Quran Memorization Schedule With Free Checklist and Planner

Quran Memorization Schedule With Free Checklist and Planner

Quran Memorization Schedule: Embarking on Quran memorization necessitates structured planning and consistency. With tailored schedules spanning 2 to 5 years, you can master daily verse quotas, ensuring steady progress. Weekly planners aid in tracking advancements, while Riwaq al-Quran offers support for your journey. Committing to this disciplined approach facilitates the profound connection with divine verses, enriching your spiritual path. Start your memorization journey today!

One of the first steps to start Quran memorisation is to create schedules to make the process more planned. Making progress track through yearly, monthly, daily planners will ensure your discipline. Writing down your progress and goals and marking them regularly will provide discipline to prevent procrastination or demotivation.

Definition of Quran Memorization Schedule:

A Quran memorization schedule is a structured plan outlining the systematic approach one takes to memorize the Quran, ensuring a gradual and effective learning process. It typically involves breaking down the Quranic text into manageable sections or verses, setting specific daily or weekly goals for memorization, and incorporating regular revision sessions. 

The Quran Memorization Schedule is designed to accommodate the individual’s pace, allowing for steady progress while considering personal commitments and time constraints.

Additionally, a Quran memorization schedule often emphasizes the importance of understanding the meanings and context of the memorized verses, fostering a deeper connection with the spiritual and linguistic aspects of the Quran. The ultimate goal is to facilitate the memorization and retention of the entire Quran, promoting a holistic and meaningful engagement with the sacred text.

How Often Should I Do Hifz?

The frequency of memorisation should be adjusted in such a way as to respect the time at which the targeted memorisation time will be  completed.The person who desires to memorize the Qur’an should set daily goals for himself, such as a certain number of verses or pages. At this point, it is important to set achievable and sustainable goals.

Hifz Schedule for Quran Memorization

Below, we have compiled a model table of the planned number of verses and the distribution of days for the completion of Quran memorisation, to give you ideas:

Hifz Schedule for Quran Memorization

1. Follow A 5-Year Memorization Plan:

Embark on a profound journey of Quranic memorization with our meticulously crafted 5-year schedule. Commit to mastering 5 verses per day, spanning 4 days for each page. 

This 5-Year Memorization Plan thoughtfully designed plan ensures a gradual yet steady pace, allowing you to complete the memorization of the entire Quran in 5 years. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Quran as you dedicate focused time to connect with the sacred verses.

2. Memorize The Quran in 4 Years with our Memorization Plan

Optimize your Quranic learning experience with our 4-year memorization plan. Dive into the verses at a pace of 6 per day, covering 3 days per page.

This 4 Years with our Memorization Plan accelerated schedule guarantees efficient progress, enabling you to complete your memorization journey in just 4 years. Immerse yourself in the divine words and experience the transformative power of Quranic mastery.

3. Follow A 3-Year Quran Memorization Journey

For those seeking a more intensive path, our 3-year schedule offers a challenging yet rewarding approach. Master 7 verses daily, dedicating 2.5 days per page. 

This 3-Year Quran Memorization plan accelerated pace allows you to complete the entire Quranic memorization in just 3 years. Elevate your commitment, deepen your connection with the Quran, and embark on a spiritual journey like no other.

4. Follow the in 2 Years Memorization Plan:

Unleash your dedication with our dynamic 2-year memorization plan. Challenge yourself to memorize 10 verses per day, covering 2 days per page. 

This 2 Years Memorization Plan accelerated schedule guarantees swift mastery of the Quran, allowing you to complete your memorization journey in just 2 years. Embrace the challenge and let the divine verses shape your spiritual growth.

You can use and print the following followup checklist:

Quran hifz tracker

How Can I Memorize the Quran in 2 Years?

You can become a hafiz in 2 years by memorizing an average of 10 verses a day. Thus, it will take you 2 days to memorize 1 page.

Choose the page that you will memorize from the Qur’an and read the first 10 verses (optionally) several times(5-7-10-30-33..) by looking at the Qur’an. Then recite the verses you have memorized without looking at the Qur’an. Every day, try to recite these memorized verses in your prayers so that they become as permanent as possible.

Write down your memorization with daily planners as new memorisation and old repetition whether it is done or not and repeat them regularly in the following days. 

If you are looking for a disciplined and online Hifz course to plan the Quran Hifz process, contact us and set off without procrastinating for this beautiful goal!

How to Memorize the Quran in 5 Years?

You can become a hafiz in 5 years by memorizing an average of 5 verses a day. In other words, if you aim to memorize 2 pages a week, you will have the opportunity to memorize the Quran over time. Although this can be a solid memory with efficient work, the general recommendation of Hifz teachers is not to spread the memorisation of the Qur’an over very long periods of time.

Keep your Hifz process, which will be around 1800 days, fit by making not only daily and weekly plans, but also regular time follow-ups and repetitions. If you have a plan to become a hafiz in 5 years, use general process planners to ensure your self-discipline. Your surah memorisation tracking list will become one of the most useful lists.

How much of the Quran should I memorize daily?

As an example of an average completion time, in order to memorize the Qur’an in one year, a person needs to dedicate himself to learning about 2 pages every day. Even if the number of pages memorized per day varies, the target should be 14 pages per week and a weekly planner should be followed. Below we have organized a planner where you can note your memorisation on a weekly basis:

Weekly Quran Memorization Planner:

How much of the Quran should I memorize daily?

Start Quran Memorization With Riwaq al-Quran:

Elevate your spiritual journey and commit to memorizing the Quran with ease through Riwaq al-Quran. Experience the profound connection and inner peace that comes with immersing yourself in the divine verses.

Start your memorization journey now and take a step closer to embracing the wisdom and guidance of the Quran. Don’t miss out on this chance to enrich your life – embark on the path of memorization today!

Here are a sample of our set of Quran Courses that will be helpful for you:


Memorizing the Quran with Tajweed requires careful planning and dedication. Setting up a Quran memorization schedule helps track progress and maintain discipline. Various plans are available, ranging from 2 to 5 years, each with a different pace of memorization. 

For instance, a 5-year plan focuses on mastering 5 verses per day, while a 2-year plan challenges you to memorize 10 verses daily. Consistency and regular revision are key to success. Utilize weekly planners to track your progress effectively. Consider joining Riwaq al-Quran to start your memorization journey today!

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