor, who designs the course with keeping the individual learning capabilities of students in mind.

2- Use the Arabic Dictionary

Dictionaries can provide grammatical notes about words, making it easier for you to know more about the language. Although using an Arabic dictionary may not be an easy task, it makes the whole learning process more convenient and enjoyable once used to it.

3- Immerse yourself in Study and Practice

It is essential to immerse yourself in study and practice when learning any new language, and it has specific importance when learning Arabic, as the Arabic language requires more effort and time. Therefore, to learn Arabic grammar perfectly, you should dedicate much time to reading, hearing, writing, and speaking in it.

Why to Choose Riwaq AlQuran Arabic Grammar Course?

When choosing an Arabic grammar course for yourself or your kids, there are certain concerns in mind, and we understand that in Riwaq Al Quran. To make the decision easier for you, we have compiled a list of all the reasons that make Riwaq Al Quran stand out in the field of teaching Arabic Grammar:

1- We Teach Grammar the Smart Way

At Riwaq alQuran, we believe in effective learning; students are given the best opportunity to utilize the class time effectively by the guidance of our teachers. First, The teacher will introduce you to the essential grammatical rules. Then, you will be able to apply them on your own and proceed to learn complex structures.

2- Fun Learning Exercises

Our experienced teachers have created Arabic exercises that will make learning Arabic feel like playing a game. This means you will be able to learn online Arabic grammar effortlessly and have great fun during the classes.

3- Qualified & Experienced Tutors

Riwaq AlQuran has qualified Arabic grammar teachers to guide you through the course, most of them are graduates of the prestigious institute of Al-Azhar university in Egypt. In Riwaq Al Quran, we send a proper feedback report each month to our students, so they can learn from their mistakes and work on their skills to advance quickly and smoothly.

4- Personalized One-to-One Online Sessions

One-to-one sessions make learning interactive since they allow teachers to know their students on a personal level and to have an uninterrupted time of learning, applying, and reviewing performance. Additionally, This type of learning is the best in considering the individual differences between students. Moreover, we all know that online sessions are time-saving and do not interfere with work and school time, as you can schedule your classes whenever you want.

5- Free Trial with Level Evaluation

Before signing up, Riwaq AlQuran gives all new students two free trial classes, so they are more aware of our learning methods and approaches before fully committing to classes. Besides, teachers test the level of each student during the trial class to make the course more oriented towards fulfilling the needs of each learner on an individual basis.

6- Online Classes Around The Clock (24/7)

Our Arabic grammar courses are scheduled according to the convenience of the students, so they can easily fit into their daily routines without having to worry about work or school conflicts. Moreover, we can reschedule classes or arrange makeup classes, if notified earlier with the unsuitability of the previously arranged timing.

7- High-Quality Course Materials

We carefully select the best teaching materials designed by expert Arabic teachers as well as Islamic scholars to achieve the best results. At the end of each session, students are handed their progress reports, so they can work on their weak points and maintain their strengths.

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What You Will Learn in This Course

Here is what you will learn in this online Arabic grammar course online:

  • Parts of Speech – Noun, Verb, Harf
  • Al I’raab & Al Bina’
  • The definite and the indefinite
  • Singular, Dual, and plural
  • Sound Plural and Broken Plural
  • Pronouns, Possessive, Demonstrative, relative, interrogative
  • Al I’raab & Al Bina’
  • The 6 nouns
  • The Sentence, Nominal and verbal
  • Al Mubtada & Al Khabar
  • Verbs, Past, Present & Command
  • Active, Passive
  • The 5 verbs
  • The command verb

How to Learn Arabic Grammar Online

Your best way towards understanding Arabic grammar is to enroll in our unique course that is specially designed to teach Arabic grammar for beginners and advanced levels. Riwaq AlQuran Institute is just the right place for you!

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