Our Mentors

Our mentors at Riwaq Al Quran Institute are highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated individuals who provide personalized guidance and support to help you excel in your Quranic, Arabic, and Islamic studies.

My full name is Muhammad Mahmoud Arroud
I am 27 year old teacher of Qur`aan, Arabic and Islamic studies for Arabic and non-Arabic students. I graduated from al-Azhar University from the faculty of Languages and translation in 2019 and I specialized in Islamic Studies in English.
I have memorized the whole Qur`aan with Tajween in a young age and I have got an Ijazah in the narration of HAfs .
I have been working as a Qur`aan teacher for 4 years physically and online and I have helped many Student of different ages memorize and read the Qur`aan properly, I also experienced teaching Islamic Studies and Arabic to the student for about two years from age of years to adult ages .
I always believe that teaching is one of the most important jobs in life and teachers have a high responsibilities so I always try to do my best in this field and do not spare any efforts.

I am Mohamed Faramawi. a master’s degree student in faculty of Sharia – Al Azhar university. My major is Usul- Al Fiqh. I graduated from the same faculty in 2018 with “excellent” degree. I have done my post graduate studies in 2020 with “very good” degree. between the years 2016-2018, I finished English learning course in Al Azhar English Training Centre. In this centre, I studied English, computer skills, presentation skills, communications skills. I also took part in a program about teaching Arabic for non- Arabic speakers. About Quran, by Allah’s will, I was able to memorise Quran at the age of 14, took the first Ijazah in 2015, the second on 2018, the third on 2021. I work now as a tutor for Islamic studies for non- Arabs who study in Al Azhar university, beside my job with Riwaq.

I’m Muhammad Sayed, 28 years old, I studied in faculty of commerce Al-Azhar university, I finished Quran memorization in 2008, after 4 years I got an Ijazah, then I started in Qiraat, I worked as pharmacy assistant for 7 years,
I worked as a quran teachr in different institutes, in Giza and Dar ibn Mas’oud in Ma’adi – Cairo (offline)
I started online for non native with Studio Arabia for one year the I worked in different institutes like E-aalim, Quran planet, and Riwaq Al-Azhar since October 2019
I taught online for non native ” Quran – Tajweed – Islamic studies”
Al-Hamdu lellah I taught for more than 100 students over the world
I ask Allah to accept

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