Muhammad Mahmoud / Muhammad Arroud

My full name is Muhammad Mahmoud Arroud
I am 27 year old teacher of Qur`aan, Arabic and Islamic studies for Arabic and non-Arabic students. I graduated from al-Azhar University from the faculty of Languages and translation in 2019 and I specialized in Islamic Studies in English.
I have memorized the whole Qur`aan with Tajween in a young age and I have got an Ijazah in the narration of HAfs .
I have been working as a Qur`aan teacher for 4 years physically and online and I have helped many Student of different ages memorize and read the Qur`aan properly, I also experienced teaching Islamic Studies and Arabic to the student for about two years from age of years to adult ages .
I always believe that teaching is one of the most important jobs in life and teachers have a high responsibilities so I always try to do my best in this field and do not spare any efforts.

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