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How to Become A Quran Teacher ?

How to Become A Quran Teacher?

how to become a quran teacher

Are you haunted by the idea of leaving an effect before death? Why should you be a Quran teacher? Do you memorize Quran or even part of it and want to go on this track? Are you confused about how to be a good Quran teacher? More specifically, how to become a male or a female Quran teacher online? Keep reading.

What Is the Meaning of Teaching Quran?

Quran is very easy for its learners

To begin with the question “how to become a Quran teacher”, we should define what is the meaning of teaching the Quran? As it is the first step to understand the nature of this way. Quran is the last message of Allah the Almighty that he sent to human beings to guide them to their happiness in this life and in the Hereafter. In Quran, Allah the Almighty guides His servants to the straight path, how to maintain their interests and how to lead a just life system in their relationship with their Creator, their selves and the world around them.

Thus, the first duty of the Muslim to deal well with Quran and to address the question “how to become a Quran teacher?“ is to understand the purpose and messages of the Quran in order to be able to make good use of it in his life. In other words, Muslim should understand the messages of the Quran to applytheir commands. This is the high priority.

Then, as a means, Muslims should learn the Arabic letters and Tajweed rules to be able to read Quran like the way that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) read. Accompanying this phase, Muslims can go through the memorization of the Quran.

The most important thing here is to understand that the Quran teacher is a model;deeds speak louder.  Thus, it is not suitable to ask people to do the above mentioned points while he doesn’t care of having a personal lifelong experience in this regard.

Allah the Almighty condemns this case in Quran many times, like in As-Saf Chapter. Allah the Almighty says:

“ O you who have attained faith, why do you say what you do not do?

It is most loathsome to Allah that you say what you do not do,” [Quran, 61: 2, 3].

As a Quran teacher, you should realize these items well in order not to mislead others. Indeed, it is a big responsibility you are to bear.

Why Muslim Should Teach Quran?

Best people who learn and teach the Quran

After knowing the concept of teaching Quran and dealing with it in general, now let’s know why the Muslim should teach the Quran.

Teaching Quran has many benefits in Islam. First of all, it is one of the greatest acts of worship. As reported by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), [one of] the best among you are those who learn Quran and teach it.

The second benefit is that teaching the Quran is one of the deeds whose reward continues after the death of the Muslim. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says:

“When a man dies all his good deeds come to an end except three: Ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge and a righteous son who prays for him,” [ Sunan an-Nasa’i].

Also, teaching the Quran is one of the ways to help in preserving it. To illustrate, there are two ways of preservation; by heart and by writing. One of Allah the Almighty ways to preserve this book is to facilitate its memorization for Muslims so that in every generation there is a considerable group of memorizers from the time of the Prophet (pbuh) till now.

How to Be a Good Quran Teacher?

Now after knowing the idea of teaching the Quran and the reasons to do this, I think this motivates you to be a Quran teacher. Hence, there are some extra tips to help you:

General Tips for Teaching Quran

  • You should know the nobility of this way and be a good model by starting with yourself to understand Quran and apply its instructions, as mentioned before.
  • You should memorize part of the Quran, or the whole, and read it first on a professional Sheikh to make sure of your pronunciation.
  • You should know the theoretical and practical Tajweed rules.
  • It’s recommended to have an idea about teaching styles, ways to deliver information and how to deal with different types of personalities.

Extra Tips for Teaching Quran to non-native Arabic Speakers

  • You should have the basic language necessary for communication. One of the good websites classified according to levels is this one. Also, there is a beneficial YouTube educational channel named, zAmericanEnglish.
  • You should know how to teach the Arabic letters and Tajweed in English. One of the good books of Tajweed in English is Tajweed Rules of the Qur’an by Kareema Carol.
  • Be a friend more than a teacher. Keep a reasonable space of informality in your relationship with your students.
  • Smile, smile, smile.

How to Become Online Quran Teacher?

Teaching online just needs extra tools

Online teaching is actually more challenging especially with the kids. Besides the above mentioned tips, you should consider the following:

  • Be familiar with the applications of communication, like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc.
  • Use this website for showing the Quran verses both in Arabic and English (the interpretation of their meanings).
  • For helping your student to improve Quran pronunciation and listening, this website is useful.
  • Use gamification as possible; i.e., to turn the educational environment to be like a game. Thus, you may use a system of points during the class and gathering these points by the end of it to decide the winner. Also, you may give every student a hero nickname. One of the good websites in applying this is Classdojo. There are many tutorials on YouTube helping you to use it to make the environment more interesting.
  • Learn how to prepare slides for the lessons, especially on PowerPoint as it is useful to use for an explanation, exercises, and even playing.
  •  Break time is crucial, especially for the kids. You may make it a free discussion with him/her. Let the student express themselves by asking open questions. You can also seize this opportunity to deliver some useful messages indirectly.

One of the good ideas also is to play online mazes or any useful game. Take care of the websites you use in order not to spoil the mentality of the student. For example, take care of the purpose of the game before the class and of the advertisements that may include improper messages.

Teach Quran Online and Earn Money

After considering the previous points, you can start your way in teaching the Quran online. At the beginning, you need to work with a company, not as a freelancer, of experience in this field to gain experience.

One of these companies is Riwaq Al Quran. You can teach the Quran for different levels, depending on your qualifications. Moreover, you can earn money in this journey.

In this point, you have to take care of your intention. If it is only for the sake of money, then you harm yourself. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says:

“He who does not acquire knowledge with the sole intention of seeking the Pleasure of Allah but for worldly gain, will not smell the fragrance of Jannah on the Day of Resurrection,” [Abu Dawud].

There are many opinions for Muslim scholars regarding taking money for teaching the Quran especially when the Muslim has no need for extra money. However, in general, many scholars say that it is permissible to take money with accounting it for your time, your effort you exert in preparing the lessons, etc., not for the Quran itself.


To wrap up, the Quran is the noble issue that you can pass your life to accompany, in understanding, applying, reciting, learning and teaching. Since it’s a big responsibility, you should prepare yourself well for this journey taking into consideration the tips mentioned before, for teaching the Quran in general, and teaching it online in specific.

After having some basics of answering “how to become a Quran teacher? “, you can contact us for joining our expert teachers’ team. Purify your intention and quickly take the decision of starting this journey, as life is too short to hesitate!

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