How to Teach Quran for Kids? 15 Tactics to Make Quran for Kids Easy and Enjoyable

How to Teach Quran for Kids? 15 Tactics to Make Quran for Kids Easy and Enjoyable

Teaching the Quran to kids is like planting seeds of wisdom in fertile minds. We weave tales of prophets and miracles, making learning a colorful adventure. With playful activities and heartfelt encouragement, we nurture their budding connection with the divine. 

Each recitation becomes a melody, sung with joy and reverence. In this digital age, our journey transcends screens, as we build a virtual village of young scholars. Together, we unlock the treasures of the Quran, painting our world with the hues of faith and understanding.

Prophet Muhammad has taught the Ummah that we are all guardians and each one of us is responsible for their words. Parents, for example, are considered their families’ guardians and are responsible for them. Hence, teaching our children how to read Quran for kids and instilling the love of it in their hearts can be the greatest present you will ever give them as it is a duty to look out for our children and make sure that they do what is pleasing to Allah.

How to Teach Quran For kids?

Teaching Quran to kids involves various interactive and engaging tactics. Firstly, sharing Quranic stories through storybooks or Islamic cartoons instills love for the Quran and facilitates understanding. Making the learning process fun and interactive helps children engage and retain what they learn. 

Setting a practical example by regularly reciting the Quran yourself encourages children to follow suit. Praising their efforts boosts motivation, while keeping the learning simple and easy prevents demotivation.

Establishing a consistent learning schedule ensures steady progress and discipline. Using interactive learning tools, engaging in group learning sessions, and immersing in Quranic culture deepen understanding and appreciation. 

Encouraging creative expression fosters interpretation and emotional connection with Quranic lessons. Seeking feedback and adapting learning strategies based on individual needs ensures an effective and enjoyable learning journey.

Riwaq Al Quran emphasizes regularly seeking feedback from children to tailor the approach for a more effective learning experience. 

Teaching Quran online involves using digital tools like live video classes and interactive resources to create an engaging learning environment. At Riwaq Al Quran, personalized feedback, interactive activities, and flexible class times are offered to support students in their Quranic journey.

Lets discuss them in more details:

How to Teach Quran for Kids? 15 Tactics to Make Quran for Kids Easy and Enjoyable

Interactive Ways to Teach Quran Reading for Kids

The following tactics would help you a lot during the journey of your children’s Quran learning:

1. Share Quranic Inspiring Stories Quran with Them:

Stories play an important role in various educational and didactic areas. Sharing Quranic stories with your children is of great importance as it instills the love of it in their hearts. Teaching kids Quran through stories also carries different aims such as to cause thinking or serve as a good example for them to follow. You can easily achieve this by using storybooks before bedtime or Islamic cartoon videos that will increase their understanding of the Quran.

2. Make It Fun:

Children generally love to play so much and they tend to cling to the things that are engaging and enjoyable. The above-mentioned reasons clearly show how crucial it is to make it interactive and fun. You will find your children more likely to follow along and retain what they learn.

3. Set Yourself a Practical Example:

It is said that actions speak louder than words. If you want to see your children reading the Quran regularly with hearts attached to Allah, you should recite it regularly and be attached to Allah and his words. It is way more effective to set a good example for your children to follow instead of just preaching through words.

4. Praise Their Efforts:

One of the golden pieces of advice that can make your children perform better is to always support them in their pursuits. It can catapult their progress forward as children thrive for attention and a word of encouragement can achieve many positive results during the journey of understanding the Quran for kids.

5. Keep It Easy and Simple:

Never force your children to spend a lot of time reading and memorizing Quran as such an attitude can entirely demotivate your child. What really matters is to keep your kids focused and productive at their comfort level. Just be patient and always remind yourself that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

6. Help Your Kids Stay in the Flow:

One easy way to learn Quran effectively to allot a specific time every day just for recitation and Tajweed for kids to bring the Quran close to their hearts and develop a more meaningful relationship with Allah SWT. Just keep in mind that a few minutes of happy learning can be much more effective than whole hours of forcing your children to study against their will.

7. Repetition Is the Mother of All Learning!

No doubt that repetition is one of the most fruitful key learning aids in teaching kids the Quran. Try to recite the short Surahs repeatedly in front of them and play the Quran softly in the home as much as you can to make it familiar to them. Day by day, you will notice a huge difference in their level.

8. Enroll in an Appropriate Online Quran Course for Kids:

Taking your children to a local mosque or signing them up for online Quran lessons can be an incredibly effective way for them to learn Quranic Arabic. Online Quran studies offer great flexibility, allowing you to choose the best fit for your kids while saving time. Luckily, there are numerous online Quran courses available for all ages and proficiency levels.

9. Look for a Private Quran Tutor:

A key recommendation is to find a proficient Quran tutor for your children, one who can teach them to read the Quran accurately without pronunciation errors. There are many advantages to learning with a live Quran tutor who specializes in how to teach Non Arabic kids reading Quran properly. Experienced teachers know how to make the lessons engaging by using various practical techniques suited for kids.

