The Best 5 Quran Reading Websites Recommended by Experts

best quran reading website

Numerous websites can support your daily Quran reading routine. Some of the best Quran reading websites: are, Tanzil, Quranflash,, and 

Each platform offers unique features catering to different preferences and needs. 

In this article, we will provide you with the best Quran reading websites to help you enrich your understanding and learn the Quran in your own language.

The importance of reading the Quran

Have you ever pondered, “Am I one of the people of the Quran?” The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) stated:

“The people of the Quran are the people of Allah and His special servants.”

This question is essential for self-reflection.

Among the best deeds is reciting the Quran, memorizing it, and engaging in its study and teaching. 

As narrated by Uthman (may Allah be pleased with him), the Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

“The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.” 

Furthermore, dedicating oneself to memorizing and teaching the Quran is an elevation in both this world and the Hereafter. 

Abu Abdulrahman al-Sulami (may Allah have mercy on him), who spent nearly forty years teaching the Quran, said, “What made me sit in this seat is the hadith of Uthman.

To memorize the Quran efficiently, we offer a special course, which is designed for both kids and adults.

This briefly outlines the benefits of reading the Quran

Next, we will showcase the best Quran reading websites to help you with your reading journey.

Learn Quran online Mobile Learn Quran online Desktop

5 best Quran reading website

The website is one of the best Quran reading websites for non-Arabic speakers to read the Quran. 

This website provides translations of the Quranic interpretation in over 100 languages worldwide, divided into surah or juz.

Additionally, is a completely free website with a user-friendly interface.

You can listen directly to surahs recited by numerous professional reciters, read translations of verses, understand their interpretations, or even share them on social media.

 A new feature on the website allows you to write your notes on these verses.


In 2007, Tanzil Quran Navigator was established, and it stands out as one of the best Quran reading websites due to the following reasons:

What Tanzzil offers to you

  • Accuracy: The text provided by the Tanzil project is recognized as the most reliable and precise digital Quranic text available.
  • Searchability: Both Uthmani and Imlaei versions of the Tanzil Quranic text are fully searchable, facilitating seamless integration into other text formats.
  • Pause Marks: Tanzil leads in incorporating complete pause marks in the Imlaei Quranic text, a feature that enhances reading comprehension and recitation clarity.
  • Compatibility: The Uthmani Quranic text aligns perfectly with the Medina Mushaf, ensuring consistency and precision. 
  • Similarly, the writing style of our Imlaei text meticulously mirrors the standard Mushaf.
  • Flexibility: Tanzil offers users the flexibility to personalize their Quranic experience by adding or removing diacritics, pause marks, and adjusting tanween shapes to suit various usage scenarios and font preferences.

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Quranflash, a highly interactive platform for reading the Holy Quran, emerged in February 2007 as a modest microsite that displays the Holy Quran in Medina format.

It stands out as an exceptional platform for accessing the Quran online. 

Additionally, the website offers free downloads of the Quran for both Windows and Mac, along with a plethora of enticing features. 

As described on the website, users can engage with each verse individually and utilize functions such as 

  1. audio listening. 
  2. interpretation. 
  3. translations. 
  4. transliteration. 
  5. textual copying. 
  6. bookmarking. 
  7. commenting. 
  8. sharing.
  9. highlighting.

The latest version of Quranflash introduces a robust zooming function, significantly enhancing user experience compared to previous iterations.

Moreover, it seamlessly syncs with Facebook accounts, ensuring accessibility to bookmarks, highlights, and other preferences from any location. 

A notable addition is the innovative page-by-page audio recitation function, integrated with page layouts and automatic navigation, facilitating point-to-point looping to aid in Quran memorization.

Similar to other mentioned websites, this platform offers numerous features and benefits for reading the Quran online.

You can read the chapters of the Quran in Arabic and choose the translation in your preferred language. 

Moreover, there are many proficient reciters whose recitations you can listen to while reading the verses to ensure accurate pronunciation.

In addition, it provides the 5 daily prayer times according to the country’s time zone and also gives you the Islamic and Gregorian calendar dates.

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In October 2005, a group of Muslims from Orlando, Florida, USA launched the website 

The noble objective was to disseminate the Quran’s message to all humans, serving as a source of guidance and illumination for people worldwide, regardless of race, color, age, or nationality.

All materials published on this site, including interpretations and translations, adhere to a strict policy to ensure that they come from reliable sources and have been reviewed by a Muslim scholar. 

Among the features that make this one of the best websites for reading the Quran online is the hadith search tool, which allows users to find interpretations, translations, and chains of narration for hadiths.

Additionally, the site offers Quranic interpretation and audio recitations from many skilled reciters to understand the Quran.

Furthermore, the website provides prayer times based on your location, and it has a blog with numerous articles to support you on your journey to learning the Quran.

QuranExplorer is one of the best Quran reading websites.

What website can I read the Quran online?

Riwaq Al Quran is an online platform dedicated to teaching the Quran, its Tajweed rules, and proper pronunciation to non-Arabic speaking Muslims worldwide, regardless of age. 

At Riwaq Al Quran, we have the best male and female teachers, all graduates of Al-Azhar University, to teach you the Quran accurately. 

We also provide specialized teachers for children and the elderly. Our interactive sessions are tailored to match the student’s ability, schedule, and educational level, ensuring the best possible learning experience.

Our teachers speak English fluently, so there is no need to worry about language barriers. 

All our instructors are highly skilled and professional in the fields of Islamic and Sharia sciences. 

Believing in the importance of correct Quranic learning, we offer a free trial session through our website. 

This allows you to experience our teaching methods and determine a suitable schedule. Don’t delay in learning the Quran, register now!

Is it halal to read the Quran on the phone?

There is no doubt that reading the Quran from a physical Mushaf or from a mobile device is permissible.

It is a form of worship for which the reader is rewarded. Scholars have stated that reading the Quran from a physical Mus-haf is higher in virtue than reading it by heart.

Considering and reading the Quran from a Mushaf has a level of reverence and significance in the heart of a person that does not exist when reading from a mobile device. 

Viewing, reading, and carrying the Mus-haf hold a higher status than doing so with a mobile device. Reading from the Mushaf is also a visible practice of Muslim rituals.

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Learn Quran online Mobile Learn Quran online Desktop

Learn Quran, Arabic And Islamic Studies Online With The Best Native Tutors

Riwaq Al Quran is a comprehensive online platform that offers personalized Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies Online classes for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. 

Their experienced instructors use a structured curriculum to cover Tajweed, Tafsir, and Memorization, providing easy and effective access to learning the Quran. 

The advanced online classes allow for seamless communication and interaction between students and teachers. Join Riwaq Al Quran for a deeper connection with the Quran.

We offer several courses such as:

  1. Online courses for kids.
  2. Online Quran classes for kids and adults.
  3. Online Arabic courses
  4. Online Ijazah courses
  5. Online Islamic Studies courses.

Here are a sample of our set of Quran Courses that will be helpful for you:


In conclusion, it is evident to any Muslim, whether Arab or non-Arab, the great virtue, immense reward, and elevated status associated with the Quran and its recitation. 

In this article, we mentioned the best Quran reading websites which are:, Tanzil, Quranflash,, and 

You can easily explore these websites and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Additionally, you can check out the courses offered by Riwaq Al Quran, which will help you read the Quran and learn the rules of Tajweed and interpretation easily through professional instructors.

Riwaq Al Quran

Riwaq Al Quran is a prominent online academy that provides comprehensive courses in Quran, Arabic, and Islamic studies. We utilize modern technology and employ certified teachers to offer high-quality education at affordable rates for individuals of all ages and levels.

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