How to Explain Allah to a Child: 8 Practical Tips

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How to Explain Allah to a Child: 8 Practical Tips

How to Explain Allah to a Child

Parenting and bringing up practicing Muslim kids is never an easy task especially in non-Muslim, but it is really worth it as our kids are the hope of the future Ummah. Therefore, it is crucial to properly raise our children and learn how to explain Allah to a child in order to lead their lives according to Islam and gain the pleasure of Allah swt.

Moreover, what Allah says about daughters and sons in the Holy Quran clearly shows how important it is to instill a profound love and gratitude to Allah swt in their little hearts as they are a treasure and a trial from Allah at the same time!

How do I introduce my kids to Islam in the right way?

The Question is: How do I introduce my kids to Islam and teach them about Allah?

Here is a list of (8) practical tips that can help you in this regard:

Teach them the names and attributes of Allah

Making kids memorize the various names of Allah swt is surely one of the powerful tools on how to describe Allah to a child, but teaching them the meanings of these names and telling them different stories illustrating His names can have a great impact on their hearts and make them know how to properly address Him.

how to introduce Allah to a child

It is also recommended to start with the common names and attributes in order to grab their attention such as Ar-Raheem (The Most Merciful). Luckily, you can find many Ayas that describe the mercy and greatness of Allah swt in the Quran.

Practice the worship of contemplation with them

how to explain to a child about Allah

Another good way on how to explain Allah to a child and cultivate an eagerness to learn more about Him and lead their lives according to His instructions is to contemplate the creation of Allah swt and his infinite power with them. Allah has bestowed countless blessings upon us and it is our duty to thank Him and be grateful to the Creator, even for the smallest things in our everyday life for it strengthens righteousness and keeps our minds and hearts firm upon the religion.

You can talk with them about the numerous ways Allah’s names reflect on our daily lives. Teach them that we cannot see Allah in this worldly life but we can undoubtedly see His blessings everywhere. This method does not only teach them about Allah, but it can also introduce many good characteristics to them that they need to acquire.

Also, never forget that kids get bored easily, they would not like to listen to you talking about random and philosophical concepts. Instead, they need more stories and lively activities so that they can truly benefit from the things they hear and start applying the acquired manners in the way they treat everyone around! That is why parents need to tackle this very wisely and with different entertaining methods. And the list goes on…

Instill the love of Jannah and its people in their hearts

As our kids are a treasure from Allah swt, we should make it a top priority to enhance their Islamic knowledge as they are the best hope of our future Ummah and we are accountable for bringing them up according to the guidance of Allah.

Having a clear concept about Paradise and the traits of its people can greatly encourage them to follow their footsteps and cultivate numerous good habits! You can also take that further by introducing them to the Hereafter and the Day of Judgment but try not to use big words and simplify it as much as possible in order to make them easily understand what you want them to learn.

Storytelling is really key!

how to describe Allah to a child

Stories are the most lovable thing for children! They encourage and boost the learning process very effectively and help children come up with questions and obtain many good morals, habits and life lessons that are very hard for their parents to convey through random talks or words.

Moreover, Stories enhance children’s imagination and knowledge in a way that is not tiring or boring to kids at all like the other educational activities and tasks. That is why it is a good idea to seize the opportunity and tell them Islamic stories before going to bed. Why get bothered about creating different stories that will not entertain your kid much when you have numerous valuable stories in Quran that can be a complete code of life?

Quran mentioned many stories like the stories of Habil and Qabil, Harut and Marut, Prophet Moses and Al-Khidr, Bilqis, Qarun, Saba… etc. These different stories make children deeply feel a great attachment to the book of Allah and have an eagerness to learn more about Allah and His prophets. The stories about miracles especially take the attention of kids and let them believe in Allah’s unlimited ability to achieve everything and even the impossible. They will surely know how Allah observes everything we do and how he helps us in all aspects of life and gain very good behavior and habits that every Muslim should enjoy.

Count the blessings of Allah swt

The abundant blessings of Allah are always surrounding us. As kids are usually more noticing than most adults, they for sure observe these blessings! All that is required from their parents is to talk with them about the Creator of all the lovely blessings they have been offered in the life they lead in order for them to acknowledge the fact that these blessings are not for granted, yet they are the creations of The Almighty Allah who created us and created everything we see.

Kids have pure hearts that love talking about family, friends, nature, animals, toys, colors, fruits and juice, and they vividly feel the gratitude and happiness for having them! Talking with them about blessings is not just limited to the ones we have in our lives, but also the unlimited ones good Muslims will be rewarded with when they go to heaven In Shaa Allah. Also, do not forget to let them know that they themselves are one of the greatest blessings of Allah in life!

Be the model you want them to follow

How do I introduce my kids to Islam?

One of the most effective ways on how to explain Allah to a child is by setting yourself a role model for them to follow. This way is more effective than just preaching through words and orally giving lots of advice. Kids do what they see, they are more likely to love Allah swt and learn more about Him when they see their parents obey His instructions and do what pleases Him so as to gain the pleasure of Allah and enter Jannah.

In addition to that, Islam is the religion of ethics and morals and it is despicable in the sight of Allah to say what we do not do. Hence, one of the most important ways on how to introduce Allah to a child that are part and parcel of raising practicing Muslim kids is to start with ourselves and do what we say!

Recite the Quran in front of them

What Allah says about daughters?

Who is Allah? How is Allah described? How do we worship Him? What are His names and attributes? The answers of all these questions and more can be found in our complete code of life – The Honorable Quran! Hence, it is of great importance to teach your kids about Allah and His book and make their hearts attached to it as it is packed with mercy and guidance to the entire human race, not just Muslims.

Make it a bedtime routine to recite some Ayas to them before going to sleep, tell them that the character of Prophet Muhammad pbuh was the Quran itself, and play the Quran softly in your car and home as much time as you can. Also, do not forget to encourage your kids in their learning process, they need to be encouraged more than often in order to have them fully attentive and passionate about learning more.

Stick to dua to properly learn how to explain to a child about Allah

How is Allah described?

Have you ever wondered what the most powerful weapon of the believer is? It is undoubtedly the weapon of dua! Sincerely supplicating to Allah has the ability to change our destiny itself and prophet Muhammad pbuh was constant in worshipping and supplicating to Allah, he would stay up all night standing in prayer until his feet became swollen. No one is safe from misguidance that is why we should all ask Allah to increase us in knowledge and make us learn how to explain to a child about Allah swt the proper way. Check this great video by Sheikh Nouman Ali Khan about the power of dua:

Seeking A Professional Help

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