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Best Online Tajweed Classes: Learn Quran with Tajweed Online

Our Online Course for learning the Quran with Tajweed rules is specially designated for you to learn the book of Allah with Tajweed in a programmed way. To be able to pronounce every word correctly while reading, the application of the Tajweed rules is required. With Tajweed, you would be able to recite the Holy Quran as it was originally revealed to our prophet Muhammad.

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Achieving mastery of the Arabic alphabet and phonetics.

AdvanceIdentifying recitation errors and correcting them.d Tools

Enhancing your pronunciation accuracy.

Ability to recite the Quran fluently and beautifully.

What Are the Benefits of Learning Tajweed?

The basic rules of Tajweed include speech clarity, correct syllable timing, and understanding how letters can change the way words are expressed.  Mispronunciation or misreading can lead to distortions of meaning when reading the Quran. These mistakes can be avoided by learning Tajweed.

Curriculum Of Online Tajweed Course:

When it comes to the Online Tajweed Learning Course at Riwaq Al Quran, you can expect a comprehensive curriculum that covers a range of main subjects. Here are the main subjects that are included in this course:

Practicing of Tajweed:

After learning the Tajweed rules theoretically, it is aimed to gain the skills to apply them while reading. Thus, the rules gain permanence. With the application of the rules, reading the Quran fluently with no mistakes is ensured.

Articulation Points of Letters:

In Arabic, Makhraj of Huruf is the first step in reading Arabic words correctly. With the correct phonetic integrity, the words are pronounced as they were originally.

Mastering Types of Idghaam:

Learning forms of pronunciation to eliminate the heaviness that occurs in the language and Qiraat due to the succession of letters with the same or close Makhraj.

Characteristics of Letters:

The Sifaat of letters ensures the purity and distinctiveness of each letter. Going into more detail on these letters provides refinement in reading after learning the place of origin of the letters (Makhraj).

Rules of Stopping (Waqf):

In the Quran, there are rules for stops, pauses, cut-offs, and starts. It can be at the end of an Ayah or even in the middle. The duration of these postures varies.

Noon Sakinah and Tanween Rules:

Tanween and Noon are recited in one of the forms of Ikhfa, Izhar, Idghaam, and Iqlaab. The topics it contains are the basis of the rules of Tajweed, and its application eliminates pronunciation difficulties.

Rules of Tajweed:

Master the theoretical knowledge of Tajweed rules such as noon Sakinah, Meem Sakinah rules, and Idgham varieties. It enables you to grasp the ease of reading-oriented changes in letters brought about by the rules.

Meem Sakinah Rules:

Learn the theoretical and practical aspects of the rules of Meem Sakinah and make the learning process efficient through examples from the Quran.

Learning Types of Madd:

It is the learning of the extensions that occur on letters in certain situations. It is one of the essential subjects of Tajweed. Knowing these rules provides integrity in reading the Quran well to preserve both sound and meaning.

Advantages of Learning Quran With Tajweed Online:

Online Tajweed courses at Riwaq Al Quran are designed to focus on mastering the correct reading of the Quran and understanding the rules of Tajweed, with flexible scheduling and a guided course from basic to proficient level. What you will gain from this course:

Confidence Boost:

Having enough basic Tajweed knowledge increases your confidence in reading the Quran. This leads to fluency and proficiency in reciting.

Better Comprehension:

Effective learning is achieved by understanding the reasons for the application of Tajweed rules.

Enhanced Reciting Skills:

Comprehending the spelling rules originating from the Arabic language structure and becoming competent at the application level.

Spiritual Connection to the Holy Quran:

Working on your Quranic recitation skills will help you to engage with the Quran and strengthen your bonds with it.

Avoiding Misinterpretation:

Applying the Tajweed rules correctly and preventing errors that may occur while reading and causing interpretations to be distorted.

Strong Foundation for Further Study:

Learning Tajweed, which is the most basic requirement for Islamic sciences such as Tafseer or Hifz training, should be prioritized.

Learn Quran With Tajweed By Enjoying Unique Educational Features:

The Online Tajweed Learning Course Online at Riwaq Al Quran is an interactive course that focuses on Tajweed rules to assist individuals in enhancing their proficiency in reading the Arabic script. It provides distinctive educational features for a thorough learning experience:

Native Arabic Teachers:

Our course is taught by experienced native Arabic teachers who have a deep expertise in Arabic grammar, ensuring accurate and authentic knowledge transfer.

Personalized Learning:

Our main aim in our course is to customize Learning according to each student's strengths, needs, skills, and interests by offering one-on-one guidance and feedback.

Systematic Curriculum:

Our curriculum is prepared by expert instructors and aims to provide a balanced transition from basic to advanced topics as well as comprehensive learning.

