Learn the Quran for Children: What is the Best Age?

Start Learning Quran for Kids

Learn the Quran for Children: What is the Best Age?

Start Learning Quran for Kids

Learn Quran for Kids

Islam has stressed the importance of proper upbringing as kids are an integral part of our Muslim community. Hence, we should make our best to raise our children well and pay great attention to teaching kids Quran so as to guide them to the straight path; the path of those upon whom Allah has bestowed His favor.

Here come the main and most important questions: many parents always ask about the best age to memorize Quran for kids or the appropriate age to start learning Quran recitation for kids?

Actually, there is no fixed age for a child that is suitable to start learning Holy Quran or enrolling in online Quran classes for kids because it may differ from one child to another in their mental ability and the teaching methods used in teaching Quran for kids. Instead, there are some fruitful pieces of advice regarding teaching kids Quran that can show you how to teach kids Quran in an effective way:

Tips on How to teach Quran for kids!

1- Join Hifz Program

If your children have a good memory in general, it would be wise to make the most of it and start the journey of Quran memorization for kids because learning in childhood is like engraving on a stone and Quran memorization at early ages is harder to be forgotten.

2- Teach Them How to Read Quran Correctly with Tajweed

If not, Quran memorization programs by force would not be a good idea as such attitude can entirely demotivate your child and might lead to counterproductive results. Instead, you can teach them how to read with Tajweed and Quran recitation rules step-by-step.

3- Start with Easy Surahs to Memorize

Try to repeatedly recite the short and easy Surahs to memorize. It develops a natural familiarity and instills the love of the honorable Quran in their hearts as repetition is considered the mother of all learning and can make teaching kids Quran way easier.

4- Set Quran Memorization Schedule

Be consistent and set aside every day some specific time for learning Quran for beginners and children. It is regarded as one easy way to learn Quran effectively and can help your children stay in the flow and remember what they learn of Quran for kids all the time.

5- Make Learning Tajweed Enjoyable for Kids

Make learning Quran for children enjoyable and turn the process of Tajweed for kids into a game. It is one of the most effective methods used in teaching Quran for kids and can keep them passionate about learning Quran for kids because they love to play and usually tend to cling to the fun and engaging things.

6- Set Yourself as a Role Model by Learning Quran at Home

Children see children do! When teaching kids Quran, set yourself a practical example for them to follow as it is much more effective than just preaching through words. In other words, the key to effective Quran for kids learning is to be engaged with them.

7- Always Encourage your Kid to learn Quran

Children need constant support and it makes them perform better. Make sure to praise their efforts all through the rewarding journey of learning Quran for kids. It can catapult their progress way forward as a word of praise sparks many positive results when teaching kids Quran.

8- Be Patient on Teaching Quran for your Child

Have patience and do not force your kids to sit for a long time in order to read and memorize Quran. Keep it simple and easy to make their hearts strongly attached to the words of Allah and always remind yourself that a few minutes of happy Quran for kids learning is more effective than many hours of making them learn Holy Quran against their will.

9- Make Dua for your Kid to Learn Quran

Always make Dua for your children to be steadfast in their faith and give learning Holy Quran its due respect and care.

10- Seek the Help of Private Quran Tutor

Having a private Quran tutor that gives direct feedback is also one great tip to teach kids how to read Quran the proper way because your children will learn the correct pronunciation of all letters as well as all Quran recitation rules from well-trained native Quran teachers.

11- Join Online Classes to learn Quran for Kids

We, at Riwaq Al Quran, offer the best online Quran classes specially designed for kids. We handpicked the best online Quran tutors. Our tutors use different engaging methods and provide a fun learning atmosphere all through the online Quran teaching for kids so as to nurture the love of Quran for children in the heart of our children. We offer a specially designed variety of online Quran classes for kids that cover all ages and levels.

Contact us now and pick the online Quran course that suits your kid most!

Riwaq Al Quran

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