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Our mentors at Riwaq Al Quran Institute are highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated individuals who provide personalized guidance and support to help you excel in your Quranic, Arabic, and Islamic studies.

My name is Mriam Gaballah, I’m a Qura’an, Arabic and Islamic studies Teacher.
Graduated from Islamic studies college, Shariah department (Islamic law) Al Azhar University 2020.
Alhamdullilah fully memorised the Qura’an, working on my Ijazah in shaa Allah.
Working now on my diploma to be a professional teacher,
I’m a second year student at Al Oftaa online, at Daar Al Iftaa Al masreyah.
I’ve been a teacher for Qura’an, Islamic studies and Arabic for about four years now Alhamdullilah.
We learn together how to read and memorise Qura’an with Tajweed the best way we can, hopefully as the prophet (peace be upon him) thought his companions, in shaa Allah.
We also learn how to read the Arabic letters, to pronounce them and know the rules of Tajweed.
We learn also Islamic studies, some of the Islamic laws, stories of the prophets, meaning of the names of Allah.

I am 21 4 th year med student at Alexendria university born and live in ALEX I got ijaza in Ashabottawasot and warsh I am passionate about teaching generqation Islamic scienceI am motivated I am looking forward to making memorization and understanding Quran easy and intersting and to aply what they learn
I have the passion and energyeto educate people Quran and islamic science that is why I applied for work I have the passion to teach -deal with kids – patient – can change the text into a song which attracts the student have explanation skills and the skills required to prepare class materials can smile at my students whatever my mood is I find a way for the student level and dont commit to one strategy for all students

My name’s Nesma Salah. Iam 27 years old. I graduated from faculty of languages and translation Al-azhar University.
I have 3 years of experience of teaching Quran, tajweed, Qaida norani, Noor albayan, tafseer, and islamic studies for non arab. During my years of teaching I had a great relationship with my students and great evaluations from their parents as I use modern and veritas of methods of teaching and also I used fun ways and easy ways to deliver the information. I have Ijaza in Hafs and Shoba narrations. And i finished memorizing the whole Quran when i was 12 Alhamdulillah.
When I was preparing myself to to teach Quran for Non Arabs I started to take many courses in how to teach non arab the essential arabic and also I worked on my Ijaza so that I finished both house and shabba.

I am a native-Arabic speaker who has been teaching Quran and Arabic to the Non-Arabic speakers for the past 2 year.

I have memorized the Holy Quran by heart when I was 18 years old with profound understanding and applying of tajweed rule.

I have an extensive knowledge on best practices for teaching quran and tajweed to Non-Arabic speakers.

I have taught lots of students ( children &adults) In different countries with different levels.
I love teaching kids, I am able to get them yo love reading and memorizing Quran by doing some activities and Applying games in the class in order to make it enjoyable.
I focus on the proper pronunciation of Arabic letters, slowly but surely till the student masters the tajweed and the correct pronunciation of the Holy Quran.

Graduated from pharmaceutical sciences college.
Studied in Al Azhar.
Holding Ijaza for Hafs, Shuba, Warsh, and Qaloon.
Holding Ijaza in Noor Al Bayan.
Speak English, Spanish
Can deal in French language.
Islamic writer( my first book in Tajweed named let�s learn Riwayat Warsh)
Teaching Riwayat Warsh rules for English speakers.
Teaching Quran and Tajweed rules for both English and Spanish speakers
Teaching Islamic studies for English speakers.
Responsible for training new teachers
Interviewer in one of Quran teaching websites
Responsible for the Quran and Tajweed division in Islam port website ( Spanish division) .

This is Safia Abdelhady Ghazala, Arabic and Quran teacher, I have graduated in faculty of Art Ain Shames University Arabic department, I have memorized Quran and join Azhar Qira’at institute in Shuobra, and I have got Al ijazah Al aliah in Ten Qura’an Qira’at, and studied Al Shatibeia and Al Dorraa , I have studied also Feqeh and Tafsser and Hadith and Serah , l have worked as private ateacher for Azhar students
In the same time I was going to mosque to get my Ijaza and my Shikhah allowed me to teach anther beginners students
In 2017 I started my job as non native speakers teacher, I have worked in offline center for one year, then I turned to online working

I am a qualified Quran teacher, i gained many practical courses as “Skills of teaching Arabic sounds as a foundational course for quran recitation”, “How to teach the book of basic tajweed for non Arabic speakers” and Course about “How to teach Noor albayan in Arabic with Arab alquran Institute (online)”.
I aim to teach people Al-Quran, I love seeing them getting better in their recitation and memorization. Also, I wish to be a reason for kids to love learning Al-Quran.
Teaching Non-Arabs is a special story for me, it’s like planting a small seed in a big heart.
So, I began helping everyone getting their steps to be closer to the Holy Quran.

Shaykha Sanna is Hafiza of the Holy Quran and holds an ijaza in Qira�a of Asem (Hafs and Sho�ba). She graduated from the faculty of languages and simultaneous interpretation, Al-Azhar University.

Shaykha Sanaa has been a Quran and tajweed teacher for 4 years. She is also a translator in many fields such as Islamic, economical, technical, legal and medical fields.

She enjoys teaching the Tajweed rules to adults and children as well as encouraging them to recite the Holy Quran while applying these rules.

She enjoys teaching the Tajweed rules to adults and children as well as encouraging them to recite the Holy Quran while applying these rules.

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