How to Memorize Quran Fast and Easily in a Very Short Time

How to Finish Memorizing Quran in a Very Short Time

How to Memorize Quran Fast and Easily in a Very Short Time

How to Finish Memorizing Quran in a Very Short Time

Goal setting is regarded as the most important step towards accomplishing the dream of Quran memorization and makes learning Holy Quran much easier. It guides your focus and boosts your motivation to finish memorizing Quran.

How to Memorize Quran Fast and Easily in a Very Short Time?

People always ask: how can I memorize the Quran faster? The followings are very useful tips to memorize Quran fast:

1- Renew your intention to memorize Quran

In our religion, actions are judged by intentions. So make the sincere intention to memorize Quran and study Quran recitation rules and you will finish Quran memorization Inshallah and get what you intended.

2- Set a Quran memorization schedule and write down your goals

One effective way on how to learn Quran easily is to have a Hifz program and write down your goal in Quran memorization. Set a reasonable goal in learning Holy Quran as it can keep you motivated and passionate about finishing Quran memorization.

3- Chunk down your Quran memorization program into smaller goals

One easy way to memorize Quran is to have manageable targets in learning Holy Quran as the key to achieving big goals, like memorizing Quran, is to break them into smaller pieces. Do not forget to reward yourself with something you love after completing your Quran memorization daily target.

4- Prepare a quiet place in your home for learning Holy Quran

Set a convenient and quiet place to learn Quran at home so as to avoid all kinds of distractions and pay attention to Quran recitation word by word.

5- Set regular Quran memorization reminders of your online Hifz program

To stay on track and finish memorizing Quran, set a reminder on your phone to learn Holy Quran and Quran recitation rules on a regular basis. Learning to read Quran with Tajweed and memorizing Quran need dedication and consistency.

6- Start online Quran classes to have a steady Hifz program schedule

Enrolling in a proper online Hifz course can help you a lot all through the journey of Quran memorization. Such online Hifz classes keep you on track to achieve the goal of memorizing Holy Quran faster.

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7- Get a Quran memorization partner to encourage you to memorize Quran

Ask one of your family members or friends that shares the same goal of reading and memorizing Quran to help each other in achieving your online Hifz programs and finishing Quran memorization.

8- Get an online Quran tutor is an easy and fast way to memorize Quran

Another tip on how to learn Quran online effectively is to have a native online Quran teacher or one from your community to help you in learning to read Quran with Tajweed and Quran recitation rules. Thankfully, you can find many Quran teachers online on the internet.

9- Repeatedly listen to Quran recitation with Tajweed by your best Quran reciter for memorization

Along with reading and memorizing Quran, listening to the Surah you want to memorize in your Hifz program repeatedly, makes its words familiar to you. Just choose your best Quran reciter for memorization and you will find Quran memorization much easier. This absolutely will help in how to memorize a page of Quran fast.

10- Schedule what to do in Quran memorization and allot a specific time

Make sure to set aside a specific time every day for memorizing Quran and learning Arabic Tajweed as well as Quran recitation rules when you are not busy and can work on your Hifz program. After dawn is really recommendable for reading and memorizing Quran let you begin the day with energy and spirituality. If that time doesn’t suit you to learn Holy Quran, choose another time for Quran memorization to stay on the flow.

11- Never quit the goal of memorizing Quran

The journey of finishing Quran memorization begins with a single step! Keep trekking along and never quit reading and memorizing Quran. You can start with short and easy Surahs to memorize to make your heart attached to learning Holy Quran and stay passionate about memorizing Quran.

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