Extensive Training Material:

We provide effective learning by taking into account the different learning styles of students through the use of rich materials and to make their gains permanent.

Interactive Lessons:

Students can master tajweed rules through versatile interactive teaching methods. It helps maintain interest in the lesson by ensuring that students can actively participate.

Regular Assessments:

Learning is a process. Teachers involve the student in a regular follow-up system. This ensures continuity and the student experiences permanent learning so that students can observe their progress.

Digital Learning that Engages! Learn Tajweed Online at Riwaq Al Quran!

Riwaq Al Quran offers an online Tajweed Course that provides personalized learning. Students receive one-on-one instruction from native teachers, tailored to their individual needs and goals. This allows for flexibility in scheduling and creates a comfortable learning environment without the pressure of group dynamics.

Reciting the Quran with Tajweed correctly

Confidence in Reciting

Mastery over Makhraj of Huruf (letters)

Practicing of Tajweed (Implementation)

Skills Students Gain from the Online Tajweed Course at Riwaq Al Quran:

Mastering tajweed is essential for anyone looking to enhance their reciting and fluency in the Quran. Riwaq Al Quran’s Online Tajweed Learning Course helps students improve their skills in reading the Quranic script. In this course, students will learn:

Mastery of Tajweed Rules:

Learn the theoretical features of Tajweed and apply the rules correctly while reciting the Quran.

Excellence in Tajweed Application:

Apply the theoretical knowledge you have learned correctly and maintain the integrity of phonetics and meaning.

Reading the Quran Beautifully and Fluently:

Achieve good reading and fluency as a result of blending theoretical knowledge with practice.

Discover the Joy of Learning Quran Arabic and Islamic Studies

Discover the Most Effortless E-learning Journey with Riwaq Al Quran's App and Cutting-Edge LMS

Introducing Riwaq Al Quran’s App and Learning Management System (LMS) for the Fusha Arabic Online course. We offer you a unique experience with an easy-to-use app and a Learning Management System that provides the most qualified and understandable interface for users.

User-friendly Interface.

Multimedia Resources.

Discussion Forums.

Progress Tracking.

Technical Features Riwaq Al Quran Offers to Enhance Your Proficiency in Tajweed Learning Courses:

At Riwaq Al Quran, we believe that providing a seamless and user-friendly learning experience is crucial for our students. That is why we offer a variety of technical features to enhance your journey in our Online Tajweed course. Let us look:

Special Learning Management System (LMS):

Our course utilizes an advanced LMS platform, giving students easy access to lessons, materials, assignments, and progress tracking.

24/7 Support:

We recognize that learning can occur at any time. That is why we provide continuous support to assist with any questions or concerns students may have.

Free Trial Class:

To ensure that our course meets your expectations before committing, we provide a free trial class where you can experience our teaching methods and approach firsthand.

Let’s Get Ready and Start! Discover the Depth and Beauty of the Quran:

Take the next step towards mastering Tajweed today! Enroll in our Online Tajweed Course at Riwaq Al Quran and go up the steps from Beginner to Advanced effectively and step by step.

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Riwaq Al Quran: A Solid Recommendation for Solid Foundations:

Our online Tajweed course at Riwaq Al Quran is designed to assist you in mastering the complexities of Tajweed Rules. With our comprehensive curriculum and skilled native Arabic instructors, you will become proficient in Quran recitation.

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Riwaq Al Quran is committed to providing exceptional Quranic, Arabic, and Islamic education using state-of-the-art technology. Our unique approach combines highly qualified teachers, expert scholars, and personalized learning plans.

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Riwaq Al Quran is committed to providing exceptional Quranic, Arabic, and Islamic education using state-of-the-art technology. Our unique approach combines highly qualified teachers, expert scholars, and personalized learning plans.

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Popular Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Course

By following the rules of Tajweed, words are pronounced correctly the same way it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad, and the meaning of words and verses is preserved.

You can start learning Tajweed from scratch by contacting our support team and choosing beginner-level courses. 

Tajweed knowledge ensures that the Quran is read as it was revealed. The person who applies the rules of Tajweed is protected from erroneous and incorrect readings by reciting the Quran correctly.

Tajweed lessons are among the lessons that can be easily taken online. You have many more options to take Quran lessons online than you think. Advanced digital education platforms provide quality opportunities.

The courses in our online institute are one-to-one and are held on scheduled dates and times. Our Tajweed course at Riwaq Al Quran provides live interactive sessions with native Arabic teachers.

The science of tajweed teaches us the rules that ensure the correct and beautiful reading of the words of the Quran. It gives fluency and proficiency in reciting.

Like any learning process, learning Tajweed has its challenges. However, these challenges can be overcome with the right teaching method. Riwaq Al Quran will place you in a suitable course that matches your level: Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced levels.

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