List Of Islamic Studies Books – 20 Islamic Studies Book You Should Read

Islamic Studies Books

The Islamic Studies books are both expansive and varied, offering a plethora of books and resources. 

For those who are newly acquainted with Islam or are seeking to deepen their understanding of the faith, the sheer volume of available materials can be daunting.

This article aims to streamline this process by spotlighting 20 indispensable books that span various facets of Sharia. 

These include Tafsir (interpretation), Aqidah (creed), Hadith, Fiqh (jurisprudence), and Seerah (the biography of the Prophet).

The most important Islamic Studies books

It is of huge importance for a Muslim to acquire knowledge about the indispensable aspects of their faith, as advocated by Sharia and our esteemed Prophet (peace be upon him).

Liberating oneself from the shackles of ignorance not only aids in averting sins but also fosters the performance of virtuous deeds that find favor with Allah. 

However, it is crucial to note that while the reading of Islamic studies books is of significant value, it does not supersede the guidance offered by a well-informed teacher adhering to the path of Ahl al-Sunnah. 

This is what we provide through the Rwaq Quran courses. These courses are conducted by qualified instructors from Al-Azhar University, who are dedicated to teaching you the Quran and Tajweed.

Quran Books

The Quran, being the divine word of Allah revealed to His servant Muhamad (peace be upon him) through the angel Gabriel, holds an unparalleled position in the life of every Muslim. It is the cornerstone of Islamic studies books.

Learning it, understanding its meanings, and reciting it correctly with Tajweed is essential. This can pose a particular challenge for non-Arabic speakers.

At Rwaq Al-Quran, we offer specialized courses in Tajweed and recitation correction.

Tafsir Books

The comprehension of the Quran’s interpretation carries huge significance, given that the Quran was divinely revealed by God for the purpose of individual contemplation and understanding.

Here are some noteworthy Islamic studies books in Tafsir:

1- At-Tafsir Al-Mouyassar

This Tafseer, authored by a collective of scholars, adheres to a methodology delineated in its introduction. 

  • It employs clear and simple language
  • focusing exclusively on interpreting the verses and elucidating their meanings without delving into issues of recitations, grammar, jurisprudence, and similar topics. 
  • It explains difficult Quranic terms during the interpretation and distinguishes these explanations with a different color for ease of reference.

2- Tafsir Al-Saadi

Sheikh Abd al-Rahman al-Saadi’s exegesis, titled “Tayseer Al-Kareem Ar-Rahman fi Tafseer Kalam Al-Mannaan,” is considered one of the finest due to several features. 

  • The language of this tafseer is clear, and understandable by anyone. 
  • Avoid mentioning disagreement. 
  • proceed with the ancestral approach in qualitative verses.

3- Tafsir al Tabary

Al Tabary was a knowledgeable judge, shining in many fields as: 

His book named “Jami al-Bayan fe Tafsir al-Quran”.

4- Tafsir Ibn Kathir

This exegesis, titled “Tafsir al-Quran al-Azim,” is considered one of the most famous works in the field of traditional interpretation of the Quran, ranking just after the interpretation by al-Tabari. 

One of the notable features of this exegesis is the simplicity of its language and the conciseness of its composition. 

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Hadith Books

The noble Prophetic Hadith holds a position of significant importance in Islam.

Serving as the second source of Islamic legislation following the Holy Quran, Allah’s eternal miracle.

Here are some pivotal Islamic studies books in Hadith:

1- Sahih Al-Bukhari

Al-Bukhari organized his Sahih in a remarkable manner, categorizing it into various books under which he placed numerous chapters. 

Sahih al-Bukhari comprises 97 books, commencing with the Book of Revelation, followed by the Book of Faith, among others. These books address all practical and doctrinal rulings of Sharia.

2- Sahih Muslim

Imam Muslim authored numerous works, with his Sahih being the most renowned, compiled over a span of fifteen years. 

In this work, he emulated al-Bukhari by including only what he deemed authentic. 

Sahih Muslim is recognized for collating different narrations of a single hadith in one place to underscore the benefits of various chains of transmission.

3- Riyad as-Saliheen by Imam An-Nawawi

This book encapsulates enriching educational insights that refine the soul, elevate it, and instill a strong motivation to fulfill its purpose of worship. 

It aims to bring happiness and rectify one’s affairs by including encouragement and warnings, purification of the hearts and their treatment, and the maintenance and correction of one’s actions.

