Best Online Islamic Classes

Online Islamic Classes

Riwaq Al Quran offers the best online Islamic classes to Muslim families from all over the world. We take your education process to the most satisfying level with our various course options and expert staff! Thanks to our online platform, we offer you the opportunity to get Islamic education in Arab countries, which is the dream of most Muslims, by removing the distances!

Online Islamic education platforms, attended by Muslim communities from all over the world, primarily aim to teach basic Islamic sciences such as fiqh, Tafsir, Arabic, and reading the Holy Quran.

In addition to these, Muslims are in search of such educational institutions to learn Arabic and memorize the Quran in order to understand the Quran better. We strive to strengthen people’s faith by conquering their hearts with a deep-rooted Islamic education. So how do we do this?

Best Online Islamic Classes

Online Islamic Courses for Beginners

Our online Islamic classes for beginners are in line with the most basic knowledge and principles of the religion of Islam. A course is followed in the light of verses and hadith in these classes, where questions such as how Islam should be best known, what are the responsibilities of a Muslim person as a servant, and how should he approach life from an Islamic perspective.

Basic Fiqh information, which forms the backbone of these courses, is given. In this way, a consciousness of worship is provided in the course attendee. The book/resource recommendations that are needed by those who are new to learning Islam are reported by our experts, and in addition to Islamic lessons, our teachers become a guide that sheds light on your way to follow the path leading to the eternal in this process.

Online Islamic Classes for Adults

At home, in the office, outside, or wherever you are in the world, Riwaq Al Quran is with you! The best aspect of our online Islamic lessons for adults is that you can determine the frequency and duration of the lessons that will not hinder you in your life flow. There may be factors such as the family, children, and maybe a constant job. For this reason, you can create your own schedule with us, and we provide it to you with the most suitable conditions:

Online Islamic Courses for Ladies

Classes are held in Riwaq Al Quran in line with Islamic sensitivities. We have lesson options with female teachers to provide the most comfortable Islamic classes for sisters online. We support our course attendee sisters, who both participate in order to improve themselves and then want to train in an Islamic field, through our certified courses! Contact Us Now and start your online Islamic classes for free!

Online Islamic Classes for Kids

Every parent strives for the well-being of their child in this world and in the hereafter. always strives to deliver their children in the most reliable hands. We aim to be a Dar Al-Arqam in this world so that we can raise good children for Islam in the sight of Allah. Dar Al-Arqam was like a flower garden surrounded by ignorance and evil. But such flowers have grown that this garden has always expanded. Because we know that kindness and beauty are contagious.

This is why we, as Muslims, strive to raise conscious and faithful children despite the evils surrounding us. Thankfully, in such online Islamic classes for kids, children are provided with the awareness of worship aiming to keep them passionate about learning more by using entertaining course content.

In addition to adults, we have courses for children in basic Islamic sciences such as Fiqh, Quran, and Arabic. Islamic education in Riwaq Al Quran is for the whole family! While you continue your course, let our teachers, who are experienced in pedagogy and child education, give the Islamic education you desire to your children the proper way.

Why Should I Prefer Online Islamic Education?

Muslim woman reading from a Mushaf

There are many factors that make our online Islamic classes the best:

Online Islamic Classes in English

Generally, Muslims from different parts of the world aim to receive Islamic education from Arab countries, but they are worried that institutions only teach in Arabic. There is no room for this concern in Riwaq Al Quran! Within the scope of your participation in the courses, you will be offered options such as Arabic or English lessons.

The versatility of our teachers naturally reflects on the students. Thanks to our tutors who speak English at very good levels, communication is maximized. Our tutors, usually Arab, are aware of the Arabian culture and present it to the students. You will observe the biggest advantage of this in Quran reading lessons and Arabic learning.

Leaving something to an expert is the command of Allah and the legacy of our Prophet (PBUH). As a matter of fact, the verse to our Prophet on who will hold the key to the Kaaba and who will do this task was revealed to the Prophet (PBUH) inside the Kaaba with the order to give the key back to its rightful owner.

“Indeed, Allah commands you to return trusts to their rightful owners; and when you judge between people, judge with fairness. What a noble commandment from Allah to you! Surely Allah is All-Hearing, All-Seeing.” (An-Nisa: 58)

Zoom Islamic Classes in English

Now, thanks to the conveniences provided by technology, the Islamic world also establishes and develops platforms suitable for these conveniences. We offer special online Islamic classes all over the world so that there is no home where Islamic education does not enter.

Our online Islamic classes for adults and kids are given by teachers who’re experts in their fields using Zoom Islamic classes. Now, people tend to use online education platforms instead of traveling for miles to get knowledge. The reason for this is that this system primarily provides the opportunity to receive a low-cost but very high-quality education.

Where Can I Learn Islam Online?

A cup of water and a laptop that shows a Surah

Learning Islam is like going on an endless journey. The important thing in this journey is to learn the right information from the right people. Muslims or our newly converted brothers and sisters generally need a good guide that can help them to fulfill their obligatory duties, such as how to worship or learn the Quran.

While some attend the meetings of Muslim communities in mosques or associations, others want to receive a detailed education in an institution. Again, with the development of the Muslim community on online platforms, online Islamic schools were established and those who wanted to learn about Islam online turned to these platforms.

Here comes an important question: where can I learn Islam online? and which is the best Islamic course?

