12 Quran Games for Kids  (Memory, Art, Outdoor, and More)

Quran Games for Kids

As we know, learning with Quran games for kids provides many cognitive, physical, social, and emotional benefits in the development of the child. Riwaq Al Quran utilizes this as a means to kindle their affection for the Quran. In this blog, we will discuss various Quran Games for Kids that add an element of enjoyment to their learning journey.

When seeking to teach children the Quran, engaging them in games and activities fosters a deep love of the Holy Book and instills different spiritual values in their little hearts. For this reason, it is one of the main methods used in teaching the Quran to children. As Ali ibn Abi Talib wisely advised, Speak to people only according to their level of knowledge. When addressing children, it is essential to be mindful of their age and convey the teachings in a manner that aligns with their perspective.

Join us on this playful journey through the Quran, where each game is a stepping stone towards a deeper understanding of our faith. Whether it’s chasing after verses in a hunt or solving puzzles that unveil the beauty of surahs, we’ve curated an experience that keeps our little learners excited and engaged!

Quran Learning Games

When teaching Quranic knowledge to your children, it is crucial to communicate in a language that resonates with them, and wisely choose activities that will be effective for kinesthetic, auditory, or visual learning styles. 

In this section, we’ve compiled 11 different games that use kinesthetic, auditory, and visual learning techniques to give you ideas for effective and permanent learning.

Memory and Matching Games for the Quran:

Memory and matching games offer engaging ways for children to interact with and remember Quranic verses and themes. Adjust the difficulty level based on the age group and participants’ familiarity with the Quranic content, and consider incorporating colorful visuals to enhance the learning experience.

1. Quran Bingo:

Objective: A fun and interactive game that helps children become familiar with Quranic verses or themes. The objective is to mark off specific verses or themes on their bingo cards as they are called out, aiming to complete a row and shout “Bingo!”

Setup: Create bingo cards with a grid of squares. Fill each square with a Quranic verse reference, theme, or image. Prepare a set of calling cards with corresponding references, themes, or images.

Gameplay: Distribute bingo cards to each participant. Call out the Quranic verses, or show the images from the calling cards. Participants mark off the corresponding squares on their bingo cards. The first person to complete a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, shouts “Bingo!” and wins a prize.

2. Memory Match:

Objective: A classic card game that challenges children’s memory as they flip cards to find matching pairs of Quranic verses and their meanings.

Setup: Create pairs of cards with one card containing a Quranic verse, and its matching card containing its meaning or explanation. Shuffle and arrange the cards face down in a grid.

Gameplay: Participants take turns flipping two cards at a time. If the cards match (a verse and its meaning), the participant keeps the pair and gets another turn. If the cards do not match, they are turned face down again, and it’s the next participant’s turn. The game continues until all pairs are matched. The participant with the most pairs at the end wins.

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Art and Creativity Quran Games:

Through drawing, coloring, and acting, children engage with Quranic stories, fostering a deeper connection with Islamic teachings in a fun and memorable way. These games offer a vibrant and entertaining approach to Quranic education for young learners.

1. Quranic Pictionary:

Objective: A creative and artistic game that encourages children to express Quranic stories through drawings. The goal is to have others guess the Quranic story or lesson based on the drawings.

Setup: Prepare a list of Quranic stories or lessons. Provide each participant or team with drawing materials (paper, markers, etc.). Create a timer to limit drawing time.

Gameplay: Participants take turns selecting a card with a Quranic story or lesson and have a limited time to draw scenes or symbols representing it. The other participants or teams then try to guess the Quranic story or lesson based on the drawings. Points can be awarded for correct guesses, and the participant or team with the most points at the end wins.

2. Colorful Surahs Quest

Objective: This game aims to strengthen their familiarity with Surah names and themes, encourage artistic expression, and facilitate interactive discussions about the significance of each Surah.

Setup: Print sheets with Surah names and corresponding creative illustrations. Ensure clarity in the fonts and provide coloring materials such as crayons, colored pencils, or markers.

Gameplay: Distribute printed sheets to each child, ensuring access to coloring materials. Explain the objective: creatively color the Surah names and illustrations while engaging in discussions about each Surah’s significance. Optionally, introduce a friendly competition for the most creatively colored Surah to boost enthusiasm. Conclude the game by appreciating the children’s efforts and reinforcing the importance of the gained Quranic knowledge.

3. Quranic Charades:

Objective: Quranic Charades is an interactive and entertaining game where participants act out Quranic stories or scenarios without speaking, and others try to guess the story or lesson being portrayed.

