What Is the Importance of Quran in Our Life

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Someone might ask: what is the importance of Quran in our life? The Quran is a material-spiritual guide for individuals and communities, for all classes of people, and for the whole of human life in all countries and at all times. The teachings of the Quran are universal. They enlighten man’s soul and the path leading to the hereafter.

The Quran holds profound importance in Islam, serving as a comprehensive guide for belief, practice, and morality. Embodying its teachings, Prophet Muhammad PBUH exemplified the Quran’s values in his life, emphasizing its integral role in shaping the behavior and character of Muslims.

Through daily engagement with the Quran, believers draw inspiration and guidance, finding solace and spiritual fulfillment. Particularly during Ramadan, Muslims deepen their connection to the Quran, reflecting on its verses and striving to align their lives with its teachings.

Allah SWT clearly stated the importance of Quran in our daily life the following verses: “This is a blessed Book We have revealed. So follow it and be mindful ˹of Allah˺, so you may be shown mercy.” (Al-An’am 155)

He also stated: “There certainly has come to you from Allah a light and a clear Book through which Allah guides those who seek His pleasure to the ways of peace, brings them out of darkness and into light by His Will, and guides them to the Straight Path.” (Al-Maidah 15)

Importance of Quran in Islam 

What is the importance of Quran in our life in Islam? Well, the Quran contains all kinds of principles of belief, practice, and morality that will ensure the true happiness of humanity. And Allah SWT showed this with his messenger, who is the best example for his servants. We can observe it in the life of our prophet, who was moralized with the discipline of Allah SWT and is described by him in Surah Al- Ahzab: Indeed, in the Messenger of Allah, you have an excellent example for whoever has hope in Allah and the Last Day and remembers Allah often.

Importance of Quran and Sunnah

Muslims reciting the holy book

We should determine the place and importance of Quran and Hadith in our lives by taking the example of our Prophet’s life. Indeed: Yazid ibn Yabnus said, “We went to Aisha and said, ‘Umm al-Mu’minin, what was the character of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, like?’ She replied, ‘His character was the Quran.”

We learn from this hadith that the Messenger of Allah was the best interpretation of the Quran. Allah SWT has shown him as the best example to His servants. Every Muslim must follow in the footsteps of the Messenger of Allah and avoid what he sees fit and forbids. For this reason, Muslims should try to embrace the importance of Quran to mankind and keep it in an important position in their life flow.

What Is the Importance of Quran in Our Life

What is the importance of Quran in our life? Even though most of us know how crucial it is, many of us experience difficulty giving space or allocating time in our daily lives. So how do we overcome these difficulties?

Most of us set priorities in our lives for the sake of our own inner peace and the welfare of our families, but if physical and material priorities get in the way of our spiritual balance, we face big problems. The communication that our soul needs is established through worship. This is a parallel phenomenon with life energy, serenity, and motivation.

By learning, reading, and understanding the Quran, we remember the true purpose of life and that the only return is to Allah. If the Quran is our priority in our daily life, it will create a perspective against our other preoccupations in our lives. This is the journey to find true happiness. In your business life and family relationships, you will tidy up your moral qualities from the perspective of the Quran. Thus, the Quran remains at the center of your daily life.

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Importance of Quran Recitation

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Narrated Muhammad bin Ka’b Al-Qurazi: “I heard ‘Abdullah bin Mas’ud saying: ‘The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: “[Whoever recites a letter] from Allah’s Book, then he receives the reward from it, and the reward of ten the like of it. I do not say that Alif Lam Mim is a letter, but Alif is a letter, Lam is a letter and Mim is a letter.” (Jami’ At-Tirmidhi)

There is no second book in the world where at least ten good deeds are written for each letter. For this reason, a believer must take his share of the Quran every day. It is necessary to read the Quran not only for worship and prayer but also as a source of inspiration.

10 Importance of Quran

  • The Quran was revealed to our Master the Prophet PBUH through Gabriel during Ramadan.
  • It is the word of Allah, whose reading is worship.
  • The addressee of the Quran is all human beings and it is universal.
  • Its purpose is to provide the happiness of the servants in the world and the hereafter with divine warnings.
  • The Quran is a bridge between the creator and the created, Allah and human beings.
  • The Quran is a guide leading to Paradise.
  • There are 10 rewards for each letter recited from the Quran.
  • It is a book of Shariah (Islamic law).
  • It is the complete and the best guide for living one’s life and seeking Allah’s pleasure.
  • It is a book protected by Allah. It will show people right and wrong until the Day of Judgment. “It is certainly We Who have revealed the Reminder, and it is certainly We Who will preserve it.” (Surah Al-Hijr: 9)

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Importance of Quran in Ramadan

Reciting Quran in Ramadan

What is the importance of Quran in our life during Ramadan? Well, our Prophet gave much importance to the Quran, especially during Ramadan, and advised us to give it due time and respect. 

Narrated Abu-Huraira: Gabriel used to repeat the recitation of the Quran with the Prophet (PBUH) once a year, but he repeated it twice with him in the year he died. The Prophet (PBUH) used to stay in I’tikaf for ten days every year (in the month of Ramadan), but in the year of his death, he stayed in I’tikaf for twenty days. (Sahih al-Bukhari)

In this blessed month, which finds its honor with the revelation of the Quran, we should read it with contemplation and deepen the content of the verses, and increase our effort to apply its rules and morals to our lives. In this beautiful month, the enthusiasm of the Quran should not be missing from the homes of Muslims.

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The Quran stands as a beacon of divine guidance in Islam, offering believers a roadmap to righteousness and spiritual fulfillment. Its teachings, exemplified by Prophet Muhammad PBUH, shape the character and conduct of Muslims, guiding them towards a life of piety and devotion. As Muslims engage with the Quran daily, especially during Ramadan, they find inspiration, solace, and direction, enriching their spiritual journey and deepening their connection to Allah SWT.

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