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While it is not obligatory to complete the Quran during Ramadan, many Muslims set goals and create structured Quran reading schedules to make the most of this blessed month. Whether reading after Fajr, before Iftar, or dividing the recitation throughout the day, the key is to find a method that suits individual preferences and circumstances.

Creating a Quran reading schedule allows believers to stay focused and motivated, ensuring steady progress throughout the month. With dedication and perseverance, Muslims can achieve their Quranic goals and reap the spiritual rewards of this sacred practice.

Ramadan holds a special place in the hearts of all our Ummah and many Muslims set strict goals and create a Ramadan Quran Reading Schedule to make the most of the month. It is the month when the Quran was revealed to the best of mankind – Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of Jannah are opened, the gates of Jahannam are closed and the devils are chained. Not only do Muslims fast because it is an obligation from Allah SWT, but also to attain Taqwa and focus on the true purpose of being here in this worldly life. In other words, you restrain all the temptations around you and fast for the sake of Allah SWT – our Creator and the One we will all return to when this life ends.

Since Ramadan is upon us, we collected the most frequently asked questions and will be discussing them InshaAllah. We also created an organized Ramadan Quran Reading schedule since many Muslims around the world plan to create a strict and organized daily Quran reading schedule to help them finish reciting it by the end of the blessed month.

Benefits of Reading the Quran in Ramadan:

In addition to the moral, spiritual, and social benefits of fasting, there are numerous benefits of reading the Quran and learning it in Ramadan, or any other month, as the closest people to Allah are the people of the Quran. Indeed, the best of our Ummah are those who learn the Quran and teach it.

Prophet ‎Muhammad PBUH also said: Fasting and the Quran will intercede on behalf of Allah’s servant on the Day of Judgment: Fasting will say, “O my Lord! I prevented him from food and desires during the day, so accept my intercession for him.” And the Quran will say, “O my Lord! I prevented him from sleeping by night, so accept my intercession for him.” The intercession of both will thus be accepted.

Moreover, reciting the Holy Quran and learning it is really rewarding, no matter what your level is. Prophet Muhammad PBUH also said: “The one who is proficient in the recitation of the Quran will be with the honorable and obedient scribes (angels) and he who recites the Quran and finds it difficult to recite, doing his best to recite it in the best way possible, will have two rewards.”

Why Is It Important to Read Quran in Ramadan?

Since Ramadan is the month of mercy and forgiveness, the benefits and rewards of doing any good deed are significant during it. Hence, all Muslims strive to do as many good deeds as they can and stay away from doing any Haram act that makes Allah SWT displeased. No doubt that the Holy Quran reading and pondering it is one of the most significant acts you can ever do during Ramadan.

How Much Quran Is Read in Ramadan?

Reading Quran during Ramadan

Well, it is not an obligation from Allah SWT to finish reading the Quran during Ramadan. But since it is a rewarding activity, just try to set specific goals and challenge yourself to make the most of the Holy month.

So, prepare your heart from now and remind yourself all the time of how significant Ramadan is so as to give it its due rights and respect and stay motivated and encouraged till Ramadan ends Inshallah.

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Do You Have to Read the Whole Quran During Ramadan?

As mentioned before, the answer is: no! Finishing reading Quran in Ramadan is not compulsory but Muslims seize such a special time of the year and try to read as much time as they can besides doing other good actions to gain the pleasure of Allah SWT.

It is a good idea to create a Ramadan Quran reading schedule to stay focused and motivated. Prophet Muhammad PBUH said: “Whoever recites a letter from Allah’s Book, then he receives the reward from it, and the reward of ten the like of it. I do not say that Alif Lam Mim is a letter, but Alif is a letter, Lam is a letter and Mim is a letter.” [Tirmidhi]

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How Many Pages of Quran to Read a Day to Finish in Ramadan

The Standard Arabic Quran has 604 pages and it is the one used in most apps too but it might change in other copies depending on the font size. So, all you need to do is to know the number of pages of your copy and divide it into 30 days to customize your own Ramadan Quran reading schedule.

Read the Quran in 30 Days Schedule

One of the most frequently asked questions about the Ramadan Quran schedule is how to make a proper reading schedule and how to finish Quran in Ramadan in an organized and simple way.

The best way to complete it is to set a daily target and create a Ramadan Quran reading schedule. When you create an organized Ramadan Quran reading schedule, it will help you stay in the flow and finish the whole Quran recitation during Ramadan. Here is a simple and organized one:

Ramadan Quran reading Schedule

Calendar of Reading the Quran During Ramadan for Women:

Here is an organized daily Quran reading plan for women that comes in pink.

Calendar of Reading the Quran During Ramadan for Men:

Here is an organized Quran reading timetable for men that comes in blue.

How Many Hours Does It Take to Read the Quran?

Actually, it depends on you and the recitation level you use when you read the Holy Quran. In Tajweed, we have 3 different recitation levels as follows:

  • At-Tahqeeq: a slow reading without affectation.
  • Al-Hadr: a fast one, but with applying the required rights to all the letters.
  • At-Tadweer: a moderate way in between the previous two levels.

And Alhamdulillah you can find a lot of recitations on YouTube; it is recommended to search for them to feel the difference and get ready and spend Ramadan in the Quran reading and achieving your Quran schedule target. Here is Surah Al-Baqarah, for example, using Al-Hadr level:

How to Make a Reading Schedule?

Well, it is all up to you! Some people prefer allocating specific time for reading after Fajr or before Iftar, others divide the amount they want to read into 5 parts and read one part per Salah. You can also find those who like to read the Quran when they are focused and the surrounding is quiet to ponder and feel the miracles of our Honorable book. What really matters is to do it the way that suits you best.

Moreover, having a family member or a Quran partner to encourage each other and achieve your Quran study plan targets can help both of you a lot! You know, it is a true blessing from Allah SWT to have a good friend that always reminds you of the Creator and brings you closer to Him.

Here is our Quran reading schedule pdf to save a copy of it to your laptop or phone:

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In conclusion, although completing the Quran during Ramadan is not obligatory, many Muslims embrace the opportunity to deepen their connection with the holy scripture by setting personal goals and creating structured reading schedules. Whether reading after Fajr, before Iftar, or at other times throughout the day, the key is to find a method that aligns with individual preferences and circumstances.

By committing to a Quran reading schedule, believers can maintain focus and motivation, ensuring steady progress throughout the month. With dedication and perseverance, Muslims can achieve their Quranic goals and experience the spiritual rewards of this sacred practice, thereby enriching their Ramadan experience and drawing closer to Allah SWT.

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