How to Memorize Quran for Kids Skillfully


How to Memorize Quran for Kids Skillfully

how to memorize Quran for kids effectively

Ali bin Abi Talib narrated that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: “Whoever recites the Quran and memorizes it, making lawful what it makes lawful, and unlawful what it makes unlawful, Allah will admit him to Paradise due to it, and grant him intercession for ten of his family members who were to be consigned to the Fire.” [At-Tirmidhi]

It is in our own hands to raise our children in a way that pleases Allah the Almighty. Of course, it is challenging to memorize the Quran, which consists of 114 Surah. But don’t forget that behind every difficulty there is ease. And seizing the opportunity to be one of those servants whose reward is so great and whom Allah will lead to salvation is not something that will be granted to every servant.

In our previous article, we talked about the techniques of teaching the Arabic alphabet to children in an entertaining and permanent way. In this article, we have compiled for you how families who want to give religious education to their children in the best way, can follow up on priority issues such as Quran memorization. 

Children have amazing memorization potential. Using this capacity in a positive way is in their parent’s hands, who are their first teachers with their behavior, what they talk about, and what they show them as children always record what happens around them. In fact, when these amazing memorization and learning speeds are channeled correctly, it becomes very easy how to memorize Quran for kids.

What Age Do I Teach My Child Quran?

According to pedagogical researches, the best age for Quran memorization is 4. The reason for this is that children’s alphabet learning and memorization abilities are ready for this process.

So, should every child start this education at the age of 4? Of course not. Every child’s developmental process is different. Some children want to learn faster and you give them this opportunity, while some children are game-oriented and are not ready for a detailed learning process. Respect your children, you must give them the time they need so that they can progress efficiently as they begin their education process. 

Surely you have seen or heard of children who finished memorizing the Quran at a young age. Remember that not all children are the same. It would be wrong to compare children with each other. While some have difficulties in speaking, some have advanced memorization skills.

As a parent, you can follow the development of your kids most closely in this regard, but it is useful to ask for opinions from teachers and experts who know the developmental characteristics of children and are experienced in this field. 

If you are looking for support for your child’s Quran education process, clicking here may help you.

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How to Memorize Quran for Kids

If we examine the perspectives of great scholars such as Imam Ghazali on education for children, he sees morality as a priority in the education of little children. As you know toddlers begin to develop through hearing and imitation.

If the family and the teachers have the morals of the Quran and are good role models for their offspring, this morality will be reflected in the child from that age. This is the first and most important step of Quran education.

Having a strict plan to follow can greatly help. For example, some people aim to memorize Quran in 1 year, others prefer to give more time to revision and have a small amount of memorization… and the list goes so on.

We talked about the first steps. But how to memorize Quran for kids and what are the ways of doing it?

Step 1: Reading the Quran Instead of Lullabies

We mentioned that this age group (1-3) records what they hear very quickly in their minds. It is one of the most effective ways used on how to memorize Quran for kids. Memorizing the Quran with Toddlers is possible as if you make it a habit to read the Quran while your toddler falls asleep with a nice and fluent voice tone, your child will automatically start the memorizing process.

Step 2: Be in the Same Room with Your Children While Reading the Quran

Being a role model for your children and doing what you want them to do is of great importance as kids learn by actions, not words. If you really want to know how to memorize Quran for kids and instill the love of Allah’s book in their little hearts, do it yourself first and start reading and memorizing the Quran in front of them.

Imam Ghazali says in his Alchemist of Happiness: “The child is entrusted to his parents. His heart is as pure as a precious gem. Like a candle, it can take any shape. It is far from all writings and shapes. It is like a clean earth, whichever seed is planted, grows. If the seed of goodness is planted, religion and world happiness will be attained. His mother, father, and teacher share his reward…”

In short, as your children hear the beautiful verses of the Quran, the beautiful sounds and words stay in their ears and minds. Over time, they begin to say the things they hear constantly. But at this point, be careful not to bore your children. Whatever children are raised with, what they see and hear will remain in their memories.

Step 3: Reading Quran Stories for Toddlers

Reading Quran stories will make memorization easier. If you read small Quran stories after the verses you read, your child will easily remember them. In addition to that, kids love storytelling and can learn numerous lessons from the Quranic stories and how prophets led their lives and guided a lot of people.

