Riwaq Al Quran's International Ramadan 2023 / 1444 Quran Competition

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“وَفِي ذَٰلِكَ فَلْيَتَنَافَسِ الْمُتَنَافِسُونَ ”
“So let whoever aspires to this strive”

Surah al-Mutaffifin, Verse 26

Welcome to the Riwaq Al Quran competition

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Whatever your age or level in the Quran, join us at Riwaq Al Quran’s International Ramadan 2023/1444 Quran Competition! Participate for free and earn amazing prizes, while receiving certificates of achievement.

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Who is

Riwaq Al Quran?

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Riwaq Al Quran is a world-class online Islamic learning platform! We’re a team of dedicated educators and experts committed to providing the highest quality of Islamic education to students around the world. Our mission is simple: to make learning Quran and its language accessible to everyone, regardless of location and background.

With six levels to choose from, anyone can participate, covering the entire Quran, specific Juz’s, and Surahs, there’s something for everyone.

Participating is super easy – just fill up the registration form on our website and upload a video of your or your children’s recitation.

Qualifying participants who are shortlisted based on their video submissions will have the chance to participate in the live online competition in front of our experts. We will announce in our Facebook Page the qualifying participants in advance so that they can prepare themselves for the live test on Zoom, which will take place on April 1st, 2023/10 Ramadan, In Sha Allah. After the live test, the top three participants from each level will be awarded incredible prizes and certificates of achievement.

So don’t wait any longer, register now and take the first step towards wining the competition! Register now for free on our website before March 25th, 2023. Let’s make this Ramadan unforgettable with Riwaq Al Quran’s Competition! 🌙📖

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How to Apply for the competition

Pick and upload on of the folloing

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Level 1: 1st page of Surah Al Nisaa

Level 2: 1st page if Surah Al Noor

Level 3: 1st page of Surah Muhammad.

Level 4: 1st page of Surah Al Hashr

Level 5: Surah Al Tareq

Level 6: 1st page of Surah Mariam

What Our

Students Say

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Ramadan Competition


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Qualify for the live test on Zoom



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