Surah Yaseen Benefits – Benefits of Reading Surah Yaseen after Fajr

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Surah Yaseen holds profound significance in Islam, often referred to as the heart of the Quran due to its comprehensive nature. Reciting this Surah after Fajr offers numerous benefits, including forgiveness of sins, ease in death, fulfillment of needs, and acceptance of supplications.

Surah Yaseen recitation is believed to bring blessings and protection, making it a cherished practice for Muslims worldwide. Additionally, reciting Surah Yaseen during significant life events, such as marriage or pregnancy, is believed to invoke Allah’s guidance and support. While specific claims about reciting Surah Yaseen a certain number of times lack explicit textual support, its memorization is considered accessible and achievable, with dedication and effort.

Allah (SWT) says in the Holy Quran: “We send down (stage by stage) in the Qur’an that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe: to the unjust it causes nothing but loss after loss.” (17:82).

In the previous Ayah, Allah (SWT) teaches us that one of the great benefits of reading the Qur’an is receiving His mercy and healing our souls from sins and spiritual diseases. Also, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) mentions that some Surahs are meant to be read for these aims. One of them is Surah Yaseen (chapter: 36).

Benefits of reciting Surah Yaseen:

1. Surah Yaseen is the Heart of the Quran:

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “There is a heart in everything; the heart of the Qur’an is Surah Yaseen.”[1 Tirmidhi (Hadith: 2887]

Benefits of Reading Surah Yaseen after Fajr

This hadith shows us how significant Surah Yaseen is because the heart is a fundamental organ of the body. And the metaphoric expression Prophet (PBUH) made encourages every Muslim to read this Surah, as he will be reading the heart of the Quran.

If we tried to figure out the reason behind being ‘the heart of Quran’, we will find that Surah Yaseen covers the main topics of Quran; the existence of Allah (SWT), a story about some messengers, signs of His Oneness, Day of Judgment, defending the Prophet (PBUH) and even more.

2. Forgiveness of Sins:

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “One who recites Surah Yaseen in the whole night merely seeking Allah’s will, Allah Almighty would remove all his sins.”[2]

Imam Al Munawi mentioned that it is recommended for every Muslim to read Surah Yaseen regularly, as it guarantees forgiveness of minor sins.[3]

And this is a very important benefit, because every one of us makes mistakes, and commits sins. That’s why we should recite this Surah frequently.

3. Eases one’s death:

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “if one is dying, you should recite Surah Yasin for him.”[4]

And on another occasion, he said: “The one is about to die should read Surah Yaseen, so that Allah makes it easy for him”.[5]

If reading Surah Yaseen forgives all sins, so it’s undoubtful it eases the death of the Muslim by meeting Allah (SWT) with no sins or bad deeds.

4. Fulfilling one’s needs:

 Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “One who recites Surah Yaseen in the morning, Allah Almighty will be responsible for fulfilling all his needs.”[6]

benefits of reciting surah yaseen

Allah (SWT) says in Surah Al- Balad: “We have certainly created man into hardship” (90: 4)

Our life is full of obstacles and fears. And the one who always remembers Allah (SWT), will absolutely be safe and protected. Therefore, the previous hadith shows us a successful way to ask Allah for help by reciting Surah Yaseen every morning. This is also a benefit of reciting Surah Yasin in the morning.

Benefits of Reading Surah Yaseen after Fajr

Reading Surah Yaseen has several benefits that could be bestowed upon the reader once he/she reads the Surah. In addition to this, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) specified some times certain benefits. One of these times is after Fajr or in the morning.

  1. So, what are the benefits of reading Surah Yaseen after Fajr or in the morning?

 Despite there are many benefits of reciting Surah Yaseen in the morning, the hadith mentioned in hadiths are two:

      Allah (SWT) accepts one’s Dua and fulfills his/ her needs.

This was mentioned above in the previous point. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “One who recites Surah Yaseen in the morning, Allah Almighty will be responsible for fulfilling all his needs.”

Therefore, every Muslim should be so careful that every day he/she reads this great Surah.

–       Allah (SWT) forgive our sins, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “One who recites Surah Yaseen in the morning or night, Allah Almighty would remove all his sins.”[7]

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Benefits of Surah Yaseen for marriage:

From what has been previously mentioned, Surah Yaseen has a significant effect on achieving Muslims’ goals and needs. And, since marriage is an essential need for almost every adult Muslim, young and old, it recommended for every Muslim who is going to have a marriage to read Surah Yaseen, with the intention that Allah (SWT) guides us to the right choice, and make our marriage blessed and has no complications, and has an absolute benefit. Especially, if the Surah was read in the morning.

Benefits of Reading Surah Yaseen during pregnancy:

Pregnancy is a very tough period for all mothers. During these hard weeks, mothers should seek Allah’s help and support for their fetus and her, as well.

benefits of reading surah yaseen during pregnancy

Reading Surah Yaseen and making Dua after reciting it will definitely ease this time for both of them.

Benefits of Reading Surah Yaseen 7 times:

Benefits of Surah Yaseen 41 times: 

Saying that certain Surah is useful for a specific problem or reward, as same as saying reading this Surah or any other Surah like The Benefits of Reading Surah Rahman Everyday for these specific times affects our lives in a certain way, requires an Ayah from Qur’an or hadith from the sunnah or at least some of the companions’ sayings to be approved.

And as far as the research went, we couldn’t find any Ayah or hadith which approved any of the above. On the other hand, some Muslim scholars mentioned that these certain numbers actually have effects, but they rely on their own or their Sheikhs’ practical experiences, but not upon any text from the Shari’ah.

How long does it take to memorize Surah Yasin?

Allah (SWT) says: “And We have indeed made the Quran easy to understand and remember: then is there any that will receive admonition?”(54:17)

How long does it take to memorize Surah Yasin

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In conclusion, the benefits of reading Surah Yaseen after Fajr or in the morning are deeply rooted in Islamic tradition and belief. Its significance as the heart of the Quran underscores its importance in spiritual practice, offering forgiveness, protection, and divine assistance to believers.

While specific claims about reciting Surah Yaseen a certain number of times may lack explicit textual backing, its memorization and recitation remain accessible to Muslims, reflecting the Quran’s inherent ease and guidance. As Muslims engage in the regular recitation of Surah Yaseen, they find solace, guidance, and spiritual fulfillment, enriching their connection with Allah and deepening their faith.

From this Ayah, we understand that memorizing any Surah from Quran is made easy to us by Allah (SWT). Regarding Surah Yaseen, it is considered one of the easiest Surahs of the Quran. It is not too long, the Ayas are relatively easy to grasp and memorize.

The rest depends on how motivated the person is, and how much effort he is willing to make. If you want an average number, we can say it can take 5-10 days to memorize this Surah, then comes the revision part which is so crucial.

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