4- Forty Hadith by Imam Al-Nawawi

The book “Al-Arba’in al-Nawawiyyah” (Nawawi’s Forty Hadiths) is unique in its characteristics and features. 

It is one of the most notable books, containing forty hadiths that encompass the concise words of the Prophet (peace be upon him). 

It serves as a repository of legal rulings, a treasure of Islamic principles, and a guide to Islamic jurisprudence.

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Aqeedah Books

Aqeedah, or Creed, holds a paramount position in Islam, superseding manners, worship, and transactions, and is the primary obligation for every Muslim. 

Upon embracing Islam, it is essential to understand monotheism before delving into the realm of worship. 

To eliminate any misconceptions, it is important to study with a scholar proficient in the Aqeedah of the predecessors.

Here are some significant Islamic studies books in Aqeedah:

1- Minhaj Al-Muslim (The Way of a Muslim) by Abu Bakr Jabir Al-Jazairy

This comprehensive guide encompasses everything of importance to a Muslim in terms of creed, personal conduct, moral integrity, worship of their Lord, and interactions with their fellow humans. 

It includes a collection of Islamic principles organized into sections on creed, manners, ethics, acts of worship, and transactions.

2- Basic Tenets Of Faith by Imaam Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhaab

This foundational text elucidates, prophethood, religion, and monotheism. 

It explains these three essential concepts, which are crucial for understanding and studying the Islamic creed correctly and thoroughly. 

Despite its conciseness, the book’s language is simple, focused, and direct, allowing readers to easily grasp its meanings.

3- The Book of Tawheed (Oneness of God) by Sheikh Muhammad ibn Abd al Wahhab

This significant text outlines the creed of Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jama’ah with evidence from the Quran and the Sunnah. 

The author explains monotheism and its virtues, as well as what contradicts it, such as major Sherk, or what detracts from its obligatory completeness, such as minor Sherk and innovations.

Fiqh Books

Fiqh, or understanding the Quran, the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and Islam itself encompasses: 

  • the foundation of Sharia.
  • the commands of Allah.
  • The prohibitions, as well as the rights and duties of both Allah and His servants.

There are some Islamic studies books in Fiqh: 

Seerah-Life of Prophet Muhammad (peace upon him)

The study of the prophetic biography (Sirah) involves examining the life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), his morals, and characteristics.

the signs of his prophethood, the context of his time, and the stories of his companions.

This biography provides a practical and living embodiment of the principles and ethics of Islam. 

There are some Islamic studies books in Seerah:

  • The Sealed Nectar (Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum).
  • Zaad al-Ma’aad by Ibn al-Qayyim.
  • Siyar A’laam al-Nubalaa’ by al-Dhahabi.
  • Ash-Shama-il Al-Mohammadiyah by Imam At-Tirmidhi.

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Other Islamic Studies books

When delving into Islam, focus on self-purification to inspire learning and application of Sharia knowledge. 

Below are the top recommended Islamic studies books for this purpose:

1- How He Treated Them?

The life of the revered Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has been examined from a new perspective in Sheikh Saleh Al-Munajid’s book, which explores the social dimensions of his life

It comprises a compilation of authenticated narrations from the Sunnah and Sirah, illuminating the Prophet’s interactions with diverse individuals.

2- How to read a book?

In this enlightening book, Sheikh Saleh Al-Munajid underscores the significance of reading, a practice highly valued by the early generations of Muslims, and the importance of mindful reading. 

The book culminates with a comprehensive discussion of the various methods and styles of reading.

3- Thinking well of Allah

Dr. Eyad Qunaibi’s insightful book addresses key questions: 

How can adversity be transformed into a blessing? How can joy be found amidst trials? How can you keep happy regardless of the circumstances? 

How can every situation be approached with positivity and optimism? This remarkable book provides the answers.

4- Weakness of Faith

It is an undeniable fact that numerous Muslims grapple with a hardening of the heart, a diminished joy in worship, and a susceptibility to sin. 

This concise booklet confronts these issues head-on, offering practical solutions to help surmount these spiritual hurdles.

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In conclusion, this article has clarified a list of Islamic studies books across various branches of Sharia, including the Quran and its Tafsir, Hadith, Aqeeda, Fiqh, and Seerah.

Also, you can check out the courses offered by Riwaq Al Quran.

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