Ali Ali Hassan Abd As-Slaam

I am Ali Algammal. I am twenty four years old. I live in Albuherah governorate. I am a graduate of languages and translation department of Islamic studies Al-Azhar University, year of graduation 2020.

Diploma of Teaching in plus IT certificate 2021.

Graduation of the general program of Sina ‘at al-Muhawer in 2019.

Ijazaat of Hadith books: 1- Ijazah of Jami ‘a as-Sahihayn by Shaikh Waleed al-hamdan, 2- Ijazah of al-Arba ‘aeen an-Nwawyaj, 3-Ijazah of ash-Shmaa’el al-Muhamadyah.

Self-learning: During my faculty studies I had finished a serious of books in the field of Aqeedah both reading and listening. Also I had my my self-learning Usual al-Fiqh, Fiqh, Hadith terminology, History of Religions, Islamic Etiquette and currents of thought. Besides, I were interested in the field of D’awah and I finished a serious of lectures in the field for Shaikh Zakir Nail, Abdu-Rheem Green. And in Quran Exegesis Shaikh Nuaman Ali Khan. And for Belief and thoughts both Shaikh Bilal Philips and the second Hamzah Tzortzis.

Current Studies: Right after my graduation I’m continuing the journey of knowledge. Right now I am a student at al-Binaa’ al-Manhajee (online program concerned with Islamic studies), second batch. Also I’m involved in course at the European Institute covers ICDL, English (Business etc.) and Soft skills. I also improving my Tajweed by watching series of both Shaykh Ayman Swyed and Shakh Syed Haroon.

Second language: French

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