Sunni Online Quran Classes

Best Sunni Online Quran Classes in 2022

Sunni online Quran classes

Riwaq Al Quran, which is a pioneering Islamic learning platform using today’s technology, offers an online solution to learning the Quran and Arabic. Employees, housewives, students, and children now have the opportunity to acquire proper Islamic knowledge in an individual and flexible way.

The contents of our Sunni online Quran classes are specially prepared by our expert scholars and educational staff, who are groundbreaking with their experience in Islamic online education. We are more than ready to guide you in your journey to learn the Quran.

If you are looking for an online Quran course where you can create your own schedule to learn Quran, you are at the right place! Contact Us Now and become one of our Muslim brothers and sisters who join the Riwaq Al Quran family to learn the book of Allah from all over the world!

Sunni Online Quran Classes in 2022

In the last few years, especially the covid disease, and then the pandemic, besides what it has taken from us, there have been things that they added to us. Canceled plans, lost lives… Undoubtedly mentioned in Surah Al-Anfal: “….And Allah is the best of planners.”

We understood this verse in the best way. When Muslims face calamities, they review their lives, take refuge in Allah, and strive to come closer to Him. The priorities of most of us have changed, we are trying to turn to Allah and put our servitude duties at the top of the list, Inshallah…

One of the things that the pandemic process contributed to people was to use technology usefully. The Islamic world also uses these facilities in the most effective and active way and makes the best use of online platforms in order not to leave a house where Islamic education does not enter.

Thanks to the Sunni Online Quran Classes it provides, Riwaq Al Quran offers quality Quran Learning with one-to-one lessons given by native Arab Quran teachers for children, adults, and ladies.

Why Online Quran Learning Is More Effective?

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Thanks to the technology, you can enroll in Sunni online Quran classes in just a few clicks and enjoy the numerous advantages of learning online, such as:

How Can I Learn Quran at Home?

We all know that learning the Quran is a process that requires effort and patience on its own. Some of our Muslim brothers and sisters prefer to do this individually, while others choose to go on this journey with an expert. The second option is accepted as the most effective method by all Muslims.

The reason for this is that learning the Quran is not only about learning the Arabic alphabet but the Makhraj of the letters should also be learned in the most accurate way and should be read (in the best way) according to the principles of Tarteel, which is also commanded in the Quran.

Whether you want to attend online Quran lessons at Riwaq Al Quran from your home, office, or wherever you want, you can learn Quran in the best way with Tajweed and Tarteel rules thanks to our Native Arab tutors!

How Can I Take Online Quran Classes?

Our Sunni online Quran classes are designed for those who want to learn the Quran online properly, those who want to increase their knowledge of Tajweed, those who want to memorize the whole or part of the Quran, ladies, brothers, and our young Quran readers for children, Arab or non-Arab, for those who want to study the Quran from anywhere in the world!

Online Quran Classes for Adults

Advantages of learning online

In our online Quran courses for adults, starting with introductory lessons, a program focused on teaching the Arabic alphabet, Tajweed rules, and finally reciting the Quran in a beautiful and fluent manner is followed. Our expert tutors follow your learning process step by step and showcase your progress with weekly and monthly reports.

How Can a Beginner Learn the Quran?

Most Muslim countries offer courses for easy teaching of the Quran. It is possible to learn the Quran easily by going to these courses. However, if you have the internet at hand, you can learn the Quran easily in this way.

It is very important for those who want to learn the Qur’an not to give up on these goals so easily. When they take firm steps on this path, they will definitely get their reward. It can be a bit difficult to learn the Quran because it is Arabic. However, it can be overcome with regular practice.

In particular, learning from people who know the Quran well and read it in accordance with Tajweed will make learning faster. In addition, it is very important for learning to read and improve yourself every day.

How Can I Learn Tajweed Online?

1- Work with an experienced Quran tutor

The first and most important step in learning the Quran and Tajweed is to find the right person to take lessons. The most effective way to learn how to extract the letters of the Quran from their Makhraj and pronounce them correctly is to learn from a native Arab tutor.

As a matter of fact, we can define this process as the imitation phase of the tongue. The more accurately we hear, the more accurately we learn and pronounce correctly. In this phase, you start with the basics of Quran reading and Tajweed by learning Noorani Qaida or Noorul Bayan… etc.

2-Take one-on-one lessons

You can enroll in one-to-one Sunni online Quran classes at Riwaq Al Quran, which is observed to be 30%-40% faster and more efficient, as the course attendee will be the only focus of attention.

3-Choose the most productive time to learn

Perhaps one of the best aspects of online courses is that it allows you to attend classes from wherever you want by creating your own schedule without disturbing your own life flow.

Join the best Sunni Online Quran Classes!

We are looking forward to meeting you! If you want to join the Riwaq Al Quran family and choose the most suitable course for you with our motivating team, contact us now and start your lessons for free!

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