Setup: Prepare a list of Quranic stories or lessons. Write each on separate slips of paper. Place the slips in a container. Create teams, and designate a timer to limit each round.

Gameplay: One participant from a team picks a slip from the container and acts out the Quranic story or lesson without speaking. The team members try to guess the story or lesson within the time limit. Rotate turns, and tally points for each correct guess. The team with the most points at the end wins.

4. Quranic Story Cubes:

Objective: A game that enhances creativity and storytelling skills by using cubes featuring images of Quranic stories or characters. Participants roll the cubes and create a cohesive story based on the images that appear.

Setup: Create or purchase story cubes with images related to Quranic stories or characters. Each cube face should have a different image. Participants may play individually or in groups.

Gameplay: Participants take turns rolling the story cubes and use the images that appear to craft a spontaneous Quranic story. Encourage creativity and imagination. After each participant has told their story, others can discuss the themes or lessons present. This game promotes storytelling skills and a deeper understanding of Quranic narratives.

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Outdoor and Physical Activities:

Outdoor games offer interactive ways for children to connect with Quranic verses, fostering a love for learning and a deeper understanding of the Quran. Adapt the games to suit the age group and preferences of the participants for the most enjoyable experience.

1. Quranic Treasure Hunt:

Objective: A dynamic and engaging game that encourages children to explore and discover Quranic verses. The objective is not only to find hidden cards but also to initiate discussions about the meaning and context of the verses, promoting a deeper understanding.

Setup: Hide cards with Quranic verses around the playing area in various locations. Each card can be color-coded based on difficulty or theme. Prepare discussion points or questions related to the verses for further exploration.

Gameplay: Children, individually or in teams, embark on a treasure hunt to find the hidden cards. Once a card is discovered, the child or team gathers to discuss the verse’s meaning or context. To add a competitive element, you can assign points for finding cards and additional points for insightful discussions. The child or team with the most points at the end wins.

2. Song Relay Quran Games:

Objective: A game that combines physical activity with Quranic recitation, making learning enjoyable. The game aims to reinforce Quranic verses through singing or recitation in a relay race format.

Setup: Prepare slips of paper with Quranic verses written on them. Designate a relay course with markers. Each team or participant needs an equal number of slips, scattered at various points along the course.

Gameplay: Participants, divided into teams, take turns running the relay course. At each marker, they pick up a slip with a Quranic verse, sing or recite it, and then continue to the next marker. The next team member repeats the process. To add a competitive element, time the relay and award points for correct recitations. The team with the fastest time and the most accurate recitations wins.

Trivia and Knowledge Games:

These categories provide a diverse set of games that engage children’s memory, creativity, physical activity, and knowledge, all while focusing on Quranic teachings. Feel free to adapt and customize the games to suit the age group and preferences of the children you are working with.

1. Quranic Jeopardy:

Objective: The goal of Quranic Jeopardy is to engage children in a fun and educational quiz game centered around the Quran. The game encourages participants to deepen their knowledge of various aspects of the Quran, including Prophets, Stories, Verses, and Lessons.

Setup: The game can be played with a board or digitally. Create a game board with different categories (Prophets, Stories, Verses, Lessons) and assign point values to each question based on difficulty.

Gameplay: Participants choose a category and a point value. A question related to that category is presented, and the child must answer correctly to earn points. Incorrect answers may result in a deduction of points. The player or team with the most points at the end wins.

2. Quranic Board Game:

Objective: A game that aims to make learning interactive and enjoyable for children. It involves moving through a board with spaces featuring Quranic challenges or questions, promoting a deeper understanding of the Quranic teachings.

Setup: Design a colorful game board with a path with different spaces. Each space represents a Quranic challenge or question. Players use tokens or game pieces to move along the path.

Gameplay: Players take turns rolling dice or spinning a spinner to advance on the board. When landing on a space, they must pick a card or answer a question related to the Quran. Correct answers allow players to advance further, while incorrect ones may result in setbacks. The player reaching the end first or accumulating the most points wins.

3. Quran Games Puzzles:

Objective: A game that is designed to help children connect visually with verses from the Quran. By assembling jigsaw puzzles featuring pictures or verses, children reinforce their understanding of Quranic content in a hands-on way.

Setup: Create jigsaw puzzles with images or verses from the Quran. The difficulty can vary based on the complexity of the puzzle. You can either provide pre-made puzzles or let children create their puzzles using Quranic images.

Gameplay: Children work individually or in groups to assemble the puzzles. To add an element of competition, you can time the participants and award points based on completion time or the number of correctly assembled puzzles. This game promotes concentration, teamwork, and Quranic knowledge.

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