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Explore the enriching experience of a Riwaq Al Quran course. Immerse yourself in Quranic teachings, Arabic language, and deepened understanding of Islamic studies.

My name is Mayam , ? was born in Saudi Arabia and i learned the Quraan from a qualified teachers and i started my self study after graduation in Tajweed , Hadith , ?slamic , Tafseer and Arabic then i worked in Academy from 2 years and startedy experience in teaching non arabs kids and adults and we could take along atep together they weren’t able to recitate the Quraan but after some months they couly learn Arabic and they could recitate the Quraan by them selves alhamdullah and the kidz we could memorize alot of durahs and learn the pillars of the pray and they learned the prophets stories and they memorized alot of hadith , islam basics which sill help them in their whole life insha’allah .

I’m Mennatullah Elazhary. I’m from Portsaid. I’m 22 years old. I graduated from Faculty of Languages and Simultaneous Interpretation, Al-azhar University. I’m a hardworking and outstanding person majoring in Teaching, Linguistics and Translation. I’m an English language teacher, especially for kids, at Lydia Academy and Step by Step Academy. I’m working on Ijazaa and and I have two years experience in teaching Quran offline to the Arabs. I’m a former English team member at SYS and FYF teams which are voluntary teams. I am interested in learning languages, so l’m learning Turkish and German in this period. I took a lot of courses related to teaching and translation.

My name is Moaz, I graduated from the Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University, Department of Geology in 2016. I like science so much And I hope to continue my life in learning and help others to learn I love the field of Islamic studies and I hope to help every Muslim to learn something important in his life One of my goals is to help Muslims who live in countries far from the teachings of Islam to learn about their religion.
I have long experience in teaching Quran, Arabic and Islamic studies for mor than 3 years, i have worked with many online islamic schools like iqra, Alm academy, hidayah, Tipyaan Academy and much more.

I am one of the youngest Qur’an and Tajweed Teacher for non-Arab kids and adults. I have worked as an online and offline Qur’an teacher for more than 5 years and more than 2500 hours. Have a Bachelor’s degree in Turkish language from Faculty of Al-Alsun Ain_Shams university. Also I have earned the diploma of Tafseer from Moddaker.

I can speak many languages like English, Turkish, Indonesian and Urdu. I can teach many courses in Qur’an, Tajweed, Noor Al-Bayaan and Tuhufatul Atfaal. I can use funny, good and different ways in teaching Qur’an for Kids.

I am planning on continuing my education in Germany and teaching the kids Qur’an and Islam.

Sure! My name is Mohammad Reda, and I finished my education trip last year in the faculty of islamic and Arabic studies in New Damietta, thats when I had a chance to improve myself in Qur’an and develoing my Arabic language by studying all its branches in more detail, So I am working in teaching Qur’an and Arabic language with Arabic students online and offline.
and yes, let me say that I am so excited to be with you as this work will help me to improve myself and reach my goal, Which is making a successful career and helping people to learn much more about Qur’an and helping to spread the Islamic religion in various places that I can’t go to right now

My name is Mohana Mohamed, I have a Bachelor�s degree in Al-shariaa and law, Al-Azhar University 2018, and currently doing pre-master studies. My best time is the time I spend learning new things and teaching what I know. I have Ijaza in the Holy Quran narrated by Asim and continue the other Qiraats, Also I have Ijaza in many other Islamic Books. I have taught Quran and Arabic and Islamic Studies like Hadith, Fiqh Shafi, Usul Fiqh, Mantiq (Reason), and Aqeedah (Islamic Creed) to Arabic Students since 2012 in a private lesson and in Azhari School and, also Teach Quran and Arabic and Islamic Studies to non-Arabic speakers Since 2020. I try to make my sessions full of dynamic, activities, enthusiastic, and Beneficent information. May Allah accept our intentions and acts.

My name is Mriam, I’m a Qura’an, Islamic studies and Arabic teacher, graduated from Al Azhar University, Islamic studies college, Islamic law department .. on my second year studying at Daar Al Iftaa Al Masreyah.
Still working on my Ijazah on the Qura’an.
Alhamdullilah teaching Noor bayan to learn how to read Qura’an and how to pronounce every letter and tajweed.
Also Islamic studies to learn some of the important guidance to every Muslim, the pillars of Islam, the faith, the names of Allah, some Hadeeth and Sunnah, stories of the prophet and some of the Important rules in Islam.
Also, to memories Qura’an and to know it by heart with its rules and Tajweed hopefully as the prophet taught his companions in shaa Allah.

My name is Mriam Gaballah, I’m a Qura’an, Arabic and Islamic studies Teacher.
Graduated from Islamic studies college, Shariah department (Islamic law) Al Azhar University 2020.
Alhamdullilah fully memorised the Qura’an, working on my Ijazah in shaa Allah.
Working now on my diploma to be a professional teacher,
I’m a second year student at Al Oftaa online, at Daar Al Iftaa Al masreyah.
I’ve been a teacher for Qura’an, Islamic studies and Arabic for about four years now Alhamdullilah.
We learn together how to read and memorise Qura’an with Tajweed the best way we can, hopefully as the prophet (peace be upon him) thought his companions, in shaa Allah.
We also learn how to read the Arabic letters, to pronounce them and know the rules of Tajweed.
We learn also Islamic studies, some of the Islamic laws, stories of the prophets, meaning of the names of Allah.