Quran Memorization Techniques for Kids

A Muslim family reciting the Quran with each other

Alhamdulillah, you can find many Quran memorization techniques to apply and you can also create new ones and mix between them to know exactly how to memorize Quran for kids. Here are 3 practical techniques on how to get kids to memorize Quran:

1. Repetition

This method is one of the best methods used especially for children who cannot read and write. We have said that we can use children’s imitation skills very effectively in memorization and Quran education. let’s now apply it and see how to memorize Quran for kids using this technique:

Also, check this blog to know the right way of how to revise Quran Hifz after memorizing it with your child.

2. Listening on a Regular Basis

Is it possible to memorize just by listening? Yes, it is possible!. If your child is an aural learner, you landed in the right method. But there are some factors in this regard such as the voice tone of the Quran reader who is listened to, and the fluency and speed of his voice during reading.

If this method is chosen, the learning and memorizing process should continue in a programmed manner. Especially if children are concerned, it should be continued steadily without boring them.

3. Continuously Reading the Quran

This technique is one of the most permanent techniques for children who know how to read and write. Most hafiz complete the memorization process with this method. Each child’s learning and memorization speed is different. At the same time, it should be said that memorizing the entire Quran is something that can be achieved by preparing a good program with a good educator.

So far, we have talked about several memorization methods on how to memorize Quran for kids. But what kind of path should children follow in order to become a Hafiz? Let’s talk about how families can help their children in this duration.

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How Can I Help My Child Memorize?

A boy and a girl reciting the Quran

Prepare Yourself First

The best advice to start the Hifz journey is to prepare yourself mentally first as a parent. Be aware that this process requires patience, effort, and hard work. But always keep in mind that Allah’s help will be with you.

You need to feel ready before your child so that you can motivate him/her. And if you want to become a Hafiz or you want to focus on Tafsir, this is a perfect opportunity to accompany your child on this journey. Remember that children tend to act what they see. As you become acquainted with the Quran, this passion will also be reflected in your child.

Be Well Programmed

Start your day early! Those quiet and calm hours after morning prayers will increase the Barakah of your day. The mind is ready, refreshed, and rested. But we must not forget that they are only children. If they don’t have that energy in the early hours after the morning prayer, don’t force them.

If their memorization will be more efficient after breakfast when their energy is at its peak and when they are ready to start the day, it would be better to choose these hours. Of course, besides waking up, bedtimes are also of great importance. A good night’s sleep seriously boosts productivity.

Identify your child’s best learning style 

You know your child the best and you can pick the suitable way used very well. You, as their parents, have observed the growth and development process closely, speed up the Hifz with the right memorization techniques by knowing the character of your children and their learning styles:

  • Aural learners

Aural learners learn more effectively when they have someone to accompany them. When they listen to the audio while reading and listening to the Quran, they can memorize the verses in a permanent way in their memory.

Such learners can speed up the learning process by reading aloud the parts needed to be memorized. They can also learn passively which allows them to automatically memorize what comes to their ears while doing other activities.

  • Visual learners

It is a form of learning in which learning by observing and reading is more effective. Colorful pages or texts are more interesting. If your child is a visual learner, you may prefer Qurans with colorful or striking pages and verses, this will help them to speed up their memorization and make it way much funnier.

  • Kinesthetic learners

 Kinesthetic or tactile learning is a form of learning by experiencing. Kinesthetic learners learn by playing, modeling, and experiencing through certain activities. You can do cut and paste activities or modeling before memorizing, based on the name of the juz or surah that your child will memorize.

To give an example, you can model or paint cow figures together before memorizing Surah Al-Baqara. According to researches, kinesthetic learners generally have a hyperactive structure. They do not like the way they learn in which their movements and space are restricted. Let them memorize it sometimes by sitting and sometimes standing. And place changes can be preferred in order not to get distracted and get bored quickly.


Allah never leaves any effort unrewarded. With the dua of you to be on the way of Allah throughout your whole life. In order to know how to memorize Quran for kids, we must first be able to read and understand this book in the best way possible. It is important to comply with the rules of tajweed and to be able to recite the Quran fluently. A Hifz process that is started without tajweed is incomplete. We should pay attention to the verse: “… and recite the Quran with measured recitation.” (Al-Muzammil: 4)

Allah clearly describes how we should recite the Quran. If you need help and support with this, you can reach our scholars by clicking on the links below, where you can take lessons from our experienced tutors in order to recite the Quran the proper way; the way it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

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