How to Learn Arabic Language to Understand Quran

How to Learn Arabic Language to Understand Quran

How to learn Arabic language to understand Quran

In general, Muslims who want to understand the Quran better and are non-native Arabic speakers are looking for proper ways how to learn Arabic language to understand Quran better. We know that even only reading the Quran is deliberately rewarded, but knowing the meaning of what we read can be much more effective. In this direction, most Muslims are looking for ways to learn Arabic.

You know that Arabic is not suitable for learning individually in terms of its intensive grammar structure. If you want to learn Arabic to understand the Quran better and don’t know where to start, this article is for you! If it is desired to learn Arabic in order to understand the Quran, first of all, knowing the content and subjects of the Quran, a Quran-focused vocabulary learning planning should be made. Only in this way you can make a grammatical map of the Quran. 

In addition, the analysis of rhetoric and literary structures in the Quran can also be realized as a result of a programmed education. If you want to get an Arabic education focused on understanding the Quran, the first and most important thing you need is to work in parallel with a Native Arabic teacher.

How to Learn Arabic Language to Understand Quran

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Arabic, which is the official language of 25 different countries, is perceived as difficult because it has a different structure from other European languages and there are various reasons for this. For example, Arabic letters are different from the Latin alphabet. In addition to combining letters or basic grammar issues, there are also different Arabic dialects. Differences like Saudi Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, or Lebanese can confuse people.

But if you want to learn Arabic with a focus on understanding the Quran, that means you will learn classical Arabic. Classical Arabic is also known as Quranic Arabic because of its usage in the Quran.

Easy Way to Learn Quranic Arabic

First of all, you should know how to learn classical Arabic means that a deep culture opens its doors to you. This language, which has intense traces of history and literature, can only be learned with a versatile education program. If you’re confused about how to do this and don’t know where to start, take a look at the advice we’ve compiled for you about the best way to learn quranic Arabic…

7 Easy Steps to Learn Quranic Arabic 

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Now that we have discussed the best easy way to learn Quranic Arabic, here are some fruitful tips in order to make the most of your time and properly start learning arabic language of the quran!

1- Start with the Arabic Alphabet

While learning the 28-letter Arabic alphabet, it will be beneficial for you to memorize a word while learning each letter. In this way, you will both remember the pronunciation of the letter and start learning Arabic vocabulary. 

Learning the Arabic alphabet may be challenging at first, but with the practice of improving writing, over time your hand will get used to the aesthetically written Arabic letters and you will see that over time it becomes more fun.

2- Learn How to Use Arabic Dictionaries

Arabic words are listed in the dictionary in their Thulathi form (going down to their three-letter roots). For example, if you are looking for the word “Istiqbal” (استقبال), you have to search for it in the letter Qaf. Because the root of the word is:  Qa-Ba-La (ق-ب-ل). 

Although it may be difficult to get used to it at first, when you open the dictionary over time, your mind will automatically find the roots of the words because certain additional patterns are always added to word roots. In this area, it will become easy to learn basic Sarf grammar, which examines Arabic word structures. But you can be sure that solving the mathematics of the Arabic language becomes fun over time.

Here is a list of the best Arabic dictionaries that will help you a lot.

3- Read Short Arabic Texts

Just as reading the Quran can improve your Arabic reading, short religious texts or columns will improve your reading. From the beginning of your language learning process, record the texts you read and listen to your pronunciation. Over time, you will come to the level to correct your mistakes yourself. 

Another suggestion is to read children’s books. For example, it will be very useful to read the book of Qasas Al-Anbiya (stories of the messengers). Since you have more or less command of religious parables in your own language, your power to guess some Quranic Arabic words will increase while reading these religious stories, and your text comprehension skills will also improve over time.

4- Listen to the News in Arabic

You know that while learning a language, you progress through 3 methods: listening, writing, and speaking. This suggestion, which we can consider in the Listening section, will increase your communication skills. 

Being able to understand and constantly hear someone who speaks at the required speed and with the correct grammar will activate the imitation-focused memory, and these skills will also affect your language level and help you learn Arabic grammar for understanding Quran over time. By listening to channels such as Al-Jazeera, you can improve yourself both culturally and linguistically.

5- Keep in Touch with Native Arabic Speakers

Making friends or talking to native Arabic speakers will quickly improve your communication skills. There are many reasons for this. The first is the automatic application of the listening and speaking techniques we have mentioned.  Moreover, someone from that culture will add a lot to you. On the other hand, being able to apply what you have learned will give you incredible self-confidence.

6- Remind Yourself of the Great Reward

We know that when we intend to start something, our level of motivation will not always remain the same as every process has its ups and downs. However, if the job we have started is to learn the language of the Quran, our biggest motivation should be this verse:

“And so We have revealed to you a Quran in Arabic, so you may warn the Mother of Cities (Makkah) and everyone around it, and warn of the Day of Gathering—about which there is no doubt—˹when˺ a group will be in Paradise and another in the Blaze.” (Surah Ash-Shura)

Learning this language, which is exclusive and special in the sight of Allah, will lift us up again when we experience our downs and will help us move forward with determination, InshaAllah.

7- Take Online Arabic Lessons 

You also have the opportunity to learn this language in the comfort of your home! Thanks to Native Arabic-speaking teachers, millions of people take online one-on-one lessons from home or wherever they want to do it, with their own schedule and lesson frequency. 

With the convenience of online education, you can have a pleasant education process without experiencing time and transportation problems. Undoubtedly, the best feature of this method is the opportunity to learn this language from experts through institutions in Arabic-speaking countries.

For these purposes, Riwaq Al Quran is more than ready to guide you on this path with its distinguished teachers and quality education. Click to start free trials and contact us!

How Long Does It Take to Learn Quranic Arabic?

How long does it take to learn Quranic Arabic? How can I learn Arabic in the fastest way?… You actually have the answer to these questions. If you want to learn this language in a short time, you can apply to institutions that provide intensive and programmed education. 

However, you should also consider that if you do not have strong memorization and language skills in a fast-paced program, this process may not be as efficient as you expect. Another option is to make a request from your teacher or institution in this direction if you aim to be permanent with a flexible learning method spread over time. 

Working with an experienced and qualified education institution has a great impact on your learning speed. A compliant and highly motivated trainer will increase your learning speed to the highest attainable level. Again, your choice of teacher is very important. It will be to your advantage to have someone who is native and has strong communication skills. 

In this context, we, at Riwaq Al Quran, are trying to choose the most suitable teachers for you. In line with your goal, we create the most suitable program with you to enable you to achieve it in the fastest way.

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