Online One to One Quran Teacher

Online One to One Quran Teacher

one to one Quran teacher

The advantages of one-on-one Quran classes are numerous where all the focus and attention is on the student! The contents of our one-to-one online courses, taught by our multilingual one to one Quran teachers, have been prepared by experts in their fields.

The biggest advantage that our online Islamic studies platform offers you is to learn the Quran accurately from Arab one to one Quran teachers with the proper Arabic accent and excellent Tajweed information, no matter which country you are in! You too can become a part of Riwaq Al Quran family by crossing the distances with just One Click! Take a look at the content of our one-on-one Quran education that delivers fruitful results!

Special Quran Lessons

We offer you the best step-by-step guidance on learning to read the Quran. After our expert one to one Quran teachers determine your level, they place you in the most suitable course for you and your education process begins. In addition to learning the Quran in our courses, if you are able to memorize the Quran after completing your classes, you can crown your Quran journey with our Hifz classes InshaAllah. Our courses that you can register for online are:

Quran Learning for Kids

Online Quran classes for kids contain online lessons with fun and educational lesson content designed only for children. Our Quran education, starting with Noorani Qaida for kids, aims to equip your children with the proper awareness of Islamic values ​​and worship by evaluating their most productive age for learning.

A Muslim tutor teaching a little kid

Quran Recitation Online Course

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to read the Quran the way it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad. In addition to the correct pronunciation of the Arabic letters, the correct accumulation of Tajweed, and our goal of simultaneously applying what has been taught, you will be in a spiritual atmosphere that you cannot get enough of by talking about the general meanings of the verses, inshaAllah.

You do not know Arabic, but are you worried about how you can take lessons from Arab teachers? Our Ijazah holder male/female tutors, who are carefully selected to teach in our courses, are ready to transfer their knowledge to you with their excellent English and communication skills.

In addition to the course content and your classes, our one to one Quran teachers care about your progress in the lessons! Thanks to our weekly and monthly reports, course follow-up is provided.

Online Quran Memorization Course

It is possible to memorize the whole Quran or even specific parts of it, which is the biggest goal of most Muslims, with online lessons on our Islamic education platform! When it comes to one-on-one lessons, what comes to mind is undoubtedly the reciting and memorizing of the Quran.

In this process, the student and the Hifz tutor should proceed with a one-on-one focus. Having all the attention on one student will increase the efficiency of the lesson, correcting the mistakes of the student, repeating the memorization at the required level and follow-ups will be much more satisfactory.

Learn Quran Tajweed Online

Muslims not only know that the Quran should be read as it was revealed to our Prophet (PBUH), but they also strive to read it that way. The dream of most Muslims is to take lessons from Native tutors in order to pronounce the Quran in the most correct way and to read it in the most beautiful way by applying the rules.

Not every one of our Muslim brothers and sisters can go to Arab countries for this education, but we offer you the opportunity to take special online lessons with just a few clicks from Native Arab one to one Quran teachers by crossing distances with this service.

Online Tafseer Classes

Most of our Non-Arab Muslim sisters and brothers stay away from the Quran and the Arabic alphabet because they do not know this language. Thankfully, it is so easy to overcome this barrier now! Understanding the Quran will become possible thanks to Tafseer lessons.

Even though the readers of the Quran refer to the translations in their own language, not being able to fully decipher the background of the Suras and verses may leave some question marks in mind. For this reason, our Native Ijazah-holder Quran Tutors, which we have chosen to teach you, will convey the cultural traces and events of the Arabic language and the Quran to you in the most descriptive way.

Register now for the Tafseer classes, which will be full to understand the messages given by the Quran to human beings and apply them to your life!

Ten Qirat Course Online

You must have heard that some words are pronounced differently, either in the mosque or by someone who reads the Quran in your neighborhood. The reason for these differences is that the Quran has 10 different ways of reading (the 10 Qirat). Although there are some differences in pronunciation and harakat, there is no change in meaning.

In this course, you take lessons from our certified teachers and when you complete the course, if you are at a sufficient level, you will receive an Ijazah InshaAllah.

Why One to One Quran Teacher?

Electronic Quran on top of a Mushaf

Lessons by one to one Quran teachers are specially designed for the needs of the student. The teacher focuses on the student’s current needs. Finds the opportunity to get to know the student better. From the student’s perspective, working in an environment free from all kinds of distracting elements is possible.

Students can properly learn Quran online and ask their questions freely this way as there is no external factor to criticize them. This creates positive psychology in the student and enables the student to express himself/herself more comfortably.

Why One-on-One Quran Classes

  1. It is need-oriented and directly focused on the student taking the course.
  2. It is more flexible, course hours/frequency are determined by the course attendee.
  3. Provides you with an environment free from distractions and focusing problems.
  4. Joining the classes on the online platform saves you a lot of time.
  5. Student participation in the lesson is higher than the class basis.
  6. One-on-one Quran lessons give faster results.
  7. A place where the necessary guidance and student coaching are given that keep the students motivated.

1-1 Online Quran Coaching

1-1 online Quran coaching not only provides you with the most comfortable course environment and the most efficient course content but also contributes to your life with the Quran. Regular course follow-up is followed by a regular and Quran-centered lifestyle.

You can set lesson times around the clock with your live Quran Tutor, and you can easily contact them. Our multilingual instructors speak to you in English, so you won’t have communication problems wherever you are in the world. If you are interested in Arabic, the opportunity to take lessons from Native Arab tutors during your education will also add excellent Arabic skills to you, inshaAllah.

Join Our Family!

If you want to enroll in the best online Quran classes for adults and receive a qualified education in Riwaq Al Quran, a pioneering online Islamic studies platform that gathers our Muslim brothers from different parts of the world under the roof of the Quran, Contact Us Now!

The Prophet (PBUH) said, “The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.”

May Allah make us all valuable in His sight and those who live by the morals of the Quran.

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