How Long Does It Take To Read The Whole Quran?

How Long Does It Take To Read The Whole Quran?

How Long Does It Take To Read The Whole Quran?You can read the Quran in a Day, Three Days, Seven Days, Two weeks, or even a Month. The time it takes to read the Quran depends mainly on the reader. How much time do you have? Where are you currently in life? And what’s your goal from reading the Quran?

You can read the Quran multiple times in different timeframes, each with pros to it depending on what your goal is from this reading session. 

In a Nutshell: Reading the Quran can take from one day to a month, depending on your schedule and goals. Typically, it takes a month, with daily readings. For faster options, you can finish it in 7 days, 2 weeks, or even 3 days, with structured approaches for each timeframe. 

Reading in a day is discouraged but possible with dedicated time during the day, night, or both. Making time for Quranic reading involves efficient use of available time, and platforms like Riwaq Al-Quran offer structured learning opportunities to deepen understanding.

How Long Does It Take To Read The Whole Quran?

It usually takes a month to read the whole Quran. However the time required to read the entire Quran varies based on different schedules. For example, for those aiming to complete the Quran in 7 days, a method involving reading specific chapters each day is suggested, totaling approximately 2.5 hours daily.

Alternatively, a 2-week schedule divides the same chapters into two each day, requiring about 1 hour and 15 minutes daily. Reading the Quran in a month is based on daily page counts, with each Juz’ taking 20 to 30 minutes, making it suitable for individuals with busy lifestyles.

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How to read the Quran in Three Days?

We find that the Quran being divided into 30 equal parts (Juz’) is very helpful when planning to read it in Three days. This can be done mainly in Two ways.

First Way:  Dividing by Juz’

Reading 10 Juz a day is the simplest way to do this, with a Juz’ after Salah and a Juz’ before it. Or a Juz’ after Salah and using the time of early morning and late night, after Fajr and Isha to finish the rest.

  • 10th Juz’ ends with Ayah 92 in Surah Tawbah
  • 20th Juz’ ends with Ayah 55 in Surah An-Naml
  • 30th Juz’ ends with Al-Naas

Second Way: Dividing by Chapters

You can also use the Chapter to divide it on three days, where 

  • 1st Day:  From Fatiha and end Tawbah
  • 2nd Day: From Yunus and ending An-Naml
  • 3rd Day: From AlQasas and ending Al-Nass

It is roughly the same volume but this focuses more on finishing the Surah for better understanding.

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How To Read the Quran In 7 Days?

This was the usual time the Companions used to read the Quran. The Schedule is as follows: 

  • 1st Day: Read the first Three Chapters after Fatiha 
    Starting from Fatiha and Ending Nissaa 
  • 2nd Day: Read the next Five Chapters
    Starting from Ma’idah and ending Tawbah
  • 3rd Day: Read the next Seven Chapters
    Starting from Yunus and ending An-Nahl
  • 4th Day: Read the next Nine Chapters
    Starting from Al-Isra and ending Al-Furqan
  • 5th Day: Read the next Eleven Chapters
    Starting from Ash-shura and ending Ya-siin
  • 6th Day: Read the next Thirteen Chapters
    Starting from As-saffat and ending Al-Hujurat
  • 7th Day: Read the Rest, Starting from Qaff and ending Al-Naas.
    From Qaff to Al-Naas is named (Al-Mufassal) because it has many surahs with much details

So after Fatiha you read Three, Five, Seven, Nine, Eleven, Thirteen and then the Rest. 

With this method you can read the Quran Four Times a month

This method is very helpful because it takes into consideration the Quranic arrangement and themes of Chapters, and focuses on surahs and their understandings instead of focusing on volume.

This is the most popular method from the times of the companions, and it takes roughly around Two hours and a half each day. Which makes the Quran central in your daily plan. 

You can read the chapters in one session that you plan beforehand or divide them up. A good way to divide it is by dividing them into five and reading them after Salah.

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How to read the Quran in 2 weeks?

Reading the Quran in Two weeks has a very similar schedule to the schedule of Seven days. So, instead of reading the mentioned surah in one day, divide them into two. 

This is helpful when life is busy and there is not enough time per day to go with the first schedule. You can do it in two weeks, dividing the time needed each day. 

it roughly would take in one session an hour and 15 minutes. And would take 15 minutes sessions after Salah.

How to read The Quran in a month?

Reading the Quran in a month has a schedule that’s based more on page counts rather than chapters. The Quran is divided by volume into 30 equally lengthened Juz’s (Parts). Each Day you can read a Juz’ finishing the Quran in a month: 30 days. And if the month is only 29 you can read two on the last day.

A Juz’ from the Quran usually takes from 20 to 30 minutes to read, making this schedule very good for busy people to still have time for the Quran in their life and start the habit of daily reading the Quran.

How to Read the Quran in a day?

The prophet peace be upon him instructed against this, but there were many companions who did it, but not on a regular basis.

Of course contemplation of the detailed meanings would be hard and that’s the main reason the prophet peace be upon him instructed against it, but instead you get to see it from a bird’s eye, contemplate the main messages in the Quran and resonate with them.

 As you might imagine, reading the Quran in a day is extremely taxing in terms of time and effort. You have to be dedicated totally to the Quran in day and night. 

There are Three ways you can do this: The Day reading, The Night reading or Both.

1. Reading the Quran by day: 

You would have to make use of the early morning time between Fajr and Dhuhr prayer, while dividing the reading before and After salah as well. 

Read 2 Juz’ before Each Salah, 2 after it, and read 10 Juz’ in the early morning time. Finishing the Quran After Isha.

2, Reading the Quran by Night:

This is usually done in the night prayer. You can divide it in many ways, reading 1 Juz’ each Rakat  for a total of 12 prayers then praying Three Rakat with the last 2 Juz’ and Witr.
This would usually take up the whole night and is harder than reading by day because you are also praying, so make sure to do this only if you have enough stamina for it.
Othman (May Allah be pleased with him) was famously known for finishing the Quran in one night.

3. Reading the Quran in both day and night

This combines the two methods from before and gives you more breathing time. Here you would 1 or 1.5 juz’ before and After prayers, totaling 10~15 Juz’,read around 5 in the early morning time then Read in the night prayer the remaining 10~15 Juz’ with half a Juz’ each Rakat.
This splits the heavily demanding effort for this task between the two and makes both easier, yet you would have to dedicate nearly 24 hours for it. Make sure to take a nap after Asr to preserve energy for the long night. 

How to make time for reading the Quran?

You may find it difficult to set some time for Quran after or before prayers, in this case you need to be smart in planning your time and make full use of wasted times like time in transportation, time waiting in lines and don’t get distracted with things like social media, youtube and so on… this is time better spent in reading and reflecting on the words of Allah.

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Reading the entire Quran can take varying lengths of time, ranging from one day to a month, depending on individual circumstances and goals. It typically takes a month to complete the Quran, with daily readings of specific portions. For those aiming to finish in 7 days, a structured approach with allocated time for specific chapters is suggested.

Alternatively, a 2-week schedule divides readings into manageable portions for busier lifestyles. Reading the Quran in 3 days involves dividing it into 10 equal parts per day or focusing on chapters each day. Reading the Quran in a day, though discouraged, can be accomplished through dedicated time allocation during the day, night, or both, with various strategies to manage the extensive reading. 

Making time for Quranic reading involves smart planning and efficient use of available time, such as during transportation or waiting periods. Embarking on this spiritual journey is facilitated by resources like Riwaq Al-Quran, offering structured learning opportunities to engage with the sacred text and deepen understanding.

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