10. Create a Consistent Learning Schedule:

Establishing a regular study routine ensures that learning becomes a habit and part of your children’s daily activities. Consistency is key to retention and mastery of Quranic Arabic. Set aside specific times each day for Quran study, and try to stick to this schedule as closely as possible. This not only helps in making steady progress but also instills a sense of discipline and commitment in your children.

And if you are a Muslim parent and want to know how to learn Quran easily, here are 8 Fruitful Tips to Learn to Read Quran for Adults.

11. Use Interactive Learning Tools:

Incorporate multimedia resources such as educational apps, videos, and interactive games to make learning the Quran more engaging and enjoyable for your children. These tools can reinforce lessons and keep your kids interested in their studies. Many apps and online resources offer interactive lessons that can make learning fun and less monotonous. Interactive tools also provide instant feedback, which is crucial for correcting mistakes and improving quickly.

12. Engage in Group Learning Sessions:

Organize or join group learning sessions with other children. Group learning can provide a sense of community and make learning more dynamic and interactive. Children can learn from each other, practice together, and even engage in friendly competitions that can motivate them to improve.

13. Immerse in Quranic Culture:

Encourage your children to immerse themselves in Quranic culture beyond just learning the text. This can involve activities like attending Islamic lectures, participating in community Quran study groups, or even visiting historical sites related to Quranic events. Experiencing the cultural richness surrounding the Quran can deepen their understanding and appreciation of its teachings.

14. Incorporate Creative Expression:

Foster creative expression as a means of engaging with Quranic lessons. Encourage your children to create artwork, write poems, or even compose songs inspired by Quranic verses and stories. This approach not only reinforces their understanding but also allows them to express their interpretations and emotions creatively.

15. Seek Feedback and Adapt Learning Strategies:

Regularly seek feedback from your children about their Quran learning experience. Pay attention to their preferences, strengths, and areas needing improvement, and be willing to adapt learning strategies accordingly. Tailoring the approach to suit your children’s individual needs ensures a more effective and enjoyable learning journey.

Riwaq al Quran emphasizes the importance of regularly seeking feedback from children regarding their Quran learning experience. They advocate for paying close attention to children’s preferences, strengths, and areas needing improvement, and being flexible in adapting learning strategies accordingly. By tailoring the approach to suit each child’s individual needs, Riwaq al Quran ensures a more effective and enjoyable Quran learning journey for children.

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How to Teach Online Quran?

How to teach Quran reading online involves using digital tools to make learning easy and interesting. Programs like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or special learning websites offer features like live video classes, screen sharing, and interactive whiteboards. These features help create a classroom feel where teachers and students can talk and learn together in real time. A good internet connection, webcam, and microphone are also important for clear communication.

At Riwaq Al Quran, our teaching methods include a variety of approaches to keep students engaged. We offer live recitation sessions, interactive activities, and multimedia resources like videos and audio recordings.

We provide personalized feedback, especially for Tajweed and pronunciation, to help students improve. We encourage students to ask questions and join discussions, creating a supportive learning community. We also offer flexible class times to help students fit their Quran studies into their busy schedules.

How To Teach Non Arabic Kids Reading Quran Properly?

Teaching non-Arabic kids to read the Quran properly involves several effective tactics. Firstly, sharing inspiring Quranic stories with them through storybooks or Islamic cartoon videos instills love for the Quran and facilitates understanding. 

Secondly, making the learning process interactive and fun helps children engage and retain what they learn. Thirdly, setting a practical example by regularly reciting the Quran yourself encourages children to follow suit. 

Additionally, praising their efforts and providing encouragement boosts their motivation and progress. Keeping the learning process easy and simple, without imposing excessive pressure, ensures children stay focused and productive at their comfort level. 

Establishing a daily routine for Quranic recitation helps children develop a meaningful relationship with the Quran, while repetition reinforces learning and familiarity. 

Finally, seeking guidance from institutes like Riwaq Al Quran, which offers specially designed online Quran courses for kids, can further enhance their learning experience and nurture their love for the Quran.

Enroll in the Best Quran Course for Kids!

Want to know how to learn Quran for kids properly? Riwaq Al Quran Institute is a pioneer in teaching Quran for kids as we offer you a special online Quran course specially designed for kids. In this course, our skilled and well-trained teachers use effective methods and provide an exciting atmosphere to nurture the love for the Quran in the kids’ hearts and make them closer to the Creator.

Here is a list of our online Quran classes for kids:

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Teaching the Quran to kids is a journey of discovery, where stories come alive, and learning becomes play. With encouragement and creativity, we foster their connection to the divine, one recitation at a time. In our digital village, screens become windows to wisdom, and every lesson is a step closer to understanding the beauty of the Quran.

Riwaq Al Quran

Riwaq Al Quran is a prominent online academy that provides comprehensive courses in Quran, Arabic, and Islamic studies. We utilize modern technology and employ certified teachers to offer high-quality education at affordable rates for individuals of all ages and levels.

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