Reading From Quran In Salah: Can You Pray Reading From Quran?

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Can You Pray Reading From Quran? The priority when reading the Quran in Salah is to read from memory by heart. That was the way of prophet Muhammed peace be upon him, it is better for acquiring Khushu’ and better for the general preservation of the Quran.
And As Allah describes The Nobel Quran, it is clear Ayat in the chests of those whom were given knowledge.  

But sometimes, you may want to elongate your Salah and you don’t have enough Quran memorized to help with that. That’s why you may ask (Can I read from Quran from Mushaf while praying? )
I will explain to you the rulings on that today. 

Can You Pray Reading From Quran?

You can pray reading from Quran in salah if you are praying Sunnah prayer, but not in Fard. It is better to avoid holding the Mushaf while praying as it may nullify the prayer according to some scholars and it is not what the prophet peace be upon him had done. 

Is it ok to read Quran from your phone while praying?

It is okay to read Quran from your phone while praying Sunnah, but not while praying Fard. 

And even in Sunnah, it is always better to read from your own memory if possible, and seek to memorize if you don’t; Reading from Phone should be a temporary measure.

Reading the Quran from the phone while praying is just like holding the Mushaf and reading from it, it is essentially the same case and all what’s previously said about reading from Quran in Salah can be said about the phone. 

Scholar Opitions in the Issue of Reading From Quran In Salah

There are mainly two opinions between scholars on praying while reading from Quran, and there is no explicit evidence from Quran and Sunnah on it. 

First opinion: holding the Mushaf while praying nullifies the prayer:

Holding Mushaf while praying and reading from it is (Makruh) and nullifies the prayer. This is the opinion of Imam Abu Hanifah and Ibn Hazm.

While the companions of Abu Hanifah (Abu Yusuf and Muhammad) don’t say that it nullifies the prayer, but still Makruh, better to avoid.

The opinion that its (Makruh) to hold the mushaf while praying is also attributed to many of the Salaf (Righteous Successors) like: 

  1. Imam Ibrahim Al-Nakhi
  2.  Mujahid
  3. Saeed Ibn Al-Musaib
  4.  Hammad
  5. Qatadah
  6. Al-Hassan 
  7. and Al-Sha’bi 

among others

Evendinces and Arguments For This opinion:

1-Imam Abu Hanifah sees reading from the mushaf while praying as an action that requires a lot of movements, from holding and looking, to turning the pages and then putting it away. As it is a lot of unnecessary movements while praying may nullifies the prayer.

2- The reader is being taught from the Mushaf, similar to being taught from someone else, which nullifies the prayer. 

The Imams who argued that it doesn’t nullify the prayer (Even though it is Makruh) reasoning, summarized by Imam Abu Yousuf:

Looking at the Mushaf is a form of worship, and if one worshiping act is added to another it doesn’t nullify it.

It is Makruh as its similar to the acts of Ahlu-Alkitab (The Jews and Christians).

Second opinion: On holding the mushaf while praying

The opinion of Sahfi’ia and Hanabilah schools of thought it is permissible.

Hanabilah differentiates between Fard and Sunnah, where it is Makruh in Fard and permissible in Sunnah (Like Qiam).

Maliki also sees that reading Quran from Mushaf while praying doesn’t nullify the prayer, but they have a nuance detail on it. In Fard they see it as Makruh in all cases, while in Sunnah if he starts reading from the beginning of the prayer it isn’t Makruh, and if he starts from within prayer its Makruh, while it is a lot of work.  

Also, this opinion is attributed to many of the Salaf (Righteous Successors) like:

  1. Imam Ibn Sirin
  2. Aisha Bint Talha
  3. Ibn Shihab
  4. Saa’d Bin Ibrahim
  5. Al-hassan
  6. Ataa’
  7. Thabit Albunani

Among others

Evidence and Arguments For This Opinion:

The Imams who see it permissible reason that by:

  1. Holding Mushaf while praying is a continuous act that aids in prayer
  2. It only includes holding and looking, and if the person held something different his prayer isn’t nullified
  3. It isn’t a lot of work, as it doesn’t harm the prayer and doesn’t turn the heart away.

They also replied to the first opinion by:

Imam Shaf’I Replied to holding the Mushaf in prayer being similar to Ahlu-Alkitab by saying: “we weren’t ordered to differentiate ourselves from them in everything; we eat as they eat”

Hanabilah said: “we don’t agree that it is a lot of work, and even if it was its continuous and its for the benefit of the prayer. And its only Makruh for the Hafidh and Fard.”

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In conclusion, the ruling on reading from the Quran in Salah depends on the type of Salah and the individual reader. It is preferable to avoid it for Hafiz (those who have memorized the Quran) and in obligatory prayers, unless absolutely necessary. 

Reading from the Quran in Salah is permissible in voluntary prayers like Qiyam or Tahajjud, and it’s better to hold the Mushaf while praying from the start in these cases. Muslim scholars have varied opinions on this matter, with most suggesting it is permissible only in voluntary prayers while others consider it Makruh (undesirable) in all cases due to excessive movement. 

Ultimately, it’s advisable to avoid holding the Mushaf or phone in obligatory prayers unless it’s necessary due to a lack of memorization, and in voluntary prayers, it can serve as a temporary option until more memorization is achieved.


The references used are based on the Article: Website Alukah Article

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