Our Female Tutors

Our mentors at Riwaq Al Quran Institute are highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated individuals who provide personalized guidance and support to help you excel in your Quranic, Arabic, and Islamic studies.

I have been teaching Arabic, Quran for native speakers for 4 years , I dealt with all ages from 4 to 60 in many places ( online)

I love to teach Arabic language , As I am teaching any language based on ( Reading, writing, listening and speaking .

I have completed some courses such as :
1) Tajweed course Rania habib 3 levels
2) courses at teaching Arabic language
3)courses at grammar ( Arabic language )

certificates for commitment at my work
I always patient with my students , advise them and share activities with them

I have ijaza Qiraat Hafs an Asem and Tuhfatulatfal
I like to design certificates to my students for encouraging them .
always depends on fun activities and games .

My name is Shaher Shoukry An Imam and Preacher at Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs in Egypt. I memorized the holy Quran from my Childhood.
I hold Ijazah in the Ten Qiraat. I have 6 years exprenice at teaching Quran.
I have a Bachelor�s degree of Islamic preaching faculty Al Azhar University 2017 with special academic success and was awarded in 2017 as the top student in Dawah Faculty and the whole University of Al Azhar by Shaykh Al-Azhar. I have a pre master studies in comparative religions at Al-Azhar University. I got Certificate in English language Al-Azhar English Training centre. B2 ELf 2017. I got Icdl Certificate. I have more than 6 years teaching Quran and Tajweed.

My name is Shaymaa Ahmad, i’am 26 years old, i’am graduated from Al’azhar University faculty of translation, french department. I have experience in teaching Qur’an and Arabic by English forb5 years and French for 2 years . I have Ijaza in recitation of Hafs. I can teach every thing about Qur’an, Tajweed and Arabic after good search, self-study and learn more about eery resource i find.
I can design my lessons to suit each student and his level. I like my job so much because i feel that i’am a guide of my students to achieve their goals.
I attended one course about teaching Arabic for foreign studies. I believe that no student is a failure that’s why it is a challenge for me to help all my students to be better and improve their levels. I can use zoom, power point, word. I have ICDL certificate.

My name is Shaima Zaki. I graduated from the College of Arts for Girls, Ain Shams University, Department of Psychology. I have an ijaza in the recitation of Hafs an- Asim and Shu�bah and sho’ba, and Katab Tajweed by Sheikh Sayed Mukhtar.More than 16 years of experience in teaching the Qur�an to Arabs in institutes and mosques, and less than two years in teaching non-Arabs online.I can use educational tools during classes and games through Power Point, Wordwall, Kahoot, Tiny Tab, and others. I speak English seriously. I am interested in improving comprehension
I come constantly and daily practice through friendships with native speakers of the language. I am a motivating and cheerful personality, and I have the ability to persuade. I worked in e-marketing for a period, from which I gained the skill of persuasion, dealing with new customers and convincing them of the product or service, so I can also work in supervision well.

My name is sohaib Mohamed Mohamed Ibraheim I graduated from Faculty of Science 2015 Al_Azhar University and Faculty of Holly Quran and his Science Al-Azhar University 2020, and also graduated from Qiraat institue.
I have igaza in 10 Qiraat and Hafs from Shatibiah and Taeibah
And have igaza in Tajweed poems like Tuhfa, Algazariah, Shatibiah and Dorrah
I have some certificates in Tajweed books and igaza in Hadith and history
Iam studying different Islamic Science like Fiqh, Tawheed, Logic, Nahw and other Science
Iam doing now Igaza in 10 ways of Nafi’ and the 10 Major Qiraat from Tayibah
Iam teaching Quran and Qiraat 5 years ago up to now online and offline.

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