Online Quran Courses

Quran learning courses include various branches such as Noorani Qaida, Recitation, Tafseer, learning the Ten Qirat, and Quran Memorization. There are Quran courses for children as well as adults.

The following gains are provided to our brothers and sisters participating in the courses:

Check our Special Quran Courses and contact us to help you choose what suits you best!

Online Islamic Studies 

Online Islamic studies is a course focused on learning Fiqh in the light of the Quran and hadiths. The course content includes topics such as Islam’s principles and worship’s correct performance.

Based on the knowledge and practices commanded by Allah and conveyed to us by our Prophet (PBUH), our Islamic Studies Courses are available for adults as well as children.

Online Arabic Course 

A quality language education awaits you in our best online Arabic courses. With Noorul Bayan, you can start learning Arabic by pronouncing the letters in the Arabic alphabet correctly and then Learn Arabic grammar from our Native Arabic-speaking teachers. Afterward, you can choose the Conversational Arabic course, which is focused on practice and conversation.

Check out a special variety of Online Arabic Courses here!

Online Arabic Courses for Kids

In addition to these course opportunities, one of our most requested courses is online Arabic classes for kids. Language training from a young age can be much more effective and permanent than for adults. This is due to children’s ability to imitate letter sounds.

If you want your child to have a permanent education in Arabic, we recommend that you set off without hesitation. Be sure that we will create the most suitable conditions for your child with our pedagogical and educational psychology sensitivities for children. All you need to do is enroll in our Online Arabic Classes for Kids.

Learn Colloquial Arabic and Travel to Arab Countries!

This course is exactly for you if you want to travel to Arab countries, you can learn to communicate with others and express what you want in Arabic. In short, if you are asking yourself how to learn Arabic at the level of Arabic you need for free, here is your answer!

It is possible to take lessons from male/female teachers who can speak Egyptian native Arabic at Riwaq Al Quran! In this Speech-oriented Colloquial Arabic Course, a program is created according to the language level you need and you will be able to practice it in the best way.

Free Online Islamic Courses with Certificates

Your progress in our courses matters to us! In addition to the disciplined follow-up process and student feedback in our courses, we provide certification at the end of the courses. In addition, we make you an Ijazah holder thanks to our Programs for Quran reading and Hifz.

When you meet the requirements of the program for Ijazah for course attendees and successfully complete the process, you become an Ijazah holder. What our brothers and sisters who have completed their education in our courses usually wonder, is what they can do after becoming an Ijazah holder or after completing the courses.

Continue reading to know the answer!

What Can I Become If I Study Islamic Studies?

As you can learn Islamic sciences and improve only yourself and your family, you can continue this cycle by teaching these sciences to others. You can give Islamic one-to-one lessons, or you can work within an organization or with Islamic associations in a classroom setting.

Since you will have received your language education from native tutors, you can evaluate this quality education and work as an Arabic teacher in one-to-one lessons or language institutions. Quran teaching is among the most beautiful areas you can turn to, as it is expressed in a hadith as follows:

“The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari

After trying to rise in taqwa among people by learning the Quran, you may have deserved both of the qualifications made as the best among people by teaching the Quran to people and making them learn it InshaAllah.

Which Country Is Best for Islamic Education?

A compass on top of the map of the world

“Whoever takes a path upon which to obtain knowledge, Allah makes the path to Paradise easy for him.”

If you have embarked on the path of learning Islamic studies, Allah’s help will surround you InshaAllah. There is an opinion that is generally accepted among all Muslims, is the dream of every Muslim is to receive education from Arab countries and Arab scholars. The reason for this is that Arabic is the language of the Quran, and Arabic can only be taught with a solid foundation thanks to teachers who have breathed that culture and have a deep history.

Many of our Muslim brothers and sisters, who want to make progress in the field of Islamic sciences, want to learn this beautiful language in order to better understand the Quran, so they apply to institutions or universities from Arab countries within their means.

Advantages of Taking Online Lessons from Native Arab tutors:

How Do I Start Learning Islam?

In particular, taking the example of our Prophet, who is a living Quran, is something that Allah loves most. As a matter of fact, Allah Almighty says in the Quran: “Say, [O Muḥammad], “If you should love Allah, then follow me, [so] Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. And Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.” (Ali-Imran: 31)

In fact, a clear sign has been given on how we should understand and learn about Islam. If a person wants to reach the truth, what better guide than the Quran and the sunnah?

If you intend to start reading the Quran and understand its meanings, we recommend that you learn to read the Quran first, starting with the Arabic alphabet. After completing this process, you can start your Arabic learning, if this is not possible, with a scholar who is an expert in Tafsir classes.

As a matter of fact, if you are at the beginner level, the parts that you do not understand and the parts that need explanation may create unnecessary questions in your mind. And that can put your faith at risk. 

Therefore, in order to understand the Quran in the best way:

  1. Learn the Arabic letters.
  2. Learn to read the Quran.
  3. Take Arabic/ Tafseer lessons.
  4. Support these lessons with basic Islamic sciences.

Best Online Islamic School

When Islam is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the Quran and the life of our Prophet PBUH). He sent a book containing Allah’s orders and prohibitions, and a prophet who would transform that book into life and implement it. So the way to be a good Muslim is through the Quran and the Prophet.

Welcome to Riwaq Al Azahr, the best online Islamic school, where you can start the rewarding journey of learning the Deen of Allah. All you need to do is Click Here and we will help you find the course that suits you most!

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