Our Female Tutors

Our mentors at Riwaq Al Quran Institute are highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated individuals who provide personalized guidance and support to help you excel in your Quranic, Arabic, and Islamic studies.

I am a quran and Islamic studies teacher of a 6 years of experience offline and online.
I can deal with different ages of kids, teens, and old women using the suitable method of teaching for each.
I used to volunteer to give many courses to new teachers helping them get new jobs and how to deal with students and how to apply the information itself
I’m volunteering in an organisation to teach new Muslims about Islam and also to do dawah to non-muslims and Elhamdulillah many people converted to Islam with me, some of them applied the dawah lessons in his/her country
I has bachelor’s degree in Languages and simultaneous interpretation, Alzhar University
I’m doing masters degree in linguistics in Mansourah University

I have graduated from languages and simultaneous interpretation faculty (English section) at Al Azhar University one year ago (2021). In The summer holidays during the years of university I spent taking courses in the interfaith dialogue and ERP and general English. I participated in many activities for teaching especially teaching Islamic studies for the new Muslims from the foreign countries. I started work at this field before graduation to help Muslim people as many as I can to learn Arabic for Qur’an and the standard Arabic as well. I also worked as simultaneous interpreter in many conferences after my graduation.

It’s Hayam Hasan Mohammad Ahmed
Twenty Eight
I was born in 1994
Iam married
I have three children
I have studied at om el moamenin secondary school for girls
Then I went to alarqam institute were I studied tajweed, feqqh, hadeeth and tafsser
I studied English course (British accent) I know how to deal with the student’s
Iam teaching many students how to read Qur’an and tajweed
Now I am learning them tohafaa and al gazzria
I finished ligaza hafs at the age of twenty second
I am teaching two foreigners ( native) how to read Qur’an
I have thought Qur’an 2010
Iam patient and know many teaching skills to deal with the student’s

I’m Huda Hussain,and I’m a freshman at university,I’m Studying Business IT at CIC , i have been working as a Quran & Tajweed teacher since i was 15, first i started as a volunteer for KIS then i moved to Islam port academy, after 1year ane 6months i coped up with Rania Habib’s courses in her books (3levels), then i start working for alquranclasses company, i worked for this company since 2020 , i treated with all Ages , but i prefer kids because they are more active and i see they are very easy to learn , then i had attented Islamic studies courses , and i had certificates in Sheikhah Dinas Esaam’s Islamic books , and i have experience as an Islamic studies teacher for 6months

Ustatha/ Mariam Ahmed Sabry is a Quran and Arabic teacher at Riwaq Al-Azhar Institution. She is a certified Quran reciter. Able to teach Arabic and Islamic studies for both kids and adults. Ready to help you in memorising and reciting Quran correctly.
She has a Bachelor�s degree in English Language, Translation and Simultaneous Interpretation, Al-Azhar University, 2020, with special academic success.
I�m working also as an Arabic <> English translator for different entities either in Kingdom of Sadi Arabia or United Arab Emirates. Experienced also in teaching Qaidah Norania and Islamic Studies for non-Arabic speakers, kids and adults, in addition to memorisation and recitation of the holy book of Quran.

My name is Mayam , ? was born in Saudi Arabia and i learned the Quraan from a qualified teachers and i started my self study after graduation in Tajweed , Hadith , ?slamic , Tafseer and Arabic then i worked in Academy from 2 years and startedy experience in teaching non arabs kids and adults and we could take along atep together they weren’t able to recitate the Quraan but after some months they couly learn Arabic and they could recitate the Quraan by them selves alhamdullah and the kidz we could memorize alot of durahs and learn the pillars of the pray and they learned the prophets stories and they memorized alot of hadith , islam basics which sill help them in their whole life insha’allah .

I’m Mennatullah Elazhary. I’m from Portsaid. I’m 22 years old. I graduated from Faculty of Languages and Simultaneous Interpretation, Al-azhar University. I’m a hardworking and outstanding person majoring in Teaching, Linguistics and Translation. I’m an English language teacher, especially for kids, at Lydia Academy and Step by Step Academy. I’m working on Ijazaa and and I have two years experience in teaching Quran offline to the Arabs. I’m a former English team member at SYS and FYF teams which are voluntary teams. I am interested in learning languages, so l’m learning Turkish and German in this period. I took a lot of courses related to teaching and translation.

My name is Mriam, I’m a Qura’an, Islamic studies and Arabic teacher, graduated from Al Azhar University, Islamic studies college, Islamic law department .. on my second year studying at Daar Al Iftaa Al Masreyah.
Still working on my Ijazah on the Qura’an.
Alhamdullilah teaching Noor bayan to learn how to read Qura’an and how to pronounce every letter and tajweed.
Also Islamic studies to learn some of the important guidance to every Muslim, the pillars of Islam, the faith, the names of Allah, some Hadeeth and Sunnah, stories of the prophet and some of the Important rules in Islam.
Also, to memories Qura’an and to know it by heart with its rules and Tajweed hopefully as the prophet taught his companions in shaa Allah.

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