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5 Benefits of Learning with a Live Quran Tutor

5 Benefits of Learning with a Live Quran Tutor

Learning Quran with a live Quran tutor

There is a great tendency nowadays among people towards learning with a live Quran tutor, especially in countries with Muslim minorities where it is not that easy to have a Quran tutor at home. Muslims search for a good online platform to learn Quran properly.

Hence, the most important thing the Quran learner should seek, after finding a trusted and good online platform, is a qualified Islamic tutor. Learning Quran online correctly with qualified Quran teachers has so many benefits and would ensure a successful learning process.

Benefits of Having a Qualified Live Quran Tutor

Many people want to know the benefits and reasons why to learn Quran online as there are many online Quran teaching websites. This makes it hard to know the criteria you need to find in the Quran tutor who will teach you. Therefore, let us know the benefits and privileges that qualified online Quran tutors can provide you with:

1- One-to-one Classes with Proficiency:

This privilege of being one-to-one with your online Quran teacher in an online Quran class is really awesome! This is because online students can have the full concentration of the teacher and they are able to ask him/her as many questions as they need. Here appears the role of the qualified live Quran tutor that can answer the questions learners raise with honesty and a high level of accuracy.

2- Comfort and Flexibility:

Many people tend to have comfort and flexibility in live Quran classes. For instance, some parents want to have a female Quran tutor for their daughters and a Sheikh for their sons. This is perceived as one of the most important benefits of having a live Quran tutor.

When it comes to teaching Quran, one of the most important qualifications is the ability to deliver information smoothly and perfectly to your mind using various interactive methods and other teaching techniques depending on the level of the learner.

3- A Role Model for the Learners:

There is no doubt that any teacher is, consciously or subconsciously, a role model for their students. Thus, having a professional and qualified live Quran tutor will definitely make a good role model for your children to follow. It can make you and your children learn many good things from your teacher such as the fear of Allah, hard work, patience, dedication, and many more!

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4- Interaction and Practice in Effective and Modern Means:

Many people might have some worries regarding the online Quran classes as they think it would be boring, less interactive, and with not enough practice. But, when you have a qualified live Quran tutor, you will find yourself more motivated and passionate than ever. Such teachers have the ability to make the class more energetic, interactive, and practical all through the course.

Skilled teachers also use modern materials with modern tools, and make their students do many exercises during the class. The teacher gives an assignment, raises interactive questions, and follows the students up. Hence, the outcome will be so effective, light, and practical.

5- Accurate Evaluation and Follow-up:

One of the most important things that any learner seeks is assessment and tips for reading and memorizing Quran effectively. When you learn Quran online with a qualified live Quran tutor, you will have the opportunity to be assessed and evaluated on accurate grounds. Your qualified teacher will also provide you with materials and guidelines to improve yourself and avoid mistakes as much as possible. This feature will lead to an accurate, successful, and effective process of learning.

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