Top 10+ Hadiths about Reading the Quran

Hadiths about Reading the Quran

Hadiths about Reading the Quran: Reading the Quran is one of the best deeds and acts of worship to get closer to Allah almighty. Yet sometimes we may lack the will or the drive to read, and so it’s important to remind ourselves of exactly how great the Quran is and how much of a reward reading has.

And so, here are 10 hadiths about reading the Quran. May Allah make it of benefit for us all, and make it a good reminder for us to read the Quran for His sake with Ikhlas (Sincerity).

What did the Prophet say about reading the Quran?

The prophet ordered to read the Quran and explained the great benefits it have, the great honor it gives in this life, and the great reward in the next.

The prophet peace be upon him instructs us to do the best deeds we can do to get into Paradise and avoid hellfire. Reading the Quran is one of those.

There are many hadiths in regard to the Quran, the benefits of the Quran, the memorization of the Quran, and reciting the Quran with a good voice. 

What does the hadith say about reading the Quran each letter?

Hadith says that reading each letter of the Quran counts as a good deed, and Allah multiplies tenfold!

The prophet peace be upon him said:

Whoever recites a letter from the book of Allah, will have a (Hasana) and a (Hasana) is rewarded tenfold like it.
I don’t say Alif-Lam-Meem a letter, but Alif is a letter, Lam is a letter and Meem is a letter.
Hasan (Al-Tirmidhi)

This hadith shows the tremendous reward that reading the Quran has, each letter is equivalent to 10 Hassana (Good deed)! 

The Quran is a literal treasure box, that only awaits you to open it and take it!

Read The Quran it is a companion:

Read the Quran is a direct order from the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. just obeying the order is a great deed in itself.

The prophet peace be upon him said:

Read the Quran, as it comes on the day of judgment as (Shafi’) to its companions.” Sahih Muslim

Shafi’ (شفيع) is someone asking and intermediate on your behalf.

Your Recitation and reading of the Quran come to you when you need it most, and it isn’t just counted in your scale of good deeds, but it also intermediates on your behalf!

This may entail asking Allah to pardon your sins, asking Allah to spare you from punishment, and also asking Allah almighty to grant you paradise.

The great rewards of reading and studying the Quran

The rewards of studying the Quran are plentiful, and here is a beautiful hadith about that

The prophet peace be upon him said:

No people sit down in a house of Allah, reading the book of Allah and studying it together, unless Angels surrounded them, Peace descended on them, and Allah mentions them to those who are with HimNawawi Sahih

Reading the Quran and studying it gives you such great honor.

Imagine, how peaceful it is to disconnect from this world, and connect with the book of Allah, being surrounded by Angels while peace and mercy descend upon you!

This hadith indicates that one deed may have multiple good intentions behind it.
In Turn, Allah Al-Rahman rewards for it with multiple rewards, in this life and the next. 

Quran is for you or against you

Pay attention, you have to heed the Quran, understand it and apply it. 

The prophet peace be upon him said:

The Quran is an Argument; for you or against you. Every son of Adam strives, some sell themselves to set it free, and some sell themselves to doom it.” Sahih Muslim

You have to heed the Quran and apply it in your life, then it becomes an argument for you on the day of Judgment.  

If you read the Quran mindlessly without heed, it becomes an argument against you!

We shouldn’t be like the ones before us who were given scriptures and they didn’t heed them, so Allah gave them the analogy of a donkey carrying volumes of books! Quran Al-Juma

The people Quran are the people of Allah

A profound description for those who have a special relationship with the Quran is that they are (The people of Allah).

The prophet peace be upon him said:

The people of Quran are the people of Allah and closest to Him.”  Ibn Maja Hasan

This is a great honor indeed: To be among the most special ones!

Read the Quran without disputing

The purpose of reading the Quran and studying it together is for the hearts to be filled with Quranic wisdom. That’s why the prophet peace be upon him warned about arguing and disputing over it.

The prophet peace be upon him said:

Read the Quran as long as your hearts are in unity, and if you dispute over it, then go away and leave it be.Sahih Bukhari

The hadith means we can gather to read and study the Quran as long as we are unified in our intentions. Read, study, learn, and ponder on the Quranic wisdom. 

If we start to go off tangents and have arguments and disputes, then that’s not the goal of such gatherings, thus we should stop it altogether and leave for something else. Then come back next time with unity on the purpose of studying and not disputing. 

This preserves the dignity of the Quran and also shows that such honor can be taken away if we prefer debating and arguing over studying and understanding. 

Read The Quran and Ascend on the Day of Judgment

Many events will happen on the day of Judgment, but one of the best things that you have to prepare for is the Test of The Quran when you stand before Allah and be told (Read)

The prophet peace be upon him said:

On the Day of Judgment, the companion of the Quran will be told, read and ascend, recite and ascend, as your level is at the level of the last Ayah you readAbu Dawud Hassan Sahih 

We may have not gotten the chance to see the prophet peace be upon him, or be from his companions, but we have the Quran and we have the chance to be from the companions of the Quran.

The title of (A companion of the Quran) is often mentioned in hadith and indeed it’s such a great honor on its own.

The best of Muslims are the learner and teachers of the Quran

There are many Hadiths talking about the character of the best Muslim. The Quran is an integral part of that.

The prophet peace be upon him said:

The best of you are those who learn the Quran and then Teach it. ” 

Do you want to be among the best people, the companions of the Quran and those who learn and teach the Quran

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What does the hadith say about reciting the Quran in Arabic?

The hadith says that reciting the Quran in Arabic even if it’s hard will get the person twofold the reward.

Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him said

He who reads the Quran while it’s hard on him will have double the reward.Sahih Muslim

Hadith about reading the Quran with Tajweed

Here is hadith about reading the Quran with proper Tajweed and a good voice

The prophet peace be upon him said:

The one who is proficient while reading the Quran is with the nobel and upright recording angles (Safara Kiram Bararah) Sahih Muslim

To be a proficient reader of the Nobel Quran you have to recite it with eloquence, and beauty and make sure to observe all rulings of Tajweed. (Learn Tajweed Today)

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Reading the Quran holds immense significance in Islam, with numerous Hadiths emphasizing its virtues. The Prophet Muhammad urged believers to read and study the Quran diligently, promising great rewards for each letter recited. It’s seen as a means to gain closeness to Allah and attain salvation in the Hereafter. 

Additionally, gatherings for Quranic study are blessed by the presence of angels, bringing peace and honor to those involved. The Quran serves as a criterion for humanity, either advocating for or against individuals based on their adherence to its teachings. 

Those deeply connected to the Quran are described as the people of Allah, enjoying a special closeness to Him. However, disputes over Quranic interpretations are discouraged, emphasizing the importance of unity in studying its wisdom. 

On the Day of Judgment, believers will be tested based on their relationship with the Quran, with those proficient in its recitation ascending to higher ranks.

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