Hi everyone my name is Muhammad Ali
I’m from Egypt and I’m an Arabic teacher to non-native speakers with over 9 years of experience teaching in person and online

I specialized in Arabic language and literature from ain shams University then I did my high educational studies at Cairo University

I’ve taught over 4000 students from different cultures age groups and language purposes

and I’ve become a quite talented in planning and developing Arabic teaching programs that optimize the learning process

and also integrating technology to enhance the class and learning activities

It will be my pleasure helping you improve your four language skills with a program that matches your needs abilities and interests

My name is Muhammad Gad. I graduated from the faculty of Islamic Da’wa Al Azhar University (Cairo, Egypt) in 2019.
I have two Ijazahs in Hafs Qira�ah, Matn Al Jazariya, Matn Tohfitul Atfal in Tajweed. There is also Ijazah in Noorania Qaeda and Noor El Bayan in Qiraeyah Arabia.
I have been working as a Quran teacher for over 5 years.
First of all, I worked as an assistant for my Sheikh then he allowed me to teach Quran.
Then, my career started…
I have been working as a Quran Teacher in Dar Esh Shaheed Abdul Moniem Reyad since 2017 and as an Online Quran teacher with Studio Arabia Institute since 2020.
I worked as Imam.

Our Female Teachers

Explore the enriching experience of a Riwaq Al Quran course. Immerse yourself in Quranic teachings, Arabic language, and deepened understanding of Islamic studies.

I am Wafaa Tarek Mohammed. I have graduated from faculty of languages and simultaneous interpretation, English department, at AL Azhar university in 2020. I took a certificate in noorania Qaadah with 91%.
I took a certificate in studying islamic studies at zad academy in 2021.I have been teaching Quran ,Islamic studies and Arabic for 2 years .I spent two years studying Tajweed. I worked as HR Head for the team of the faculty for 3 years, we offered online and offline classes for free. I worked as English teacher for 2 years .I took Celta training and HR training.
I am working now for taking Ijazah as this is the fourth time of wholly memorizing Quran.
I am going to register in teaching diploma at Al Azhar univeristy. I am studying now Islamic studies at AL Binaa AL minhagy

I’m Yasmin Samy, a charismatic and expert online Qur’an, Arabic and Islamic tutor for non-arabs. I have 3 years of experience delivering educational assistance and instructions to various levels and ages of learners. I have taught Qaeda and tajweed for all ages starting from 4 years to 55 years. I have memorized the Holy Qur’an since I was twelve years old . My passion is to help and teach as many people as I can how to read Qur’an properly with good Tajweed and to make them aware of the islamic teachings and apply them in their daily life. In addition, I have a bachelor’s degree in Languages and translation from Al-azhar University in Egypt. I have already taught Alhamduliallah around 20 students around the world using different methods that suit each one of them.

My mother tongue is Arabic ,advanced in English, I finished memorizing Quran when I was 15.
Then I started teaching Quran at Masjid.
I studied religious sciences at Zad Academy, studied the rules of the Arabic language, Tafseer ,Fiqh , Hadith, Islamic education, Seera and Akeda.
I am currently studying in ALBINA’ ALMANHAJIU BY SHEIKH AHMED ELSAYED, the study is more depth.
Work on getting Ijazah and Improving my English in speaking and listening.
I obtained a proofreading certificate in the Arabic language.
I work as a customer care agent in Ibn Sina, so I can work with Zoom, Google Drive, and Google Sheet programs.

I graduated from Al-Azhar University 2016, Faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies, Department of Dectorin and Philosophy
With grade Excellence And first of college

I got my postgraduate studies and I’m in a master’s now
I was amember of yakaza fekr for 2 years , and a member of HR of MOIC Al-Azhaar 2015, 2016 and member of AYB Al-Azhaar teach Arabic for children
I got an English course
I worked as a Quran teacher for seven years offline in Quran memorization centers.
I work Online for two years
And now i progress Ijaza, with narration of Hafs and Shubah of Asim
I get a powerpoint course and I haven’t finished it yet

Ustatha/ Mariam Ahmed Sabry is a Quran and Arabic teacher at Riwaq Al-Azhar Institution. She is a certified Quran reciter. Able to teach Arabic and Islamic studies for both kids and adults. Ready to help you in memorising and reciting Quran correctly.
She has a Bachelor�s degree in English Language, Translation and Simultaneous Interpretation, Al-Azhar University, 2020, with special academic success.
I�m working also as an Arabic <> English translator for different entities either in Kingdom of Sadi Arabia or United Arab Emirates. Experienced also in teaching Qaidah Norania and Islamic Studies for non-Arabic speakers, kids and adults, in addition to memorisation and recitation of the holy book of Quran.

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Experience the power of our customized online learning system, designed to cater to your unique needs and maximize your educational journey.

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Experience the power of our customized online learning system, designed to cater to your unique needs and maximize your educational journey.

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Riwaq Al Quran Institute is an online platform that provides high-quality Quran, Arabic, and Islamic classes for students of all ages and levels. We offer one-on-one live sessions with certified teachers, make-up classes, progress reports, and flexible scheduling.

Our male and female teachers are highly qualified and certified by Al-Azhar University. They have experience in teaching non-Arabic students and fluently speak English. We also have expert scholars who can teach higher levels of Quranic, Arabic, and Islamic studies.

We offer a free two-trial class, during which our teachers will assess your level and recommend the best course of study. We also offer flexible scheduling and content options, so you can choose the level and pace of learning that suits you best.

We ensure secure and safe payment methods through PayPal, credit card, debit card, or e-check. We guarantee that we do not store your identity or payment information in our database, so you are always safe. We also offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

We offer make-up classes in case of earlier notice, so you will never miss any benefit. We also have efficient scheduling and 24/7 support to ensure that you can reschedule your classes at any time that suits you.

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