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Our Mentors

Our mentors at Riwaq Al Quran Institute are highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated individuals who provide personalized guidance and support to help you excel in your Quranic, Arabic, and Islamic studies.

My name is Abdulaziz Saad Abdulaziz Muhammad. l am 20 years old. I study at faculty of languages and translation department of Islamic studies in English.l have an experience in teaching offline because I teach Qur’an offline since 2017,but a little bit in teaching online. I got a minor pilgrimage �’Umrah� as a reward after ranking the first in a competition of memorization of the noble Qur’an over the governorate of Giza the city of pyramids. I have an Ijaazah of Hafs on the authority of ‘Aasim.I memorize the whole matn of Tuhfatu al-atfaal and almost of Al-jazariyyah. Have a good voice all the praise is due to Allah.I always ask Allah to help me learn the other Qiraa’at after graduation. Finally, Nowadays, I exert my whole effort to improve myself in the English language because I want to be a fluent preacher in the future to be a reason in guidance Non-Muslims to Islam.

My Name Is Abdullah Karem Fathee .
I Am 24 Years Old .
I live in Nasser City .
I have a bachelor degree in Agriculture From Al-Azhar University .
I have been Memorized The Whole Quran Al hamdullah When I was At 7 And I have Got A lot of certificate in Quran
I Have Been Studied Tajweed Motoon And Teached it
I have Got Ijazah In Hafs ,Shuabah As well Qaloon.
I worked As Quran teacher for more than 3 Years and offline for more than 8 years
As well more than 1 year as An arabic Teacher

I About To Finish Warsh
I Studied Al-Arabia bayn Ydayk Book
I had taken a personal excellency from your company as a star of the month l, also i have many certificates in the quran competitions .

I’m Abdelrahman, I was born at 1997.
I graduated from faculty of Sharea and Law Al-Azhar University, Year of graduation is 2020.
I have an Ejaza at Asem Reading ( Hafs & Shoabaa) .
I took 2 levels of the Quranic studies Material of Tafser Center and Imam Shatbi Institute’s, Saudi Arabia.
I’m about to finish Irtqaa Course, which is studying the books of Shaikh Musaed Altayar.
I took more than one Tajweed course – With Shaikh Abdelrashid Sofi – Shaikh Ayman Roshdy Alswayed.
I have read more than one Tajweed book.
My studying at college was in fiqh.
But I took courses and increase my knowledge by self studying in Islamic studies and Quranic sciences Field.
I took course of Al-Ajoromya – Nahw.

Shaykh Abubakr Ghoniem is a certified Quran teacher. He holds Ijazah in Qiraa’et Aasem.

He has a license in Islamic studies from the Languages & translation Faculty of Al-Azhar University.

He has been teaching Quran both online and offline for more than 7 years. He is also
teaching Arabic and Islamic studies to Kids for more than 2 years.

He has some great skills like Effective communication, Teamwork, Responsibility, Problem-solving, Leadership, Openness, Adaptability, Critical thinking, and Attention to detail.

He is teaching some branches of Islamic Studies like Tafsir ( meaning of words of the Quran), Hadith, and stories of prophets.

This is Adam Elmorsy
Graduated from Ain shams university Alsun faculty
My major is Turkish
I worked as translator at Jargon localization.
I have interned at East localization as English translator
and Jargon localization as Vendor execuative relations

Now I am Arabic and Quran tutor I worked with Almahir academy, Mecca academy, Riwaq academy and BeQuran academy

I studied Quran and tafseer books like
(Almukhtaser)(almuayser) (Alsady) (Ayser al tafaseer)

I am working on I talki too you can see my profile from here:

Thanks for all.

A preacher in foreign languages, an online teacher, Quran, Arabic, and Tajweed to non-Arabic speakers, and an English language teacher, two years of experience in online teaching, a licensed and holder of a license according to the Hafs narration from Asim five years ago, a qualification in languages ??and translation, Department of Islamic Studies in English, have a deploma in educational qualification holds courses in teaching foreigners the Noble Qur�an and the Arabic language for non-native speakers.
An imam and preacher in mosques for six years, a memorizer and a teacher in the Noble Qur�an for children for three years, I was a teacher of English for the primary and preparatory stages for two years before I started working online.

My name is Ahmed Salah. I have been working as a Quran teacher for over 9 years. I have an Ijaza in Hafs a’n Asem. I know how to teach the makharej (the original context) and all tajweed rules to correctly read the Quran. I am also an Arabic teacher so I can teach you how to read Arabic and eventually be able to read through the Quran, through Noorani Qaidah which the first book for kids and elders to understand how to read the holy Quran correctly. I graduated from the faculty of language and translation department Islamic studies Al-Azhar university. I took lots of courses at the American university in Cairo.

?????? ?????
I am Ahmed Mahrous
I live in Tanta _Egypt
42 years old married and have 4 kids
I am graduated from faculty of law in 2001,
Alhamdullulah, I memorized the whole Qur�an by heart 15 years ago.
Have been teaching Quran, tajweed and Arabic since 200?4.
200?4 TO 200?8 I used to work as supervisor for Quran and Islamic studies for kindergartens
In 2008, I established the first halqa for teaching the Holy Qur�an in the village of Mitt Habeeq al-Bahriya in the city of Tanta, and then it became an association and I was the manager until it was closed down in 2020 due to Corona, we had over 800 students at this time. and About 25 teacher
I have ijaza in Hafs and some other Qiraat ( Qaloon , Ibn Kathir ,Ibn A`Mir , Alkisai , Abu Ja`fr and about to finish Warsh )
It is my greatest honor to teach the Qur�an as the prophet (peace be upon him) said “the best among you are those who learn the Quran and teach it”.
Throughout 18 years of experience in teaching.
Alhamdullulah I had the opportunity to learn and practice many tools and programs which needed in teaching such as Microsoft programs , zoom , PDF readers etc

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