9 Useful Tips on How to Teach Kids about Islam

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9 Useful Tips on How to Teach Kids about Islam

how to teach kids about Islam

If your kid is growing and you are concerned about their Islamic upbringing and the challenges involved, we totally understand how important it is to instill the love of the Deen of Allah in their little hearts.

Kids of growing age interact with people of various cultures and religions, and it can be quite difficult to keep them close to your culture and religion. However, by using suitable methods and learning how to teach kids about Islam to involve your kids in religious activities, you can enable them to be close to Allah and learn about the religion. 

Here are some tips for you about how to teach kids about Islam without seeming like a chore.

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How to Teach Kids about Islam

Let’s make teaching Islam to toddlers simple and fun by ditching the formal ways of teaching and opting for non-conventional methods. Keep these in mind while you are finding how to teach Islamic studies at home to kids.

Build a Connection with Allah

The foremost step to teach your kids Quran is to build a strong connection with Allah. Tell your kids often about how merciful and loving Allah is and how much He loves kids. Tell them about all the blessings of Allah and how he has created the universe for humankind. This way, you can make your kids bond with Allah better and attract them to learn more about Islam.

Tell about Young Sahabah (Companions of the Prophet)

Kids typically learn the most through motivation. Like, when you tell them that some cousin of them scored the highest in their class, they are also likely to try their best to achieve good next time. Similarly, you can tell your kids about young sahabah who joined the Holy Prophet ﷺ on his journey of Islam.

Some of the young companions of Prophet ﷺ include Ali Ibn Abi Talib, who was only 10 years old when he accepted Islam, Uqba bin Amir who was 14 years of age, along with Jabir bin Abdullah and Zayd bin Harise aged 15. This will motivate them to be among the people who started their journey on the path of Islam at a young age.

Make It Fun

The more you engage your children in the activities and make it fun, the more they become passionate about learning Allah’s religion. This is not just for Islamic studies, it is also highly recommended to teach Quran memorization for kids in an enjoyable way and use different teaching methods all through the journey.

Do What You Preach

What we often forget is that children follow what they see more than what they are told. If you tell your child to pray 5 times a day, but you fail to do it yourself, it is not surprising of him to do the same. Also, if you are teaching your girls to observe Hijab, you should do it yourself too. Be an example of the Quranic teachings yourself because it is the best way on how to teach kids about Islam.

Teach Them Dua

Making Dua is a critical part of Islam and a powerful weapon for true believers, and many children do not realize the importance of Dua until later in life. What can be better than instilling the habit of making Dua in them at an early age?

Teach your children to constantly ask Allah and make Dua and help them memorize Dua to make in daily life, like the Dua for traveling, the Dua before eating, and the Dua before you go to sleep.

Get a Customized Prayer Mat

It is important when learning how to teach kids about Islam to understand that children usually look for either a logical explanation for any action you expect from them or by making learning Islam for child a fun activity.

Build your child’s interest in Salah by getting them a customized prayer mat they would love to use. Having a prayer mat for them shows that they are big enough to have things of their own and take responsibility for praying properly. You can also set a separate prayer corner for the children and also have Quran along with the prayer mat.

Customized prayer mat for kids

Buy Children’s Islamic Books

Apart from offering a prayer corner and a personal prayer mat, children’s Islamic books also help significantly when looking for how to teach kids about Islam. These books come with cute illustrations and designs to interest your child. Let them explore the books and teach while they enjoy looking at illustrated children in the book learn the same.

Send Them to Masjids

While many places do not appreciate kids in the Masjid, Islam appreciates it. It enables kids to learn discipline and pray like everyone else. Interacting with other kids of the same age and exchanging thoughts also adds to the treasure of Islamic knowledge for kid. 


Make schedules for your kids and give them pretty journals to track their progress and see what they have learned so far. They can put in their daily Quran lessons and mark the Salahs for that day. This way, they keep track of what they have learned so far and have done through the day.

We apply such methods because it is of crucial importance to make Quran and Islamic teaching for kids interactive and enjoyable as children tend to remember fun things way better.

Teaching Islam to Toddlers and Little Kids

A parent with his kid reading Quran

While you think of “How to teach kids about Islam,” it is also essential to think of “what to teach them first.” There is a lot to learn about Islam, yet you can start from any of these:

99 Names and Attributes of Allah

If you are starting from oral information, you may tell them about the 99 Names of Allah and explain their meanings if their first language is not Arabic. Understanding the Names of Allah will help them to understand His unmatched qualities that all Muslims realize.

Here is a useful article on how to explain Allah to a child!

Pillars of Islam

Every Muslim must know about the 5 pillars of Islam, i.e., Shahadah, Salah or praying, Zakah, Saum or fasting, and Hajj. What could be a better time to tell them about it than young age? Tell your kids about the pillars of Islam and their significance backed by Surahs and Hadith.

Seerah of the Prophet

Another tip of how to teach kids about Islam is through Seerah besides the written and oral dua, Surahs and magnificent incidents of Islamic history. Seerah of the Holy Prophet ﷺ is a vital part of Islam. Teach your children about the life of the Prophet ﷺ and how he fought against the cruelty of disbelievers to keep the flag of Islam high. He is indeed the most respectful after Allah, and we believe him to be our last Prophet.

How to Teach Islamic Studies at Home

Looking for the right time and way of how to teach kids about Islam can be challenging, but these methods and tips can help you significantly. Focus on what interests your kid and engage them in religion accordingly.

Riwaq Al Quran Institute believes in teaching kids about Islam at an early age, and we are happy to help in any way needed offering our Special Islamic Studies for Kids Course. Contact us now and get 2 free trials!

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