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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions



  • We offer up to 2 Free classes for a Trial having the 30-minute session each max. Free Trial offers to new customers Only. 
  • We do not provide Free Trial for existing customer, or customer is changing enrolment or customer evolving teacher request. We charge Trial classes for regular classes for such clients. 


  • Riwaq Al Quran 100% Money Back Guarantee allows you to try the courses and feel secured that if you are not satisfied, you will get your money back. This only applies if you cancel your course within the first week of classes. Any time after that, money will not be refunded for classes already taken. 
  • Whenever you want to stop your classes, you can get refunded for the remaining classes. 


Be on Time
  • Student should be in the classroom at least 2 minutes before the class start-time with all materials needed for the lesson.
  • Teacher will begin the class right at the start time. If student is not present, then teacher will wait for 5 minutes before sending the email reminder and teacher will wait for the first 15 minutes of class. If the student does not enter the classroom within the first 15 minutes, then it is noted as an unexcused absence for the student and this class will not be re-scheduled.
  • If class begins late as a result of the student, class will resume until end of the scheduled class time.
  • If teacher is not in the classroom, please chat with us instantly to address the issue promptly. Should the teacher miss the class without a substitute filling in for them, a make-up lesson will be scheduled within one week at the student’s convenience for no additional fee. 
  • If student needs to miss and reschedule a class due to the reasons below, a 5-hour notice to the [email protected] is required. We will re-schedule based on the below listed category of the absence. 
Excused Absences
  • Includes: Illness, Death in Family, Appointment, Work/School Conflict, National Holiday, Technical Issues (Internet, Zoom, Computer issues). 

–  4 hours per month : 1 hour per month excused

–  10 hours per month : 1.5 hour per month excused   

–  20 hours per month : 2 hours per month excused 

  • There are NO refunds for any type of absence. 
Unexcused Absences
  • No re-scheduling and refunds allowed for any type of absence that is not listed in the “Excused Absence” policy. 
Teacher Absences
  • If a class is canceled due to a teacher’s absence for any reason, a make-up lesson will be scheduled for no additional fee. There are no refunds for missed classes. 
  • On most instances, the administration may decide to delegate a substitute to teach for a missed lesson. The substitute will use the teacher’s same classroom and teach the class according to the institute’s instructions for that day.
  • Substitute teachers are used for all courses. 


  • If you have any questions or need advice about course plans, levels, or customizing your course, you can contact [email protected] at any time. 


  • Tuition is billed once every 4 weeks at the beginning of the billing period. 
  • All tuition fee is paid at Riwaq Al Azhar Paypal accountDo NOT send money through any other means or accounts. 
  • There are NO refunds for missed classes, excused or unexcused. Make-up classes are offered as per the terms above.


  • It is highly preferable for you to continue your Quran and Arabic classes in Ramadan.
  • If you stop your classes in Ramadan, during the feast vacation, and on your summer holidays, you may forget what you have already studied, lose your schedule, and most probably lose your tutor.
  • There will be some changes in the schedules which overlap with your teachers’ timings of breaking their fasting, suhoor and Taraweeh prayers.
  • Don’t worry; we will avoid conducting your classes during your timings of breaking your fasting and Taraweeh prayers. Moreover, you can ask your tutor to minimize your homework in Ramadan.
  • According to Riwaq Al Quran’s policy, if it is a must for you to excuse and stop your classes in Ramadan you have to inform us two weeks before Ramadan, and if you want to keep your same schedule with your same tutor after the vacation, Half of the monthly fee has to be paid


  • In order to ensure that we offer high quality classes, some lessons may be recorded for review by the Riwaq Al Quran administration.

–  The recorded lessons are only for use by the administration/supervisors, so that we can regularly check the quality of the classes and the teachers.
 –  For quality purposes, supervisors may enter the classroom to observe the class. For female students, the supervisor will be a female. 

  • Sessions may not be recorded – audio or video – by students for any reason. This is to protect the privacy of the teachers.


Riwaq Al Quran strives to keep the institute open year-round, with the exception of two significant holidays that are observed by all teachers, staff, and the majority of our students. The two holidays are Eid Ul-Fitr and Eid Ul-Adha, and the institute will be closed for three days and five days, respectively. Due to the number of enrolled students, and similar to other tuition-based schools, tuition will not be credited or refunded for these two holidays. We at Riwaq Al Quran appreciate your understanding, and we appreciate having you as students! 


  • The privacy of each and every student is important to us. The administration will not share or sell any information about any student to any third parties.
  • The student policy is written with student’s privacy and safety in mind. Therefore, it is important for students to comply with this policy.
  • Students are responsible for updating the support team with any changes to their profile. This includes e-mail address, billing address, phone number, Skype ID, etc. Any complaints from our students are taken very seriously and will be addressed as soon as possible.


  • If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your course, please contact the support team ([email protected]) so that we can fix the problem. Riwaq Al Quran holds no responsibility for consequences of neglecting the institute policy.
  • Failure to abide by these rules and procedures may result in consequences for the student.
 * NOTERiwaq Al Quran reserves the right to periodic tuition fee increases for all students who are enrolled.
 * NOTE: Riwaq Al Quran reserves the right to change any of the above policies at any time. If an issue arises that is not covered in the policies above, the administration will use their best discretion to remedy a situation.